Just advertisingAt the end of the past in the history of 2011 in music stores did a sinister kind of artifact, which is rolled up in cellophane with a black box - a kind of Pandora's Box of Innovation.... Read more - Songs on the music and arrangement. So, it all started with the «Skomorokhov» in 1966, where you played with Gradsky, Buynova and Shakhnazarov. What began themselves «Skomorokhs»? and the music!

At Alexander Gradsky OK

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At Alexander Gradsky okay

among yourselves friends and colleagues call him the "great and terrible." He himself considers himself a super-professionals, who may be foreign stars level Liza Minnelli and Charles Aznavour. When asked about his own work willingly responds to questions about life - with some caution, considering that the main cause of his life - singing. His voice freely covers three octaves and reaches the upper "E", while it is equally accessible melodies and classic song genre, and the composition of his fellow rockers, and Russian romances and arias in the style of "bel canto". And it's all about him - about Alexander Gradsky recently exchanged "fifty dollars."

- Alexander Borisovich, many gossip in the world of the stage of your creative competition with Joseph Kobzon...

- No competition is not in sight. Just one of your journalistic fraternity once wrote that if I said that no one can sing in our country. Besides me and Kobzon?

- This is - the truth

- I said otherwise: "Apart from me here at all to sing no one can develop? That Kobzon feel the difference?

- What is your relationship with Pugacheva?

- That are such at the moment there is no.

- It is said that you criticize the texts of many of his colleagues...

- The principal difference between my work from others is that I compose vocal compositions on good texts - Nabokov, Eluard, Pasternak, Mayakovsky, Rubtsov, etc. and any group gladly taken even for the most ridiculous captions under certain melody. For me the main thing - the meaning of a word.

- They say that you completely refuse to appear in advertisements, but your appearance is very textured...

- We can do without compliments. I just know how many requests, such as Pavarotti for such recording. I think I'm at least.

- You obsessed fans?

- From such a relationship can not escape artist. In the end, around my name for a long time there is a certain aura of rumors...

- For example...

- What Gradskij not care about the opinion . surrounding

- And you really do not care?

- If I am in the concert will come just two people, I as an artist in front of them a statement. And then you think: what do I do

- You - a good family man

- Now - yes??

- You can ask about the amount of your wives?

- Try.

- So many times you have been officially married?

- Three. And for the first time the marriage lasted a week and a half.

- It is said that you were the spouse of Anastasia Vertinsky...

- Correctly say.

- it is also said that you fascinate women alone the sound of his voice...

- And my mind what to do?

- you're fighting for your own harmony?

- Trying times.

- What three things in life a man you You think the main?

- And why - only three? They may be twenty three. For a man, the most important thing is, pardon the bytovizma, "worth" of women on his person or not. And if it is - a real man, then this very problem he must solve for themselves every day, from morning to night.

- And you this very problem for myself decided

- Yes, that it does not distract me from my work. Otherwise, life is very hard. With potency - a vital and creative - I have no problem.

- Without which you can not do in life?

- Without singing. This I found by experience, when I realized that I could compose music and write poetry, but it was not the most important for me. Without having to not sing, can not live.

- Your life credo?

- Treasure own professional reputation. She I have no matter, like these things to someone or not. I value my own authority, and try not to drop it. Although the temptation to fall now oh how much! I did not care about, will remember me or not. Hence the sense of responsibility for everything that I do. I would like people to remember the man and artist who could and could sing.

- You at every concert singing "We Were Young"?

- Required

- This means that the youth still left?

- I will answer string poet Dobronravova of this song - "youth pushed also immortal." While we sing - we live.