Just advertisingLittle my son looks at me slyly. What kind of music he go away? Do not tell me he was down, «Dad, you do not understand, because it is the most modern,» grunts-after-the navel, chi-hraki-after-blooper, chilyakotupotap. «Behind you, papules, time for you to draw ... »... Read more - Songs on the music and arrangement. So, it all started with the «Skomorokhov» in 1966, where you played with Gradsky, Buynova and Shakhnazarov. What began themselves «Skomorokhs»? and the music!

Reflections serious buffoon

The Source: Nezavisimaya Gazeta


"Until the 19 years I have been a faithful Leninist and thought,
that urgently needs to create the CPSU (b)",
- says Alexander Gradsky

Reflections serious buffoon - Alexander Gradsky

"I'm much more impressed I produce, when not put out ..!", - Says Alexander Gradsky. His credo: "Sit quietly and peacefully on the porch of his house - and by you will carry the corpse of your enemy." At age 12 he first learned what rock 'n' roll. The 13 - heard a recording of the "Beatles" and it became ill. In the 18 - has himself composed. In the 70s I sang Pakhmutova Alexandra and Nicholas Dobronravov "We were so young ..." and became famous throughout the Soviet Union as a crooner. During these years, he wrote the music for the film "Romance for Lovers" and became a well-known composer. Later he participated in the creation of 30 films. Not passed it, and the glory of the Executive opera arias, Neapolitan and Russian folk songs, ballads and their own copyright works. Since 1987, he headed the Moscow theater and concert music association. In recent years, he engaged in collecting his "creative heritage" and the construction of the theater. I met with Alexander Borisovich at his home. In the good old tradition of conversation took place at the Moscow common kitchen under a red lamp shade, drinking a cup of coffee. The longer we talked, the more I am convinced of the error of common opinions about this man. That Gradsky compared with the snake Kaa tales of Kipling, then mysteriously disappears letter "er" of his name, simply refer to his insufferable character. But the conventional wisdom of judgment about a person often deceive.

- Alexander, you are called the "father of Russian rock." When did the Russian rock?

- First of all, I'm no father or even grandfather of Russian rock. So I called the only journalists. There is an opinion that I first began to write in Russian. In fact it is not. Attempts have been made before me. This group of "Falcon" and a few other groups. I managed to create a sort of anthology. When rock and roll only appeared in Russia, no one knew what specific areas is moving. There was not a single school. Therefore my first work "Reflections clown" was made with the expectation that artists and critics realize that in Russian, you can speak in a variety of genres of rock music.

In general, it was not the only one-piece cycle of songs, but also a collection of ideas. The pop genre something similar reform-created Tukhmanov. He released a record "What a wonderful world", where I had to sing. But this is a project that direction. It is pure pop, but also the cycle, and it has the same general ideas ... The difference between us was that I preferred to work in the pure rock, or rather in the fact that I knew a rock 'n' roll.

- You were at that time the followers?

- No. And I never had a feeling some regret that almost all did not go for me. After all, the hope still was. I think I arrived at a time when the public was not yet ready to accept what happened to the rock and roll scene. It took a lot of effort to ensure that at least something to change. And when it happened, was enough to go on stage in dirty sneakers, horrible singing nonsense carry the stage in the form of poems that have nothing to do with real poetry, and violently batter into the drum. At this point I did not want to participate in activities that, in general, meant the death of what I wanted to create. And I have chosen, in my opinion, the most correct way. He climbed into his ivory tower, which to this day remains. This is despite the fact that the people of that go, cause I always have profound sympathy, although I could not deny myself the pleasure raschihvostit them because I did not like.

- And for anyone still go?

- For Makarevich and Tamarisk. That they are so-called daddy of modern rock bands. But their "descendants" - all "deficiencies", all "under": "Yes, we know how to sing, not so much, but we sing Yes, we know how to write poetry, not entirely to poetry, but even so,.. we sawing guitars, not to play, but the sawing. Yes, we have good drummer hammer, etc. " All this led to the fact that we live in the age of non-professionals. Here Makar today grew serious, and his followers are at zero.

- What do you think, why did this happen?

