Just advertisingIt would be concluded as a whole orchestra. He takes a guitar, and we have nothing. He can sing and the orchestra, and under any structure. This is a person - and the lyrics and the music that he writes, and outlook on life, and rejection, solid, long-standing opposition to any dirty tricks... Read more - Songs on the music and arrangement. So, it all started with the «Skomorokhov» in 1966, where you played with Gradsky, Buynova and Shakhnazarov. What began themselves «Skomorokhs»? and the music!

Talk show «The Passion According to Solovyov»

TNT, Moscow
July 18, 2000 Mr.
Leading Vladimir Solovyov
Guest program - Alexander Gradsky

Talk show «The Passion According to Solovyov» - Alexander Gradsky

VS.... Alexander - the owner is absolutely unique voice...

AG. At exactly.

VS. A person living in our country, can not but know Alexander Gradsky.

AG. One can not know. But I met a lot of people who do not know. He can not, but do not know.

VS. Well, it is a feature of Russia. She Wants, but can not, can, but does not want to want, but not that.

AG. Or wrong.

VS. You are also known for being strongly dislike of journalists and what is happening on Russian television (under the "Russian" I do not mean RTR, and all the TV, which operates in the territory of the Russian Federation). They say that you own the term "zhurnalyugi".

AG. Yes, Che there, "they say." I had a wonderful event once upon a time, I really thought of this word. And one of my friends, a newspaper editor and owner of the newspaper at the same time 1, recalling the history of the word "scoop", which is also, as it were mine, He suggested: "Listen, let's" zalituem "You made it up, I think the word is very popular, because it is capacious Come we zalituem...

VS..." Copyright "...

AG... and I each editorial will in brackets write:.. "in the words of A. Gradskij" people to remember what he had done countless times eight years I've discovered some newspaper recently... in my opinion, "Kommersant", where there was a serious review article, written by a very good language I do not remember the author, but it is clear that a person owns Russian speech article began as follows:.. "I do not know who really came up with a good mot..." I immediately called to his companion: "Well? You see, you tried, tried to put the "lit", and the sense that something? "If we took the word to the people, you have to say goodbye to him.

VS. This is a highly recognized.

AG. I said goodbye. I authorship is no longer pretend.

VS. so what you as journalists are not pleased?

AG. I love . professionalism in all professional journalist, if he writes about another profession, he has to understand it's really understand if he does not understand it, and if the article is registered, if he uses the terms -.. with respect to the Executive whether, an event there -. that he has no right to operate, for me, this person becomes a bad journalist and a bad professional we have influential and reputable publications almost none of today, due to the fact that all sales... and for obvious reasons, sales thing.. the money where it is necessary to take them.

VS. I do not think you are right about the "obvious reasons". With the money in the world is always a bad thing. there must be something else there .

AG. I understand these reasons. But for me personally, these reasons are not clear, and non-acceptable.

VS. Aha!

AG. Personally, I would prefer - and I still preferred - in the only pants to walk, but to save his face. "For obvious reasons," that's why. If I am to her attitude demanded, was demanding to many of his friends and acquaintances, from the musicians with whom I worked, demanded, in the words of a great poet, "complete destruction seriously", now require other sacrifices such an active, I think, silly . And before I'm out of this, probably, and quarreled with people.

VS. It should be noted that your intransigence, because of which you used to part with the people in the process, when you require them to "live on stage, and not to play" at the same time goes by all appearances, a great ability to communicate with the boss. After all, in the Soviet times you were... well, not most, but one of the most published 2.

AG. This is not quite true. Now you put the question in the form of statements, and just want to curse.

VS. "No, no, it's not! I do not publish!"

