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"Reflections of the Fool"


The vocal suite of 1971-1974.

Records of 1971 - 74 g.
LP 1987 г. "Melody"
CD "Golden Star", disc 1 (tracks 1-15), 1996. MTKMO

Reflections of the Fool

The output of this record is an almost unique event, demonstrating the first experiments in Soviet rock music, which, fortunately, were preserved in the original recording. Sometimes naive tricks of the then sound palette sound naive, but we should not forget that almost nothing has been written about these songs in this genre of music in our country, except for two or three "Russophone" sketches of the group "Falcon". Most of the pieces of the suite were created in the last third of the 1960s, becoming evidence (and that was then necessary) of the possibility of singing in Russian and composing the actual Russian melody in rock. Gradsky and his group defined in their work almost all possible directions in Soviet rock music. This is baroque rock ("In the fields under snow and rain"), hard rock, and later metal ("The Song of the Fool" and "Findlay"), the socio-philosophical comprehension of the "Lennon" theme in "I - Goya," lyrics ("You and I"), folk-rock "Our Old House", "Beatles" intonations ("Only You Believe Me"), the anti-war "Ballad of War", later developed in the movie "Romance of the Lovers", the first tracks with synthesizers, an absurd and grotesque line ("I always loved animals"), although we also know almost punk, chastushke "Ptitsefermu", and acrid satire "Songs about Fools" Gr dskogo sample in 1968.

Gradski the first in the Soviet Union began to record a soundtrack of all parties. Some of these experiments ("Only you believe me" and "You left me") are represented on this disk.

Little miracles - "Blue Forest" and "In the Fields ..." for a long time remained in the hearts of listeners, and "Spain" for a long time was a song to which the composer began his solo concerts. The success of the then "Skomorokhs" was great, in 1970 after the concerts at Yerevan's Dynamo gymnasium, the angered audience carried Gradsky and his friends a few kilometers to the hotel in their arms ...

we owe tribute to Alexander Gradsky and the band Skomorokhi for their significant contribution to the development and development of rock music in our country.

Sergei Tikhonov

  1. Skomorokhi (V.Sautkin)
  2. You and me (A.Gradsky)
  3. Findlay (R. Burns, translation by S.Marshak)
  4. In fields under snow and rain (R. Burns, translation by S.Marshak)
  5. I've always loved animals (A.Gradsky)
  6. Ballad of the war (A.Gradsky)
  7. Our Old Home (R. Burns, translation by S.Marshak)
  8. Spain (N.Aseev)
  9. You left me (female song) (R. Burns, translation by S.Marshak)
  10. Only you believe me (A.Gradsky)
  11. Coalfriend's friend (R. Burns, translation by S.Marshak)
  12. Song of the jester (V. Shakespeare, translation by S.Marshak)
  13. Blue Forest (A.Gradsky)
  14. I'm Goya (A.Voznesensky)
  15. Final

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