- For the creation of his own face were not originally from the music and did not even poetry, but from a musician of communication with the audience: here we are all your children - you and me. I got all the way. I sang a few variety of things, there was a film "Romance for Lovers", appeared a few quiet, peaceful songs that I showed on TV ... Formed its audience. The people came to the concert to calm the young man in spectacles, with languid eyes, long hair and a good voice - and heard the harsh music, hard rock 'n' roll. And it is in the mid-70s! In the Palace of Sports! Of course, for the students it was a shock. In many angry with me, not realizing that the "How young we were! .." Is not my true face, but it was just one of my experiments ... But all has ended well, as you can see ... In addition, I am able to singing, playing and composing, I know many more. Moreover, I earn money this way.

- Judging by your anniversary concert you recently write a little ...

- In fact, few ... Over the past eight years, I have written three songs. First - this is "2000", it sounded at the concert. The second is quite sad. And one more for the future of the film, but it is unclear whether he will be released from my participation ... I still continue to write an opera - it lasts more than 20 years, and quite a difficult task. Now it moves to what I start to record it. Then the mass of other things ...

- For example, the reconstruction of the building of the former cinema in order to open it in a theater?

- Yes, that too.

- And when will it be finished?

- God knows ... It lasts for nine years. My idea is supported by Yuri Luzhkov. Many thanks to him for help. Although the funds, to be honest, it is not enough. I have led the state organization, so the construction is going on city investments. But, in my opinion, this complex is needed. The building, which is now being reconstructed, it will be possible to arrange dances, and show movies, and carry out any festivals, concerts and do the shooting, and produce good live recordings. The fact is that between what I consider quality and that is generally accepted, there is a gulf. Therefore, the only way - to do everything carefully. It is better to do nothing than to do not to end. I've got lots of ways and opportunities to apply yourself. I can be a writer, I can just put out records, and to be content with this, as many rest of your life, can be an ordinary concert performer, which annually gathers its audience and touring, I can sit down and start writing philosophical treatises. I can just do nothing and live at the expense of what is already there, looking at the roses and watering the ficus.

- Today, there are many productions of musicals, rock operas, "Jesus Christ Superstar", "Metro" ... Most recently premiered the play Stas Namin "Hair." You have no desire to please the audience with their staging?

- Actually, this is also being reconstructed. Again, "the quality should be of high quality." Such it may be, only if there are performers who can sing. Staging Namin I have not seen anything about it and I can not say. But I know one thing - Stas excellent organizer and has to do it. Unfortunately, many people believe that if they are producing a play, the right to tell the actor where he stand and sing like him. The trouble is that the organizer often feels an artist. Moreover, this popular feature inherent in the Russian people.

- At one time you were taught vocal Gnessin School and the Institute, he headed the Department of vocal in GITIS. You're not going to continue teaching activity at least in the theater?

- I realized that I did not get to come to another school with its charter. And the theater is sure to be something like a studio ... For example, I need the actor for some performance, so it will have to learn to sing and play. That's all. After all, Moscow Art Theatre School or Schepkinskoe and Vakhtangov School were established to grow the young actors of his theater. Only then, they have become institutions, which today are brought up performers for all theaters of the country. The same thing could happen here. The only question is whether it will rise at some State Musical Pedagogical university or not. I'm afraid that I personally will not be enough for all of life. I already feel that the time left.

- Art created for herself or for the audience?

- First of all, for yourself. You must himself understand what you are doing and enjoy it. After all, at that point you to communicate directly with God. And while the energy is released, which it affects people. If it does not, then there is no art. There are ordinary work, show business, as in the West. There units are engaged in this art. But everything has a place. Those who do not are exemplary performers introduce consciousness as the media of mass culture. We have it all wrong: high art samples themselves, shoy business itself, the popular consciousness in the main market ... We have a common organization of information influence, and probably never will be.

- And what should be the position of the artist today? - He has a right to put a magnifying glass on a phenomenon and show it. From this phenomenon does not do much, it does not acquire greater influence and does not become good or bad. Goodness is not without evil, and Yeshua is not without Voland. You can understand what is good only if you know what is evil. This is probably the ultimate understanding of the world. If such an understanding is not, if you are allocated one thing, then you misunderstand the world. People who preach good only as they understand it, do not realize they are committing a great evil. Because behind it or greed or the desire to show themselves, or self-love. The simplest position - a position of the observer, that comes out of their ivory tower, he does something and comes back.

