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Let the president of Latvia stands at attention under our anthem - Alexander Gradsky

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Let the president of Latvia stands at attention under our anthem - Alexander Gradsky

Singer and composer Alexander Gradsky believes that the new anthem fully embodies the power of that anthem Aleksandrova - Mikhalkov very solemn music, but spiritless .

Of course, folk song anthem Aleksandrova - Mikhalkov will not. This is the official music of our country. That is the Russian national anthem will be the same, what was the national anthem of the Soviet Union - the symbol of the state, which will characterize the government. What he was, and remained so. Nobody ever sang the national anthem and sing will not. No words just did not know.

I believe that the new anthem fully embodies the fact that for many years personified the power. For me, a true anthem - so that everyone will know and sing. Of course, it is good to do a thing. But it is not the pride of every citizen. In this music, technically there is nothing sacred. There is music and there is a spiritual solemn music. Former Russian Empire anthem "God Save the Tsar" - this is a spiritual and solemn music. And - very simple musically. Our current anthem - the music is not spiritual, but very solemn. And very difficult musically. The complex, completely soulless product. Pathetic, solemn, powerful, but - soulless. But as the national anthem is absolutely good. We will be testing it under a solemn feeling.

You know, I think I understand why Putin chose this hymn. Imagine our president flew to Ukraine, for example, and at the official meeting of the Russian President of the Ukrainian president is at attention under this most former Soviet anthem. If the President's task is to regain lost territory, the national anthem of Alexandrov - the best way. Maybe Putin himself does not understand, but the idea is not bad: the President of Latvia at attention standing under our anthem. To know where, what and how ...

If Moscow wants to secure the return of the breakaway territories under its authority, it is the right move. I would be glad if the breakaway territories back, because I - a man Empire.