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State Prize AG

State Prize - Alexander Gradsky

In early 1999, the Commission of the State Prize of the Russian Federation President to discuss the published list of products eligible for the State Prize of the Russian Federation in the field of literature and art for 1998. Among the names of masters of arts, nominated for the State Prize of Russia, hence the name of Alexander Gradsky:

"Gradski AB - composer, singer concert program." Three hours of live music, "Presentation of cultural and ecological action. "Revival", the International Fund for the support of cultural and environmental initiatives "Culture and the future of Russia".

( "Culture" № 2 on January 21, 1999 g.)

The concert of Alexander Gradsky "Three hours of live music" was held in the Concert Hall. Tchaikovsky June 2, 1998. As part of the program, all the parties were represented the artist's repertoire: classical works, Russian folk songs, romances and the things of his own. Accompanied Alexander Gradsky: Academic Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments. Osipova and the Academic Symphony Orchestra of Moscow State Philharmonic. His songs musician traditionally played the guitar ...

( "Intermedia", June 1998 g.)

June 7, 1999, the media reported that the President of Russia signed a decree on awarding the State Prize in Literature and Art in 1998. Among the winners - Alexander Gradsky. "Literary Gazette" responded: "... the State Prize also received: singer Alexander Gradskij, conductor Yuri Temirkanov, the choreographer Boris Eifman ... If a Gradskij still argue it is possible, as regards Temirkanov - respectful silence ..." (Which is better: live spores or "respectful silence "- OP)

. (" Literary Gazette "№ 24 (5747) June 16, 1999) .

This is how responded "Week": ". The Russian president signed a decree on awarding the State Prize in Literature and Art We found it strange that the ranks of respectable public was" infused "life shocking Alexander Gradsky correspondent." Week "contacted the composer and singer on the phone and that is what I heard:

- The idea is that I did not have to give the award. If you live in such a way as I ...

- You can refine?

- not taking part in the overall process. So that the prize - is nonsense. I got a call from some Fund (I think - Fedoseeva-Shukshina) and said, I do not mind if I put forward? I said do not mind. Then I asked if I will give up the prize. I said, I will not

( "Week" № 24 (2033) on 17 June 1999 g.) .

In early 2000, it published a list of candidates for the award of the State Prize of Russia in 1999. And in it we meet again Gradsky surname, but in a different capacity. On the proposal of the Moscow musical theater and concert association n / p Gradsky and GDF for obtaining a high award nominated Kamburova EA - Singer, artistic director of the Theatre of Music and Poetry - for concert programs 1995-1999,

( "Culture" № 4, 3 February 2000 g.) .

June 12, the celebration of Independence Day of Russia, President of Russia were awarded the State Prize in 1999. Among the winners - Elena Kamburova.

Prepared by Oleg Petukhov. 16 June 2000 g.