- You shifted to the music of poetry Rubtsov, Sasha Cherny, Pasternak, Mayakovsky, Nabokov, Eluard ... I have something in common in their verses that attracted you?

- total - it was me. I was interested to try these verses on different music scenes. This is done very simply. In music, the basis is the idea of ​​verse catches the musical field, and there is developing. If this is the French poet, even in Russian translation, the interests of national spirit. If Rubtsov, then, of course, attracts Russian archaic, despite the fact that he was our contemporary authors. If this is Sasha Cherny, there must be a satirical touch with what I see today. For example, I have an apocalyptic end in "Satire". Xylophone popevki a la Shostakovich suddenly pass all those who influenced the music and poetry of the century. This attracted me first and foremost link between 1910, the year 1913 and the present day.

Family - pie familiar - whiners.

Funny carnival small fry.

From life, from friendship, from the rotten policy -

Immensely tired brains ...

This is written in the beginning of the century! ..

Are You take a book - the dregs and scum,

A cat buries,

Other saliva spreads dirt

and voluptuous moans ...

- Once you have entered a separate plate with poems Nabokov ...

- wrote and recorded this work was at the end of 1983, and went on sale in the year 1988. Actually, I had an interesting story to it ... My friend, a wonderful critic and musicologist Arkady Petrov said: "Well, you're wasting money on record course, a good job, but it also never publish in the best case 25 years later.. ! .. "I said that even if only a quarter of a century, but hoped nevertheless that before ... indeed, in the 86th year, some of Nabokov appeared in the chess magazine" 64 ", and in another two and a half years left my plate.

- Why is your choice fell on Vladimir Nabokov?

- I came very late to Nabokov ... Up to 19 years, I was a true Leninist, and believed that it is necessary to urgently establish the CPSU (b). And so, as it has done through Nina Andreeva many years. True, I was sick this long. As long as my hands accidentally hit book Antonov-Ovseenko "Portrait of a tyrant." Then I got acquainted with Zinoviev and with several works, so to speak, associated with the critical anti-Soviet realism. But I soon got tired of antipropoganda, as well as from propaganda. I guess I just realized that all these ideas are utopian. And then I began to speak to the people, to writers who, in my opinion, have been excluded from this struggle. And that for me was Nabokov. His first book I read at the age of 26 years, and exactly five months later, I was the only person in Moscow who had 16 books by this author. But among them there was a collection of poems. Only after some time I came across a book of his poems, however, in the form of a printout. By that time I had already done work on poems by Eluard and Rubtsov. I was struck by poignant note of nostalgia for Russia, because such longing anywhere in prose, it does not have, on the contrary, critical analysis ... He indifference could say, "And in Russia, something like Lenin died ..." Here Bunin was an ardent anti-Soviet and openly expressed his position. Nevertheless it twice from a distance during the Soviet era, although this edition of "Cursed Days" were not included. And he treated the Soviet authorities as some web, disparagingly, to be exact - in any way. This power does not like, is its most warps. I was so pleased with the creative and human attitude of the writer, that I decided to make a record. Incidentally, so far I have not found in any of his work is nothing that could not be taken. In addition, it is surprisingly easy to sing and falls on the music.

- Alexander Borisovich, poet stayed there, on the verses you would like to write music and still have not done so?

- It is difficult to write on the texts by Alexander Pushkin, although it seems that in the music of it. To do this - it is necessary to feel Rachmaninoff. I myself do not feel so far as such. Bye! .. Who knows how everything will end ...

Note that any works created on subjects of Alexander, absolutely brilliant. Two Tchaikovsky, work Musorskogo, Rimsky-Korsakov, Glinka.

- By the way, quite recently you played in the game Astrologer Bolshoi Theatre "The Golden Cockerel". Of the eight performances you sang in two.

- You know, the Bolshoi Theater for me in some way - sport. Just in time, I felt that everything was done the best I can. Opera exists only in ideal form. Only when the scene masters such as Montserrat Caballe and Luciano Pavarotti, and conducts Svetlanov or Ricardo Mutti ... This is a classic - and on stage should be a high-level wizard. And not sredneodarennye people in low-light and cheap decorations. Especially when the children came to the show. In order for them to listen, understand and participate in the action, they should fascinate ... And what?