AG. No, that's not true, I have published, but it's all here in what. All is well in time. The road spoon for dinner, expensive egg to the day of Christ. That plate. (Picks up a CD-ROM, the design of which resembles a CD cover "live in RUSSIA" 1996, only here the profile of AG not minted on a red and gold background -. OP) This is my last job. I do not know, you have regarded it as an advertisement or not, but, actually, I'm in this kind of advertising do not need. It is called "live in RUSSIA - 2. Jubilee concert." That's how it looks. This is what I, roughly speaking, is published himself. Let's call it so. And in the old days it was impossible to publish. Today, every young person can afford to write and publish a record, enough for it to ask the pope, who in terrible convulsions earned a couple thousand dollars. Will it fly, will not - the next question, but publish almost always possible. And I have it so happened that at that time, when I wrote the music ( "first times"), it was almost impossible. So I'll just say that my first record, I personally as a writer published in '31. The firm "Melody". Before this was a job that issued Andrei Konchalovsky, - recording music to the "Romance of the Lovers". He had at that time an incredible authority and could do it. You could even invite me to the film, and he had a problem, because I was not then a member of the Composers' Union. He is struck and broke the record...

I have always had with the authorities of the "good" in the following sense. I will clarify. Firstly, I never let them scolded once. They specifically. Specifically, a certain person. I had a philosophical attitude - and remains a philosophical attitude - to power as such, 3. I always thought within himself that power - from God. But this does not mean that you have to be agreed. God can, how to create the very power and create a person who is in her confrontation. But I got away with it. As soon as someone of my friends accidentally, very gently something to say, as immediately appeared article...

VS. "Ragout of blue birds".

AG. I openly and brazenly rude, or anything. And I understand why it happened. According to the theory of "triggers valves". "Well, well. Here is let it be like that. Well, to hell with it".

VS. That is your attitude to the government as the bad weather. Simple: it is

AG.. Again, it is from God. To deal with it - is active - which means never win, but rather to strengthen it. If you do not like the power, then you should try to ignore it and do their work. And it is precisely this power - the power of stupid - not like most

VS.. Many of the art workers are treated with the utmost respect for your commercial abilities.

AG. Zero. Absolutely. I have no business skills.

VS. Well, at least there is a great commercial success.

AG. This is also zero. I have no commercial success there.

VS. Two lovely apartments in a healthy "prime lokeyshn". That such evidence.

AG. This is not a commercial success. It says that I have the same ass as Molotov.

VS. That is, it is the iron?

AG. No stone. He was a stone's ass. It is understood that... So much to sit in repair, as I have - it should be seen! And I'm almost all designed and reconstructed itself. The same happens now with the cottage. I have never had a problem. And until now, it is almost there. But I'm here for five years to build something so terrible, which now lead tours.

VS. But most of the money you earn their direct activities?

AG. I practically all the money paid only direct activity. For me, the business - a thing quite unpleasant, I hate it

VS.. That is - the only concert activity

AG?. Concert, records, visits on tour somewhere (now much less frequently than before). Well, maybe sometimes I engaged in real estate, due to the fact that I have had a long history of arbitration. Once Yuri Luzhkov, God grant him health, he singled out for my theater building. And together with the building and there were legal problems. I'm a few years this business stubbornly defended. As a result, he became a man who understands something in real estate. I have some achievements in this field, but to call them business is difficult. For example, my son - he likes it, he understands. It is, of course, a little more, 20 years is not, but he is a man of another mentality. Although he loves music, she loves life. But he is a man who understands the business. I do not like and do not understand.

VS. It should be noted that for most people the most popular your songs are those that are performed at one time. That is still necessary to convey to the people: that you sing

AG?. Here I am with you is not quite agree. The fact that there is a strange trend on TV, and she, by the way, is confirmed by you. The trend is that there is a performer with such a name and such a name, which should not be on TV a lot. It should be no more...

VS. "Master, I got to do with it?"

AG. No, as a performer... I was invited to speak much more than just a...

VS. Do you want to sing?

AG. No, not now.... Than just translate some things that I once wrote, or what I'm doing now, even. I do not know what was going on. Perhaps they believe that these things so everyone will know, but "it is better to let them talk" 4.

VS Different wording. I will tell you a terrible secret: only those engaged in various editorial

AG.. I swear to you, it's all the same.

VS. Spoken genre, unfortunately, has no connection with the music edited.

AG. No no. All the same, it is the policy of the media.

VS. This is money. So money works.

