Just advertisingGradskij in Russian culture of the second half of the twentieth century will be a long time. This is a man who is worthy of any encyclopedia. Because Gradskij - this is a serious man who always went against the tide, and that - rock. Here Gradskij is a real rock!... Read more - Songs on the music and arrangement. So, it all started with the «Skomorokhov» in 1966, where you played with Gradsky, Buynova and Shakhnazarov. What began themselves «Skomorokhs»? and the music!

From the memoirs of Helena Koreneva - Alexander Gradsky

According to the magazine "Caravan of stories", March 2000

From the memoirs of Helena Koreneva - Alexander Gradsky

In October, 81 th, I celebrated his next birthday. Among those invited were my sister, a friend and neighbor, while the male half represented the color of Russian culture - Sasha Gradskij, Lenya Yarmolnik Sasha Abdulov and film critic Val Eshpay and his friend Andrei Theologian, poet, composer, writer.

With Andrew we were kind of Siamese twins, as not only were born on the same day, month and year, but no less strange were once in a parallel affair with a married couple: I - with Konchalovsky, he - with his wife, a Frenchwoman. Now, the couple drove to the far abroad, as we gathered on a common celebration. In short, I was surrounded by friends. One of them was married to someone almost one came with the girls, the other ladies left the house. But I still stayed alone. After the first toast, I sip a glass of champagne and looking around the audience at the banquet table "Bremen Town Musicians", she exclaimed: "Oh, my God, because every one of you would be my husband!" My belated discovery led some to choke and look at the girl: forgive her, fool, after all the birthday girl .. Yarmolnik dropped the glass and shook with laughter fine!. He was the first in the list of candidates. Having once to me in a white suit, he made an offer, and then explained that the check "on the weak", wanted "to have a monopoly on Korenev". With regard to the rest I, of course, greatly exaggerated, and yet something romantic connected me with almost everyone. Even Sasha Gradsky in love with my Juliet. One night, after the show we went to his car on a trip to the mountains of Lenin. Andron then had to travel abroad. We are not going to teach him a horn, but enthusiastically rushed deeper into the night, until he parked the car in the bushes. Then the unexpected happened, it happens only in the movies: right in front of our noses, ten meters away, there was a car Vivian, his wife Androna! And soon he emerged from the darkness, and she herself, brisk walk toward us. We had something urgent to take: to prevent my meeting with her in the company Gradsky was impossible at four o'clock in the morning! Sasha pulled the seat some cloth and covered me with his head, then went out to meet her. Joyfully welcoming Sasha, she inquired who in his car, and stood, and jabbed a finger at me: "Who is this why she veiled Is that Eastern woman???" Sasha joked: "No, just frozen, it is best not to touch her, she was nervous, even bite!" Vivian did not tempt fate (that's what it is French!) And quickly said goodbye, went back to his car. So Sasha and avoid unpleasant explanations, and I - revenge rival. But our trip ended abruptly on this, he drove me home, leaving both of us to wonder all his life: what would have happened if..?

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