- Mastery.

- excellence! It can not exist in the Russian opera, in which the musicians - not professionals. Accordingly, to be an engagement. In Moscow opera productions have to sing like in the old days, Karerros. For now, the singer comes to Moscow, and the events there. Recently, on Red Square it was a concert Pavarotti turned purely commercial act rather than creative. I remember singing "Carmen" in the 60s Arkhipova and Del Monaco. That was art, which more than 200 years ...

- Why do you rarely give their shows?

- Speech requires a lot of dedication. It's not a painting, where he painted a picture - and forever. In the opera, painting each time to re-create, and it shall be such as the "Sistine Madonna". Moreover, it must be reproduced in a certain moment, in this situation, with specific individuals in the theater. Moreover, in the hall must be public, which understands what is happening. Therefore, one and a half year, I gave a little concert. I had a landmark, a significant performance at Carnegie Hall, as a result - was held in Moscow at the end of last year, the anniversary evening, followed by a solo concert in St. Petersburg and check-in Minsk, Nizhny Novgorod and Yekaterinburg. The next performance is planned for the 55th anniversary. I am now interested to work out common concerts. Although I still can tour each time to gather an audience and sing exclusively in trehoktavnom range.

- What do you think, what your audience who listens to you?

- It is not clear, it is not clear ... I always ask the operators to take the hall. Therefore, he can see that it is absolutely different people. In any case, those who know and understand the real art. Moreover, I think that a certain percentage of my audience loves me not only for my voice, but also for a certain citizenship. Although, of course, no, I was not a politician.

- But some political sympathy, you probably have a

-? Well, of course. In any case, I flattered to hear these days from "higher authorities" what I said 10-15 years ago. I am pleased that today the President of the Russian Federation is in the direction that I expected for our country 12-13 years ago. The only thing I'd really like that it was not the next campaign, ministerial game. And the protection of national interests of my country would not be turned into a temporary phenomenon, and would be a natural in politics, as in all major countries. Here, Vladimir Zhirinovsky. If we reject it shocking and exaltation, it turns out that it is 95% says the right things. Tak Why shocking? To discredit the idea? .. I do not understand.

- Do you see any particular model of the state?

- There are remarkable lines from Machiavelli: "There are two ways the impact that a threat of use of force and its application ...." So the former is more effective than the inept and improper use of force itself. When I started to use, and can not cope. Our people must understand that the state is that he created for himself. And people who are in charge of the country, should not forget that they are not alone, and paid for in and are at the service of the people. At the same time we must remember that as yet we have foreign competitors, like any great power. And we - although we have a long time to convince the opposite - we are such. The people I see here, I have not seen in any other country of the world. They are there simply no, they do not develop there. This does not mean that they are bad. Just we are different, we have different interests. But we must not despise the general economic laws and to create some kind of a stupid model.

- Do you ever wanted to take a direct part in the country's transformation?

- One way or another I involved in this, even while sitting in his tower. I exist, therefore I participate in what is happening. I listen, interested me, with me there ... But I will not interfere in political affairs, because it is much more impressive I produce when not stick out. It is more effective than going out and shout something from the rostrum by cries of others: "And this, too - MP ..!"

- There was a time when many were leaving abroad. Have you had the opportunity, why did not you?

- It was a long time ago. My career had already taken shape. The idea was for me to stay there forever, but it was impossible for me. Once in a TV interview I said: "Then, because no one knew that it will be possible to return, even with heroic expression And you will take with you will be greet and give the Order Will you give up ....". So I plowed here.

- Eight years ago, you participated in the program Kira Proshutinskoy "Press Club". At present the transmission of democratically minded journalists and leaders of the putsch. You are a long time watching unties the abovementioned battle between ...

- Yes, indeed it was a story. The fact that I knew the background of the shooting. Television Group agreed with Valentin Pavlov and his colleagues at the State Emergency Committee that they would come to talk to ordinary conversation. Instead, it was an open rudeness. I was struck by the attitude of the press to the people, I stress - to ordinary people, whatever views they might express, as if I did not take him

Also, I noticed that I was constantly removes the camera, even though I was sitting in the back of the room and was not going to say anything. The transfer was to go to the record, not on the air. And I realized that there is all this mess without me, but in the end it turns out that I am at one with "zhurnalyugi" that for anything to attack humans. So I stood up and openly expressed everything that I think about it.