AG. Two times in three months. It continues with the beginning of his career.

VS. Do you think that there is some "Ministry of Truth", in which sits a boring bureaucrat and decides: "Gradski twice in three months talk show..."

AG?. No no. There is what is called "the circumstances"... I often suggest I go somewhere, I scratched his nose...

VS. Maybe nice're going?

AG. I do not think, no, I'm not very nice walk. Somehow here so there were circumstances that the music, in this you are absolutely right, not as active... But, you know, what more interesting thing. It suits me! Because those people who still need that I do, they find ways. They all have these records - and those that I did yesterday and the day before, and those that I do today 5. That this plate was not yet on sale. But I gave someone a few...

VS. And now on the "crust" can be purchased in large print runs.

AG. I do not think. She's not on the "crust" and can not be.

VS. That is, the pirates...

AG. They just do not make my record. I do not know why, but it may be due to the fact that, after all, I am publishing the plate is very expensive and beautiful. If they do a fake - it is not profitable, and forgery is immediately visible 6

VS.. Alexander, but then, you see, unfortunately, now a music promotion -. It is a separate business

AG. Absolutely.

VS. Hard business. And the situation has changed.

AG over the last ten years. You want to say that I can lose the youth audience, etc. etc....

VS. I'm not even going to say that. I just want to say that you are, in my opinion, quite deliberately not a part of show business.

AG. I in no way am not a part of show business. Even my friends, the guys from the "resurrection" of the "Time Machine", even from the "Aquarium" - they somehow fit into the overall show business. Fits together with variety "stars". All it turns out from this "rock and roll", as they call it...

VS. So maybe it makes sense...

AG. It makes no sense.

VS.... It makes sense not to try to fit in, and to go into what you're doing great, including the opera?

AG. I'm not doing anything.

VS. No, you sing. You sing!

AG. I am sitting at home. I even have several reprises on this topic. One of them was. It is useless to chase the beam of glory, because he makes a Brownian motion. That is chaotic. And you too will run pretty chaotic. Much more options be combined with it, if you just sit on the porch of his house. A beam runs, and maybe he will fall on you. But in this case it will be run one, and he knows exactly where you are. And if you followed him to run, you will find it never, and still does not work...

VS. Get. It is necessary to sit in the beam source.

AG. Well, maybe so. Or you yourself should...

VS. Obtain always luchit everywhere!

AG. It's all very nicely said, but... You can not be a part of our show business, as it happens I have, but I'm part of the "show business" of the country, so to speak. This refers to the following. Anyway, everything that we see today, and we have - this is something the show-business. Politicians - the show-business, business - this is show business, editors - it's show business. Citizens who just work, each in his place, they are also involved in show business, they participate in the elections...

VS. If so widely viewed, then our whole life show business.

AG. I'm talking about this and talking. But I do not participate in the show business, who are engaged in music.

VS. A short blitz possible?

AG. Answer "yes", "no"?

VS. Answer as the soul. Do you forgive the person meanness?

AG. Yes Easy. I just do not have more business with him.

VS. You forgive, but erase from the list?

AG. Yes. That is, I'm not vindictive.

VS. That is: evil does not hold, directly mschu

AG.. I always tell these people (it happened, by the way, is quite rare to me, but very painful): "I deprive you of happiness to communicate with me for a lifetime." Stupid phrase was invented a long time, and probably not by me.

VS. Why - not an opera

AG?. Why? Opera!

VS. Why little opera?

AG. Enough of the opera is enough. Just, again, a shot to be in the top ten. In eight or nine - it's not for me. This applies to everything I do. If this opera, then it should be the work which I had with Svetlanov. If this is your theater, then it must be made perfectly decorations, etc., and all people should be able to sing. And do not just take, write: "Musical!" Pop-fifty people on the scene, who in the woods, who for firewood sing, who in the woods, who for firewood dance. The people do not care for it brings down the shaft, but that does not mean it's good. For me.

VS. Alexander, it is impossible to know, that you, as an intelligent man, without going to the monastery, it is the gate himself, raised high by the crowd.

