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"Leaving you in a movie..."

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18 June 2000

Leaving you in a movie... - Alexander Gradsky

In 2000, Alexander Gradsky intends to release in a videotape light - first in his creative biography, - a program in which, in particular, are included excerpts from his film "antiperestroika blues".

The basis of the tape "antiperestroika blues" shooting anniversary concert dedicated to the fortieth anniversary of Alexander Gradsky and held in Moscow on January 25, 1990. Film premiere took place at the beginning of 1992. Here is how this event has reviewed the newspaper "Evening Club" (night edition of "Evening Moscow").

Alexander Gradsky and his longtime accomplice

in the new movie, filmed singer and composer

The composer, singer and rock musician Alexander Gradsky decided to try himself in the unusual role and directed the film " antiperestroika Blues", which premiered on January 13 in the Cinema Center.

Before starting the main culprit and his two accomplices - Makarevich and Yarmolnik - tried to justify himself. As explained Gradskij, a concert dedicated to its 40th anniversary, which was the basis for the film, it was filmed by chance, because the birthday boy "were the extra money." The Jubilee turned out to fame, had good shooting, and Alexander decided to create a sort of "underground film for children" - descendants tell how all this outrage took place. Genre paintings created identified as "concert, filmed in some strange way." Then all three of them, cute smile, warned that the film is "sluggish, viscous, long and boring", so that if anyone in the audience fall asleep, nothing much to miss. And the lights went out.

They are not deceived. The film was indeed a long and lazy, like a snake in the sun. Any professor of cinema at the time of his view would be apoplectic. From the standpoint of film he is simply awful. Pieces with the anniversary Gradsky interspersed with shots where Makarevich wisely reflects on music ( "Whatever wrote Gradskij - song, opera, ballet - it's like a rock 'n' roll") and Yarmolnik playing the fool, talking about the modesty of the hero ( "I asked him:" Sasha, it's hard to be a genius, "and he thinks and says." You know, Leon, hard ") and mixed with all this - Gradskij in different forms and angles and since two o'clock Ends movie titles?... wherein said 700 of its creators -. from the director to the cloakroom and biletёrov Gradskij, Makarevich and Yarmolnik occupy, respectively, with 657 by 659-th place shortly, mascara lights, but the worst thing that a film with a wonderful fair before starting Yarmolnik... He said that the film will be of interest only to those who love Gradsky. Sorry for the comparison, but "the Beatles' film" Lat um bi "also absolutely vacuous and would torment for any audience, if this were" the Beatles ". More than twenty beautiful songs in this movie. Plus all sorts of "tusovye Veselka" type reading of humorous anecdotes of two decades ago, Gradsky conversation with Gorbachev, "Domino" group in the pioneering ties top coats, etc.

in general, the film is very narrow for its intended purpose. It is only for those who know and understand. And God forbid, that these people had more.

Think Fedor,

"Evening Club" on January 16, 1992 g.


The television premiere of the film "antiperestroika blues" in the spring of 1992, Russian TV broadcast. Here's what the author said, anticipating the show picture.

Alexander Gradsky:

"I want to wish the audience that they have TV screens usideli two hours Let there be strict in the estimates, if such assessment will take place, and let them be kind in the estimates. if they take place some good feelings they get from contact with this type of film.

this is a film-concert, and I must say that although I and mount this movie as a director, but I was pretty . easy to do, because I am able to step back from myself I remember, as I said, an editor: "he turned ... he somehow not looked ... he immediately uninteresting ..." I keep saying it is "he" about himself in the third face so I am able, - professional musicians do it easily - to step back from yourself and to accept yourself as another person.

I will be really very good these days, because along with the video display -. the whole country - this picture, obviously, will be held themed show at the Concert hall "October" There will come those who will want to again see this movie on the big screen, because the television and the movie screen are completely different things.. But the rental of this painting in the country will not be a themed show at a theater in a different, perhaps in some more city ... but no more. Hire will not, because it is due to my contract with the Russian TV.

And more - interesting fact. This is the first time in all the years of my career, in all twenty-seven years, when Central Television will pass a row of more than two of my songs . This concert has never happened before, if shown, is always no more than two things, usually, as a rule, one ...

So here I have become almost like Kuzmin, or Leontiev, and Alla Pugacheva. Finally, and I waited for this moment. "

I Prepared by Oleg Petukhov