Just advertisingIt would be concluded as a whole orchestra. He takes a guitar, and we have nothing. He can sing and the orchestra, and under any structure. This is a person - and the lyrics and the music that he writes, and outlook on life, and rejection, solid, long-standing opposition to any dirty tricks... Read more - Songs on the music and arrangement. So, it all started with the «Skomorokhov» in 1966, where you played with Gradsky, Buynova and Shakhnazarov. What began themselves «Skomorokhs»? and the music!

Alive in "Russia" and Carnegie Hall - Alexander Gradsky

Jubilee concert Alexandra Gradsky

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Alive in Russia and Carnegie Hall - Alexander Gradsky

Come out just (summer 2000), album of the two CDs "live in" RUSSIA "-2. Jubilee concert" it seems to have summed up the main creative work of Alexander Gradsky in the 1990s. If the 1980s were marked, above all, fruitful studio work of the singer and composer, which resulted in the emergence of a series of remarkable albums-suite (as well as the opera albums and ballet), the next decade for the musician fans was a period of his jubilee concert . In the decade just gone in two circular and one semicircular date.


Fortieth Anniversary of Alexander Gradsky noted in Moscow January 25, 1990 and was immortalized in the film "antiperestroika blues". Visitors to the concert could buy souvenir edition -. Placard poster size 20x30 cm On one side was placed a portrait Gradsky without glasses, made in the technique of "stencil". Like homemade images of idols Soviet rock fans' 70s loved to decorate their shirts and canvas bags. On the other side was placed the following text content (bring it to the letter, with all faults, - OP).

Alexander Gradsky

Born November 3, 1944 (in fact, - 1949, - OP) in the city Kopeysk Chelyabinsk region. He graduated from music school, violin, State Musical and Pedagogical Institute Gnesin vocal class, studied in the Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory Tchaikovsky's class theory and composition (theory). Teachers - VV Sokolov LV Nyquist, NA Werbowy, TN Khrennikov.

The founder of one of the first rock bands in the USSR. User groups: "Cockroaches" (1964), "The Slavs" (1965), "The Scythians", "Los Panchos" (1966), "Skomorokhs" (1966-present) (1965-66.).

Cooperate with the "Jolly Fellows", "Harmony", "Contemporaries".

Participated in the recording of the composer (composer) Alexandra Pakhmutova, David Tukhmanov, Mark Fradkin, Edward Kolmanovsky, Mark Minkov, Yuri Saulsky, Dmitry Atovmyan, Gennady Gladkov, Charles Aznavour, John Denver and others.

A member of the USSR Composers' Union (1987).

The winner of the International Competition (1976, Bratislava).

A member of the Scientific Council of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of the USSR.

singing class teacher GMPI them. Gnesin.

The organizer and host of "Hit Parade" radio station "Youth" program.

The president of Moscow "rock club".

The President of the All-Union movement "Rock musicians for peace".

Artistic and General Director of the Moscow theater and concert association.

The President of the company "Gradski Productions Inc.".


Record Issue
"Romance of the Lovers" 1974 1975
"RUSSIAN SONG" 1976-79 1980
"UTOPIA AG." 1979 1987
"Satire" (double) 1980 1987
"life itself" 1981 1984
"STAR FIELDS" 1982 1986
"FLUTE AND PIANO" 1983 1988
"NOSTALGIA" 1984 1988
"Stadium" (double) Opera Op. 1976 Record 1983-85 1985
"MAN" (double) a ballet Op. Record 1980 1987 1988
"Concert Suite" 1980-86 1989
"MONTE CHRISTO" 1987 1989

The author of music for 29 feature films, documentaries and animated films, several theater productions.

The poet has spoken in the media as a writer, journalist and promoter of rock music.

The producer of several company records "Melody".

For the first time left the USSR with concerts in 1988 (US).

Currently taking part in the "Super Concert" along with the "stars" of contemporary music.

Titles and awards has.

January 25, 1990 g. Moscow

The anniversary concert of Alexander Gradsky were sung: "Song about a friend" (in memory of Vladimir Vysotsky), "Television Advertising", "The Ballad of the people of the" sufferers "," "Alien motif, or Song of the loft" (imitation B. Okudzhava), "About Ivan Lukic", "In memory of Andrei Sakharov", "We are not waiting for change", "anti-perestroika blues", "South farewell" ... (music and lyrics by Alexander Gradsky). The Symphonic Orchestra (conductor Vladimir Simkin) suite from the music sounded Gradsky for the ballet "The Man." Accompanied by a symphony orchestra A. Gradskij sang Cavaradossi's aria from Puccini's opera "Tosca" and Bizet's aria from Jose opera "Carmen". Song and Dance Ensemble of the Order of Lenin Moscow military district (artistic director and conductor, People's Artist of the RSFSR Vladimir Gordeev) introduced sincerely-militaristic version of the old song, "In the fields under snow and rain" (music Gradsky, R. Burns poetry in translation by S. Marshak ).

The concert was also attended by: the actor Leonid Yarmolnik (opened the evening, depicting ... Gradsky a soundtrack lyrics Pahmutowa N. Dobronravov, "We Were Young"), parodist Hrushevsky (portrayed President of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev) , the group "Architects" and "Domino", a duet song yard Vladimir Markin Sergei Shustitsky, songwriter Sergey Popov (the leader of "Alibi" group). Speakers Central Television Morgunov Svetlana and Igor Kirillov read out excerpts from abusive articles of different years (their "stew bluebird" in the biography Gradsky also had plenty - OP). Leading the concert, the leader of the group "The Time Machine" Andrei Makarevich performed song in honor of the hero of the day.