AG. I'm not high on the crowd, I was just on the sidelines.

VS. Well, stepping aside.

AG. To the side. I am satisfied with this position. I'm not bothering anybody. I only prevents its existence. Or help. Because when something like me, there seems to be some kind of outlet, what we can say is good or bad.

VS. That is, you are well located to the side? Does it complacency?

AG. Probably, there are some places where I would have been better. Probably. But I have them either missed or not noticed. Or in some time not left the country, I did not regret anything. Despite the fact that today's "returnees" come here just the same on the wings of newspaper articles without having any right to it absolutely, because it is we do here in their own country to somehow improve.

In .FROM. I think (and this is actually the case), the following occurs. Smart, hard working people in the changed circumstances of life suddenly turned "away", and deliberately now believes it is his position. But in fact, maybe he would like to return...

AG. Clip Available Good, good. I understand your Clip Available, but the most interesting thing is that...

VS. This is not the Clip Available and sincere reflection.

AG.... It did not happen suddenly, it was as early as 21-22 years. You see? When it was still a long way to any change. It just so happened. At first, the first five or six years of studying contemporary music (let's call it so) I was quite simply impossible to man. Maybe there are many legends... But one of the main acts, for which I am to him, in general, a good attitude, is the right choice of its location. What happened in the twenty years. Then there were a few options. One of them, I say, go and start some serious career in the West. At the same time it was necessary to cut off everything connected with Russia. Then it was true. And in front of me was a dilemma. And as I knew I had given a lot, and I knew that his career would be sverhudachnym...

VS. So instead of external emigration You have gone into the interior.

AG. Yeah, I guess so.

VS. I was at a party Alexander Gradsky. I hope that not only see but also hear Alexander will more often than twice every three months. Thank you very much for coming, and I think it's time of the ivory tower to come back...

AG. Only in the grave! (Laughs)

VS. Not at all. Just sing!

AG. Only in the grave. From there, I'll sing something. At least in the form of records 7.


1 must Eugene Dodolev. (Hereinafter OP notes).

2 Sir leading obviously do not know. Most albums Gradsky (namely - eleven of fourteen, written by the author since 1971 and for many years lying "at the table" as were then many of the best works of art, unacceptable ideological censorship) were issued by the All-Union records "Melody" of the Ministry of Culture after 1985. Those. in restructuring. And it was already a "Soviet era", when our state publishing houses began to print and Nabokov and Solzhenitsyn in the movie (public course) back to life forbidden "shelf" films, and in the Soviet state record appeared finally to a decent volume and Gradskij and Schnittke, and Orthodox spiritual music. Following the logic of V. Soloviev, it does not cost anything to say that in Soviet times most of us have been issued from, for example, liturgical chants DS Bortnyansky...

3 The truth is, if we recall the relevant philosophical place of such songs as "We are not waiting for change" or "Ballad of tired guard "... Yes, for such specifics even the rr-revolutionary Shevchuk is not worthy.

4 And it is necessary to say the same thing. Telling about zhurnalyugi zhurnalyugi.

5 But how difficult is it: first, somehow, it is not clear how, to learn about the existence of these records, then somewhere they get in terrible convulsions. Oh, and also hard to be your admirer, Alexander Borisovich! And that way, you "do today"?

6 Something Pirates still do. Of "Collections AG" (Thirteen CDs released by the AG, to be exact - MTKMO, the Moscow theater and concert music under the leadership of the union Gradsky) in Novosibirsk, for example, the curve had Compact Cassette, Ukraine Zroby CD-Rom. Collection of "Gradski Alexander and a group of buffoons" (released in the series "Legends of Russian rock" by Moroz Records on MTKMO license) also repeatedly replicated by pirates on all media. And in the towns and villages of the CIS recently inundated superdeshёvoy "Star Series". In this series, and the disc "Alexander Gradsky" note for note repeating the Morozov collection. But the collector's value are undoubtedly only beautiful and richly published of AG wheels (MTKMO).

7 "One hope - in front of the grave..." (A. Gradskij - P. Eluard, translated by M. Vaksmahera) .