Just advertisingGradskij each song builds drama. This is something that he can easily, it is his strong point. Songs of a purely lyrical, «esseisticheskie,» that is internal to the drama, not recorded in the plot, the characters, he decides to purely musical techniques, finding each time a special musical trick... Read more - Songs on the music and arrangement. So, it all started with the «Skomorokhov» in 1966, where you played with Gradsky, Buynova and Shakhnazarov. What began themselves «Skomorokhs»? and the music!

If the song you wrote...

Section is Alexei Shestakov

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If you wrote a song - sure not to steal it,
And when you will be convinced that steal it -
Do not worry that the song steals
For the one who stole the melody you,
your music since childhood love,
was certainly cunning, clever and cunning,
her before stealing you!

A. Gradskij. Samba (hint).

In complement to the epigraph another quote:

" I will express once more banal truth, invented by someone else, and someone - not remember now: composer consists of processing them within music itself, which he knows. not only modern, but also classical, chamber, choral, folk "

Unsent messages Alexander Gradsky. "Events" number 53, December 3, 2003

By this I want to add: sometimes "processing" it is very much reminiscent of the original, and even sometimes the original - own work composer.

So, to all those who love and (or) attentive to the work of Alexander Gradsky are invited to see what kind of music is the composer, ie find in his songs, suites, ballet, opera, etc. glimpses of the stranger and his own music: a skeptical look over the findings made by other people, add your opening.

Direct quotations and obvious cases of self-blame (eg music for m/f «Catch-wind») is not considered to be

The aim of this publication -. not accuse Alexander Gradsky in multiple cases of plagiarism or even just poke a finger at someone else's arrogant creature. In the end, no one accuses «The Beatles» in the fact that two songs from the album «Abbey Road»: «Because» and «I Want You» - not only do look alike, so also strongly resemble "Moonlight sonata" by Beethoven.

This publication - just fun (in other words - fun) for fans of Alexander Gradsky invitation to wander through the winding paths of musical subconscious as an example of a single composer, with, perhaps, hope to find in this dense forest at least some or just logic.

Song about a friend (Song from the k/f «Officers»)

This case is the first, because it is too obvious and known to all. "Song about a friend" is very reminiscent of a song from the k/f "Officers". Gradskij himself says that there are pieces that are primarily coincide with the melodies of Vysotsky, and then the song Raphael Khozak on poems by Yevgeny Agranovich.

Samee most - Destiny and fate of Alexander Gradsky

Personally, I can not recall a similar song Vysotsky, but since the author says ...

Reader (Lullaby - Legend of the lighthouse)

Album «Reader». No, it certainly is not in that room on «Hint», a line of which resulted in the title of this publication, sometimes there is a wild desire to scream " The boy wants to Tambov, and chiki chiki...», and so on. This is only the unity of the musical style - samba, she Tambov samba. It is something else: put the soundtrack to m/f "Legend of the lighthouse", in the form as it is published in the "Golden Star". We are interested in the average part of the tool, namely as soon as the timer will show 1:05 boldly begin to sing:

I have no name yet.

How do you call?

I am glad that I live.

joy - and call me .

« Lullaby » on U.Bleyka verses)

This is, of course, samozaimstvovanie, and it lasts for a short period of time, but the coincidence is so complete that it is impossible not to mention.

Stadium (The Adventures of Pinocchio)

In the opera "Stadium" (Act 1 Scene 2, well, or if you just thumb to show the timer to 34:27) there is a scene: Echidna (A. Kutikov) refers to women (E. Kamburova) « And this is that of a moth in tatters Dior ... »and then on:« Put on head wreath and sing to us about freedom ... ». I always thought: somewhere I've heard this provocative motif. And now, somehow putting niece musical fairy tale "The Adventures of Pinocchio", remembered where it was. It is better if you take the film Leonid Nechayev with a wonderful music by Alexei Rybnikov. The scene where Pinocchio for the first time goes to school and meets the traveler in the city puppet theater. Well, you must remember this song Karabas-Barabas:

I'm on the show invite,

There is a lot of austere.

I love these dolls

As if their own children.

We'll show representations:

Oh, it's just a feast for the eyes,

Oh, it's just enjoying,

Wow, this is simply delicious.

2000 year (Favorite, sleep)

Many people do not agree with me (yes, in general, no one agreed with me, but then I have not all the world's population surveyed), but the song «2000 year» on the words «and they are prepared ahead of time, and their fires the blood...» clearly heard: «and the sea all whisper and all branches of the murmur, and all his experience dog on a chain... » («Favorite, sleep» Edward Kolmanovsky).

Blue Forest (GDR anthem)

- I wrote the song "Blue Forest", and after four or five years by chance heard the national anthem of the GDR, and there a few notes from my things. Moreover, very few notes, but this is my turn in exactly the same there. It says only that we sometimes rip off something without even knowing that we did ... Because the main thing in "Blue Forest" is not it! .. Ta-da-da-da-da-da yes ... Ta-da-da-da-da-da-da ... But in the hymn: "Ti-di-di-di-di-di-di ... T-di-di-di-di di-di ... "

Alexander Gradsky

On Wednesday afternoon (Foul Play)

"Although it is not stated in the booklet of the album" cemetery Fruits "for music songs" On Wednesday afternoon, "was borrowed by Alexander Gradsky the American bluesman Robert Cray (Robert Cray) - his song" was published in 1986 Foul Play " on album "Strong Persuader". the text put to music by Cray Gradsky, to some extent inspired by the death of Alexander Bashlacheva. He committed suicide on Wednesday, February 17, 1988, by jumping from the ninth floor".