- What was the reaction of others?

- There were a few people who thought the same as me. The "Moskovsky Komsomolets" also wrote: "The authority is so difficult to be won and lost in five minutes." But that they think so. In fact, among people who understand what normal human relationships, I just appreciated as a person with authority. On the side was a fine journalist Kira move. She left it at that, while maintaining the sharpness of the conflict and harsh tone. It's been so many years, and all of this recall.

- You have complicated relationships with the press?

- pseudo-minded press, which is now full of annoying me. But I try not to notice it. Because if I start to respond to the people who serve it, so it is only that it should be. But many of today's journalists who have forgotten their professional duty, know that my language is better not to fall. However, one can come to me quietly, calmly talk. But, unfortunately, many journalists are now seeing its aim in not so many people about what is happening in the world and he thinks this or that person, and information pressure, ideology, education.

- Fate brings you to many talented people, how are your relations with them?

- mainly friendship. However, there were many contacts. If I was working with someone, then snatches. Have you wanted and left. So I had with Alexandra Pakhmutova, with Evgeny Svetlanov (with him I have new projects), with Andron Konchalovsky ... last I am grateful for the fact that it was he who brought me to a secular life. Prior to his work in the film "Romance for Lovers" I lived in a rock 'n' roll world, and knew nothing about the parallel world, where there were feature films, national prizes, theater, thick logs, money, power. But in this new world, I still remained himself in an ivory tower is very convenient to stay. All the same rights Eastern proverb: Sit quietly and peacefully on the porch of his house - and by you will carry the corpse of your enemy.

- Some people believe that you are hard to come together with the people, is that so?

- Yes. But if you really tied friendships that last for years. There are people with whom I work for 10 to 15 years. There are those with whom I no longer cooperate, but on the first call I will come to help me. Just as I im. However, such a little bit. And why do we need a large number of friends? Man is so deep and interesting, something you can find in it, a storehouse of almost anything. I have friends with whom I never get tired of talking, we had not talked about. That's enough for me.

- Why did you refuse to lay a star with his name in the Square of the stars?

- There are many names for me non-stellar. If the organizers devalue the very concept, you do not want to participate in it. In the area there is not only my stars, but also many other famous people. For example, Alla Pugacheva. I think for the same reasons.

- Who are the singers do you like?

- I maybe call a strange combination of many names, but it is: Claudia Shulzhenko, Alexander Vertinsky, Alexandr Galich, Okudzhava, Fyodor Chaliapin. And Vysotsky, of course. Among contemporary artists it is hard to name anyone. It is better to remain silent. Now I like them just "paint" in the main, any "smear". There is something, but not enough to sing. There is only the courage to go on stage and opened his mouth to the soundtrack. The trouble is that this "smear" is enough for the artists themselves and to the public that listens to them and run them on the concerts.

- Is there something that you regret?

- It's hard to say ... Probably not. Because a person at some stage of life there is a dilemma. Approximately the same as in the joke about the folk hero Ilya Muromets before stumbling. Go to the left - you will find death, you go to the right - the horse will lose, just go - the head of the stone rasshibesh. It is important to make this choice correctly the first time, to more to this stone is not coming back. But life is arranged so that the one feature for many other tracks. All of them are closely intertwined. But eventually still merge into one. The one that is designed for the person. Woland said that "brick for no reason at all to anyone, and never on the head will not fall down."

- Your song "2000" sounds apocalyptic. How do you see the third millennium?

- It is said that we are entering the Age of Aquarius. And Russia should evolve. I hope that this will happen. It is high time. Russian is already the last of the white nations that are lagging behind in all civilized countries. Now there are huge information field. There are plenty of opportunities to influence the world. And we have as well. Especially in the near future is unlikely to happen, something that set us back. So the main thing for the oncoming century Russia - to regain former glory.

P.S. At the end of our conversation, I looked with Alexander Borisovich fragment of his jubilee concert and hear "God bless us all" with the choir and orchestra.

- This is the anthem? - I asked.

- a hymn to me! - Said Alexander Gradsky.

Alexander Alyoshin

Photos from the archives of A. Gorbatov