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Alexander Gradsky:
"We live in a great country"

Source: "Neva time"

No 218 (2440) November 29, 2000
We live in a great country - Alexander Gradsky

About him goes the glory as the most controversial musician of our country. He began as a rocker in the 60s with the band "Skomorokhs". Then he became a famous composer, writing music for the film Konchalovsky's "Romance for Lovers". Then the All-Union became known as a singer, performing hits Pakhmutova - Dobronravova "How young we were." Later, a lot of writing and songs and vocal compositions on a variety of poems of poets - Sasha Black to Paul Eluard. I flashed on the stage of the Bolshoi Theatre as an opera singer, performing the role of the Astrologer in "The Tale of the Golden Cockerel" by Rimsky-Korsakov. A year ago, Alexander Gradski said 50 anniversary with two concerts -. In the "Carnegie Hall" (New York) "and the Palace of Culture Lensoviet (St. Petersburg) Today after numerous requests of his fans, he again comes to our city to give a single concert, and thus bid farewell to the XX century, about which he wrote an amazing song "Three zero." Our conversation with Alexander Borisovich with this song started on the eve of his concert ...

- You performed it in concert on December 1?

- Required. Honestly, I never expected that the "Three Zero" will enjoy such popularity. But I always listen carefully to what he expects from me room, so on the stage of the Palace of Culture Lensoviet sing and opera arias and romances, and foreign hits, and, of course, "Song about a friend" and "We Were Young" .

- What's happened in your life in the year that we have not seen?

- I had a great and to limit saturated concert tour in nine US cities. I also composed the music for the film "August 44th", which was filmed on the novel by Bogomolov in Belarus.

- Is there a difference in how to perceive your art "out there" and "here"?

- huge difference. Here, any performer to the audience more than a performer. People expect from him some of life recipes, they are trying to find answers to the song tormenting questions. The skill, professionalism, assessed in the second turn. In the States you with your thoughts and feelings, by and large, no one in particular, and is not necessary. There the audience appreciates you as a singer, musician and composer. Here I feel better as a person. There I only need as a performer. By the way, abroad come to my concerts predominantly Russian-speaking audience that just reaches out to our mentality.

- Is there a difference in how you perceive St. Petersburg and Moscow audience?

- Muscovites are more catchy, I suppose. Pitertsev difficult to surprise. But if you're in the city of love someone, it will be the love of selfless and sincere.

- How is the construction of your theater songs in Moscow?

- I will let the Moscow authorities to implement this project, although well aware that there is a bottleneck in the urban sector, where it is necessary to spend money. However, for all that, I would not spend the money for the restoration of the Ostankino television tower ...

-? Why

- Because the current TV only harms people. The group of so-called television journalists consider themselves lights of truth and teaches us to live in this wildly hating their own homeland. But it was not broadcast on Moscow and it became clear that without them you can do in our lives. Russia has been great and without television. I just hate when I hear that we live "in a not very great country." Of course, during the Soviet era was a lot of all the dope, but there were positive aspects. Well, who would know about such peoples as the Evenki and Nenets? In the Soviet Union they had the opportunity to express themselves. In America, for example, the majority of the population did not know: what kind of nation they have there, in Alaska, there.

- It seems that you are an optimist?

- And as a musician can be a pessimist? Then the best tool in the hands did not take, and the piano do not have to sit down to compose music. Yes, it is difficult for many, but what we are told all the time that this situation can last forever? Why TV all the time we hit on the head with his gloomy predictions and prophecies? After all, the Russian people have only to say: "You're a talented, strong, good, bold You can do all things Rise from your couch and go..." And he will get up and deal. Will go and paint the fence for a start. And then, little by little, begins to live and work.

- Continue the phrase "This man - this is ..."

- This is the person who is responsible for his words. And more: a real man should always think of women and take care of them.

- About all?

- About those who are dear to him.

- This is about Alexander Gradsky?

- Yes.