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"Life itself"

Vocal Suite on verses of Paul Eluard

Record 1981 г.
LP 1984 г. "Melody"
CD 1996г. MTKMO (together with the album "Utopia AG")
CD 2014 г. serious 2012 MTKMO

Alexander Gradsky - Life itself - Vocal Suite on verses of Paul Eluard

Translated by Maurice Vaksmahera

Time: 31.58

audio engineer: M. Dudkevich , Gradskij A., Y. Bogdanov

Producer: Alexander Gradsky

  1. favorite ... There comes the dawn ... little changed ... Single
  2. Evil
  3. My Live deceased
  4. ?!
  5. All rights ... Confidence ... All rights
  6. !?
  7. Forgetting evil
  8. be
  9. clinging to the glass face ... You will leave ... I closed my eyes ... I lost everything ... Live

Alexander Gradsky: "Music is like a good science» That is, it all depends on how you are literate. If writing music for a movie or album, such as "life itself" Eluard, there used techniques and style of French chanson. Since the French poems. Author - very lyrical, even more interesting translation of the poet, we unfortunately do not know him. Max Vaysmaher.

" Alexander Gradsky:" Music is like a good science »"
New Cycles Alexander Gradsky It is easy to note that in recent years the music Gradsky absolutely no so-called love lyrics. Bad song lyrics "about love", so richly sounding from the stage for a long time fought off his hunting to write on this topic. However, the lyrical cycle on poems by the French poet Paul Eluard Communist (translated by Maurice Vaksmahera) he has created. Poems are different - gentle, ironic, of suffering - and all very personal

. " New Cycles Alexander Gradsky "
Alexander Gradsky - Try to save yourself "Life itself" - the so-called collection of poems Eluard, which was released in 1930. The causes of this book are very personal. At that time, the poet left his wife; famous inspirer of the French avant-garde art, Russian-born Elena Dyakonov, "Gala", her name artists. Hard worrying gap Eluard for several years, as it were "turned off" from life. And now - a new love. The newly revived muse of the poet celebrates the beauty of the world and the beauty of women, verses translate into bright hymn to life.

" Alexander Gradsky - Try to save yourself "
The life The author can not deny the ingenuity. Working with a blank verse, in the absence of the usual rhymed stage, there is enought to confusion - but it is rather Gradsky even encourages, gives the opportunity to play with non-standard, "neshlyagernymi" melodic solutions. And the final surprise - the singing. Everyone is familiar with the range of voices Alexander Gradsky. It is known that the singer likes to show the power of their vocal and does it too often, and not always to the point. So, in elyuarovskoy suite Gradskij - almost literally - stepped on the throat of his own song, and reducing to a minimum the exotic vocal, appeared as a fine singer, reciter

. " Life itself "
From Forum I have a question. How to pronounce the names of songs "?" And "?" From the album "Life itself».
A colleague Prul , June 17, 2008

It seems to me that they are not pronounced, but simply felt. "Life itself" - a suite on the verses surrealist Paul Eluard. Surrealism, which does not fit into the framework of ordinary logic, often can not pronounce, and is not explained, but simply felt.
But you can try to explain the abstract. Let. "?!" - Arose the question provoked a strong reaction. "!?" - For the violent reaction of bewilderment followed by
. Alex P. , June 18, 2008
Alexander Gradsky. How young we were. I've listened to this summer by chance your Eluard. And one woman said to me: "This record I just saved." There was a difficult period in her life, did not want anything, all dropped from the hands, and it is, then the provincial theater actress, come and listen to this record non-stop. And I survived. The feeling that these things are dedicated to a particular woman.
- Yes, that's their mom devoted (nods at Masha and Danya)

. " Alexander Gradsky. How young we were. "