Just advertisingYes, I do not understand. Yes, difficult poems. Yes, unusual music. But what a voice! How to own an instrument! How to move! What a great actor! I guess it's interesting. We must look, try to understand... Read more - Самая свежая информация продажа айфонов в севастополе на нашем сайте. Songs on the music and arrangement. So, it all started with the «Skomorokhov» in 1966, where you played with Gradsky, Buynova and Shakhnazarov. What began themselves «Skomorokhs»? and the music!

Composer Alexander Gradsky


Host - Lyudmila Dubovtseva
November 29, 2000 13.05

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Star Lounge - Alexander Gradsky

My guest today - People's Artist of Russia, a singer who can take just three octaves.

Gradskij: Right? Wow!

The composer, who at 23, wrote the music for the landmark landmark film.

Gradskij: I wrote the music for the normal normal film.

More to this, you can add that he - troublemaker musical, and social life.

Gradskij: And the sower of discord as Khoja Nasreddin.

My guest - Alexander Gradsky.

(Song - "We Were Young")

Alexander, tell me honestly, the applause recorded in Moscow and at Carnegie Hall?

Gradskij: No, it's November 3 last year, "Russia" was a concert. But I decided to work again in the anniversary day.

As always. This has, I remember last year a terrible surprise, because on the day of his birth, on the day of your birth you gave your evening.

Gradskij: The thing is that there were two options. One, in principle, - noted somewhere with friends. A second option was to me more like - to work first. Because there are such commemorative evening, when other people leave, do something.

And the hero of the day sitting and listening to it. Inflated, important.

Gradskij: A hero of the day sitting in some chair, puffed up, yes, and sometimes imagine something allows you there. I found it amazing idiocy and deceit at all spectator who buy tickets to come to this concert.

Just to your character it does not fit.

Gradskij: Yes. You know, people would not sing, and will go some strange people often screwy, and something to say. However, I have not invented it first, many people are still anniversaries organized. But I think it's a normal thing.

I'm generally asked about why the applause about Carnegie Hall? Because, as far as I know, it is with this song you and started his speech at Carnegie Hall.

Gradskij: Yes, yes. Now it so happens. I used to do this thing did not sing.

But this song is now so firmly associated with your name, even in youth the charts and write: Alexander Gradsky music, poetry Nikolai Dobronravov.

Gradskij: It's a shame, it's a great music Pakhmutova, and generally terrible, when ignorance is booming. Such things should not be allowed.

Sasha, you promised us another song now present.

Gradskij: Let's listen to a short song with the same concert. But that's a classic, it's not, "Marina".


Alexander, we have a phone call. We are listening.

Listener: Thank you very much, "Lighthouse". And my question is. Tell me, please, once on the radio "Resonance" you said that built the theater in which you'll be up and working. How's it going? And I would like well, at least as a cleaner you work hard, because the genius is always a pleasure to work side by side!

Gradskij: Thank you. Yes, I think there will be theater. Building on the sly. Money highlights the Moscow government.

This is Dobryninskaya?

Gradskij: Yes. We allocate the money, and we have a good contractor and the customer. But seriously everything. Soon, only cats are born, it has long been known.

Just two words, it would be for the theater?

Gradskij: I do not know, I do not know.

What I'll try, you do not say.

Gradskij: I purposely do not say. I dont know. I want to make it all work. Naturally, this will be the musical theater, this is understandable. But I sit in the room and then I'll come up with. I can not think of anything that I have no base. I have no base, as a Marxist, I can not.

One consolation: you said that the theater opened in 2001.

Gradskij: We want so.

So it does not have to wait so long. We had another phone call, asking about your hymn.

Gradskij: I have already been tortured with this hymn. See, now there's the campaign advertising (I believe this is the advertising campaign, neither more nor less, that's where all the national anthem, the anthem, which should be the national anthem). But I always work so that I for some time to come for some reason, guess what will happen.

Here it says that you are a true artist in the soul.

Gradskij: Probably. I do not sleep easy at first. And here I am two and a half years ago, wrote a hymn, as I see it, just took the music of Lvov, of the anthem "God Save the Tsar", and wrote other words. There is, perhaps, not very clear, I have this concert recording, but there is "God bless us all! A strong, sovereign will ever Russia-mother."

Let's listen. Poems Alexander Gradsky.


This version of the anthem of Russia, who invites us to Alexander Gradsky. His poetry and melody.

Gradskij: Now I have even written a melody, yes. But I also changed the lyrics a bit, a little bit; I have two versions of the text: there is no one turning to God, and this is. But I am a believer, so I wrote the first version, in which I believe. And from then on ... But the most important thing for me is not the will of my poems or not, it is, in general, do not care, let the other verses are, as long as the music is over. Because the characters we have all of the old empire - the tricolor flag, flag of St. Andrew, the two-headed eagle, and so on, and on a red background - coat of arms of Moscow, St. George. Well, what then will come up with something? We must take even the last character of all. The National Anthem of the Soviet Union, by the way, beautiful music, it should be left for the future of the country, along with Belarus, maybe someone else will join and, by the way, in my opinion, it is even adopted as the national anthem united state of Russia and Belarus. So what? Why hang out here and there?

We have a phone call again.

Gradskij: Let's be happy.

Listener: Hello, Alexander Borisovich. Please tell me how your work related to Orthodoxy?

Gradskij: Well, you know, I am a believer, but I have a strange way to get this all the time. I believe, and quite a long time, but no matter how attributes do not use. I do not go to church. I respect the people who go to church, of course, but he did not go. And in general I follow one of the postulates of Jesus Christ, who said that it is necessary to erect a temple to him in his heart. And even he and the Pharisees and the scribes expelled from the temple. And in many temples, know yourself, are not always pure relationship with God, and that, in general ... Although I have several acquaintances of Orthodox priests and Muslim preachers with whom I talk, it's absolutely wonderful people. But enough for me to communicate with them in some other setting. The church is not always I am, are rare. Here I baptized children - yes, I was in the church. Here, for example, all-night vigil, I can assert with great pleasure. Still, I prefer to somehow believe in yourself. And I do not have a special Orthodox music.

Sasha, now I remember you saying that to you one such important temple in your life - it's your family, your home.

Gradskij: Well, probably, yes.

It is so indeed?

Gradskij: Yes, of course. Only here we now have no time left. Let's give the song "2000".

Happy, yes?

Gradskij: Happy New Year 2001.

Good. And I remind you once again that today's "Star room" we had Alexander Gradsky. The meeting was held a Lyudmila Dubovtseva browser.

Gradskij: Goodbye, friends.