Just advertisingI was told that you are not happy, but before that in the 7000th Sports Palace in Kiev, the people rose up after the song about Vysotsky. It was in the 80th year. He sang the same song in '81 in Leningrad - filmed concerts. I am sad and think about it, and nice, I think of myself as a person who is respected... Read more - Songs on the music and arrangement. So, it all started with the «Skomorokhov» in 1966, where you played with Gradsky, Buynova and Shakhnazarov. What began themselves «Skomorokhs»? and the music!

Summary Suite mocking Orpheus

The newspaper "Evening Yekaterinburg"

April 2000
Summary Suite mocking Orpheus - Alexander Gradsky

Thirty years ago it was. Orpheus neglected opera and went into "Skomorokhs". And now, when he was fifty, he sums up, discovers that all of this happened at the end of it all. He was called "the Pope of Russian rock" (and not him alone). But he, in turn, called a well-known critic "idiot" with a smile, quite good-natured. He stated that "mum - is unknown." From paternity, however, did not deny. But, as the old stand-up comedian in the operetta, you never know, from a child that will grow. That Gradskij along with other "daddies" at conception did not expect that there will be side-freaks and children will go on crooked legs ... On the stage, of course, but not where it should. And God bless them all. Alexander was a Gradskij.

On November 3 - a birthday - anniversary concerts are: first, in the hall "Russia", then the halls of Russia. "All year I have an anniversary." On April 7, at the Youth Palace summed up the results in the presence of the Yekaterinburg public. The hall was full, but not quite. They came here, those who Gradsky loves, and the price is not constant. Before the concert the singer has moved its "top" rows of spectators to free expensive.

It is clear that to carry with them on a single night, even the whole orchestra Gradska expensive, satisfied with the soundtrack of the first "Russian" performances. Palace fonila equipment mercilessly. But it is not planned "Flight of the Bumblebee" nothing could prevent, failed to spoil anything.

It was unimportant: the background, and in that dressed the singer, and the words, Italian or Russian, and whose is the aria - Jose, has come to the prison for the fatal Carmen, or a fun walking in-Duke, to whom such passion ridiculous and incomprehensible . All matter other than the voice that could do everything. Three octaves were given to him with pleasure, ten (or twelve?) Filled with continuous cycles sweet as love languor, note. Voice, which you can get crazy excited, lose consciousness, and just wanted it to sound. And he sounded.

Light and easy. So Liszt did with alyabevskim "Nightingale", turning a simple tune in virtuoso trills tenderness. So Shchedrin refiner in unknown composers crucibles music by Bizet. So Spivakov publicly loves his violin, showing off his mastery lover.

Then there were songs. Not "rr-romances" and very expensive - "Shine, shine, my star" or "I go out alone on the road ...". As if not seriously - as a private diary of the soul, if it is to sing, bitter grin and charm of the old, and the current inability to be fascinated.

When followed by another "change of genre" and Gradskij picked up a guitar, it became important all - and every word, and even the way he adjusts his glasses. singer song on stage is over, the song of the poet began, though mocking Orpheus Orpheus and stayed. He sees "bright vistas" (and who has them now make out?), But there are lofts childhood - mirages past hopes. He sings about Vysotsky, grieving for him and his unattainable height. He, along with Sasha Black is angry with himself that "this is not." He ernichaya, consoles, three zero in 2000, all are not those two, as in the closet. And then suddenly far away from orfeysko-buffoon youth will be an echo nostalgically sing Burns - about the snow and the rain, about the cloak, which will hide the one that replaced all and the most expensive.

Two and a half hours ended with a spectacular departure from the microphone - farther and farther into the depths of the stage. A voice is sounded marvelous. Yes Gradskij could break the microphone of the knee at the outset - and so it is clear that wonderfully. And it sounded "Creed", again hast its truth in the night: "Verse Russian poet someone's heart will save ..."

P.S. That's called "Orpheus". Now, I am waiting for the call of Orpheus "idiot." I hope, however, for the same smile, quite good-natured.

Catherine Shakshin