Just advertisingI was brought up on «The Beatles». Music Fab Four so far for me, Encyclopedia of rock music. On the influence of Western rock bands on us, I would not say: we want to go their own way... Read more - Songs on the music and arrangement. So, it all started with the «Skomorokhov» in 1966, where you played with Gradsky, Buynova and Shakhnazarov. What began themselves «Skomorokhs»? Термочехлы для оборудования, studio and the music!

Handling figures of Russian culture and art

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Dear Sirs!

Today Russia is going through a dramatic period in its history. Changes in the life of our country, the emergence of a new state, unfortunately, occur against a background of military actions in the North Caucasus. You can not bear to see the suffering of Chechen civilians who have become hostages of terrorists, as it is impossible not to feel the pain of each new news of killed Russian soldiers. What is happening in this region of the country - a real tragedy for our entire people.

It would seem that the world community, which spends colossal forces and means to combat terrorism would support Russia's actions, literally protects the peaceful sleep of the citizens. However, since the early days of the antiterrorist operation a number of influential Western politicians and businessmen were subjected to severe criticism of our country, calling for its isolation. At a high level, the question of introducing sanctions against Russia seriously discussed, the announcement of the international embargo on trade with our country as well as the suspension of Russia's membership in several international organizations. A particularly distressing the fact that recently in the anti-Russian campaign is very well-known and respected in the West, people of culture and art. This is a very worrying sign. We can not regard it as an attempt to transfer the problem from the political sphere to the mass consciousness and thereby kick-start the formation of a new "enemy image". Apparently, the incipient political stabilization, trends in economic growth and, therefore, improve the competitiveness of Russia on the world stage really threaten someone's interests.

Yes, we want to live free, rich and happy, but above all we must ensure its own security. By choosing the new president of Russia Vladimir Putin, the man who has assumed responsibility for the operation in Chechnya, Russian citizens have clearly expressed their will. We call on everyone - our partners, opponents, this will be considered.

  1. Antonova IA - Director of the State Fine Arts Museum. Pushkin
  2. GY Cormorants - writer
  3. Yuri Bashmet - musician
  4. German AG - film director
  5. Gradskij AB - singer
  6. Zhukhovitskii LA - writer
  7. Kazakova RF - poetess
  8. Kudryavtsev VN - Academician, Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Sciences
  9. Laverov NP - Academician, Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Sciences
  10. Vladimir Menshov - producer
  11. NS Mikhalkov - film director
  12. IA Moiseev - Hud.ruk. State Folk Dance Ensemble
  13. Naumov VN - film director
  14. Osipov - President of the Russian Academy of Sciences
  15. Oskotsky VD - writer
  16. Petrov NA - Pianist, People's Artist of the RSFSR
  17. Prokhorov AM - Academician, Nobel Prize winner
  18. KA Raikin - Thin. hands. Russian State Theatre "Satyricon" them. Raikin
  19. AN Sokurov - film director
  20. ZK Tsereteli - sculptor
  21. Shakhnazarov K.G. - film director