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"Romance of the Lovers"


Writing in 1973, LP 1974 "Melody"

Selected tracks are released on
CD " Golden junk "
disk 2, 1996. MTKMO

Musical composition based on the movie:
" Romance for Lovers ".
Composer and performer: Alexander Gradsky

Romance of the Lovers Romance of the Lovers

None of her films directed by Andrei Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky is not repeating itself. His appeal to the musical genre, to the complex philosophical and poetic script Yevgeny Grigoryev was largely unexpected, but the surprise is not accidental. And in his earlier works, he constantly talked about what was important in "Romance for Lovers" - about the love of the Motherland. </ P>

Prior to come to the director, Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky was preparing to become a pianist, graduated from college, studied at the Conservatory - twelve years of his life was given to music. Has won the love of cinema: he left the Conservatory, he entered the Institute of Cinematography in a workshop of Mikhail Romm. Cinema made it possible to combine the many talents which he inherited in his family - from great-grandfather, the great Russian painter Vasily Surikov, grandfather, Pyotr Konchalovsky - one of the most brilliant master of the famous early century painters of the group "Jack of Diamonds," from his father - poet and writer Sergei Mikhalkov and his mother, the poetess Natalia Konchalovsky (on this disc are two songs written by her words). In the director's profession Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky merged his literary talent (he was involved in scripting films "Deep," "Ivan's Childhood," "," Andrei Rublev "," and others), and the gift of an actor, and though he never acted as an artist or the composer, the influence of his personality on those who worked with him, no doubt. Probably none of the previous work did not reach a power operator Art Levan Pantashvili, artist Leonid Pertseva, debut in the film - composer Alexander Gradsky. </ P>

Movies Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky became the opening of many actors' talents. In the "Romance of Lovers" brilliantly proved to be a young Helen Koreneva, speaking alongside such well-known masters of the screen and stage, as Eugene Kindinov, Irina Kupchenko, Innocent Smoktunovsky, Ia Savvina, Elizabeth Solodova. Proof of their success - the main prize of the festival Karlovovarskogo "Crystal Globe». </ P>

Special, "youth" attitude the film demanded that the music in him was a young and modern. Therefore, the invitation of Alexander Gradsky - twenty-five graduates of the Institute. Gnessin to participate in the movie as a composer was quite natural and logical. Alexander Gradsky not only created the music of their peers, but also played in the film, all male party, he sang for all heroes, and amazing vocal reincarnating and figuratively. </ P>

Gradsky Alexander was born in the Urals city of Kopeisk in the family as a mechanical engineer and dramatic actress. Since childhood, he lives in Moscow. In the School of Music Gradsky studied the violin, then started to play guitar and sing. In 1966 he organized a vocal-instrumental ensemble "Buffoons", for which makes his songs. These songs often sounded on the radio, were recorded on a plate. </ P>

Text on the back of the envelope of the plate, "Romance of Lovers." As can be seen, three-quarters of it is devoted to Andron Konchalovsky and his work in film. Observed idea - the young composer wrote wonderful music Gradsky through responsive government experienced Soviet director. </ P>

This text is interesting to consider, together with the fact that the front of the envelope addressed to Gradsky not made - there is only the name of the movie. The name of the composer modestly featured on the reverse side: "A Gradsky Music" (at least a full name written, that is). In addition to the back of the envelope are two photos - Gradsky Konchalovsky and, moreover, photos Konchalovsky is at number one. </ P>

In general, all this stuff, but the design of the plate - a characteristic ratio of official Soviet culture to rock musicians. Like, this album - the achievement of "the most important of the arts," and not self-made composer of dubious musical career. Although we must admit that if it were not for the film industry in general and not Andron Konchalovsky in particular are unlikely to be the music (and many other works Gradsky) to hear the masses, and even as such ... Thanks to them (movies and Konchalovsky) for it! ... But still ... </ p>

Alex Shestakov </ i></ p>

  1. Love (A. Gradsky - Okudzhava )
  2. Song about friendship (A. Gradsky - Okudzhava )
  3. maneuvers (A. Gradsky)
  4. Song of the Birds (A. Gradsky - N. Glazkov)
  5. Final (EG Grigoryev) Search
  6. (A. Gradsky)
  7. Song about mothers (A. Gradsky - N. Konchalovskaya)
  8. Return (A. Gradsky - Okudzhava )
  9. Death of a Hero (A. Gradsky - E. Grigoriev)
  10. Lullaby (A. Gradsky - N. Konchalovskaya)