Concert "45/32", dedicated to the 45th anniversary of Alexander Gradsky and 32 anniversary of his work on the stage, took place in Moscow, at the State Central Concert Hall "Russia" March 17, 1995 and was recorded on the CD "live in "Russia" "(AG 005, MTKMO, 1996) and in the musical film of the same name. Symphony Orchestra took part in the concert (conductor Vladimir Simkin) and the orchestra of Russian folk instruments (conducted by Nikolai Kalinin). The piano part in the song "We Were Young" performed composer Alexander Pakhmutova.

Review of the event responded to the newspaper "Trud".

" How young we were " Ageless songs Alexandra Gradsky pozvuchali again in the hall "Russia".

Something to remember you when you read the name of Alexander Gradsky? Probably, confessional songs old movie "Romance of Lovers". Probably pathetic pahmutovskaya tune "How young we were," ...

A Alexander himself apparently feels vocation ... an opera singer. Otherwise, why the program solo concert in the hall "Russia" he began with a performance of Lohengrin arias, Jose, Duke, Cavaradossi, Calaf? He sang in the evening and the Italian, Russian folk songs and romances. After seeing behind the scenes accompanying him bands (there were two - Symphony "dudarovsky" and national "Osipovskiy"), moved to the western rock repertoire ... And still not feeling that this is just a prelude, "descant" to something main, truly significant. In addition, it can only fulfill it, Alexander Gradsky.

We had to wait a long time, but the patient was rewarded. For the finale of the concert - in fact the whole department - it turned out to be devoted to their own songs Alexandra. What a pity that they are rarely heard - at least here in Moscow, Sasha concerts are infrequent. But this is a truly unique phenomenon. Gradskij left alone on stage with his guitar and powerfully holds the hall in high spiritual tension field. How powerful expressive potential of an artist: there are unique in vocal expression, and wonderful ownership "fiery" Flamenco guitar style and original melodic gift. And, of course, poetry, nourished outlook 60 - Okudzhava and Vysotsky, "remembering" of Pasternak, Akhmatova ...

This is a very honest, very intelligent art. Art, not embedded in the general background of the pop culture of today's post-perestroika Russia. Precisely because it is so necessary today. It should be young - which, incidentally, was in the room a lot - and the fact that his "first time already played." However, left something was still second. Anyway - at Alexander himself. This I want to say too much: I think Sasha is too sparing refers to itself. So, for all to hear from the scene, "Russian", he promised his next concert held no earlier than in 5-7 years. I understand this is the irony, and a reproach to the organizers of show business, preferring pleasure some comely crumb with a rich sponsor uncle, not a genuine artist. But then the actor must not give yourself indulgences. It's too great a luxury - to remain silent for so many years. Songs Gradsky - new and old, poem-songs-confessional songs, songs, drama - need now is now. It's so little left in the Fatherland clear voice ...

Sergei Biryukov, "Trud", March 1995 g.


The celebration of its Golden Jubilee Alexander Gradsky opened a concert in New York at Carnegie Hall, 5 March 1999.

WHO Sanya, and to whom and MAESTRO

Internal Russian tusovka calls his diminutive: Sanya, Sanya! Say - our you, Sanya, our, but, you know, Sanya, because of your impulsiveness in some uncharacteristic, but quite frequent cases of prestressing you something, all of us. But your voice is your first time - and this is our voice, and our time! Sorry for the truth ...

For foreign audiophile our Sanya - Maestro. Scare of audiophile hard to put make money - even more difficult.

At half past seven in the evening on March 5 in New York City between 6th and 7th Avenue at 57th Street action unfolds, rare among local skyscrapers. They asked extra tickets. And tickets: $ 25 - galёrka, up to $ 200 - parter. By eight pm on March 5, Carnegie Hall Great Hall was almost full. 2800 seats. Most of these places have taken migrants, diplomats and tourists. 500 people have taken the "real" Americans. This is an absolute record of attendance "Russian show" "indigenous" population.

And the maestro came out to the people ... In the first part - five consecutive batches of complex world opera classics. That is, specifically, romance Nemorino in Donizetti's opera "The Elixir of Love", the song of the Duke from Verdi's "Rigoletto", aria of Calaf in Puccini's opera "Turandot" aria Lohengrin from the eponymous opera by Wagner, and, finally, Aria Cavaradossi in Puccini's opera "Tosca" . Applause. Of course. Then came the songs and Russian songs to the music of Sergei Rachmaninoff. In the second part sounded songs of John Lennon, P. Simon, Sting, and "Music of the Night" from the famous Opera Lloyd Webber's "Phantom of the Opera".

And then Sasha returned the majority of viewers, listeners at home. Who in Russia who - in the USSR. He sang his songs over the years. Not been forgotten and nostalgic "How young we were," Alexandra Pakhmutova.

"I'm happy to be me in New York reception, a public I usually meet only in theaters, it is absolutely theatrical, Broadway audiences, and I will miss his American audience is not coming to them again," - says Gradskij little later the New York correspondent of the "Week".

"We were able to show the audience the program, the most appropriate aesthetics Carnegie Hall - so later to explain the success of the concert organizer Alexey Khrapovitsky -. In the following week there were more than ten enthusiastic reviews".

The success is success. And it neither explains, it was a Russian musician. Expenses public did not want more for a long time. Yet five minutes to eleven Maestro had to leave the scene, would otherwise have to pay, as they say here, overtime. This little word here understand better than we do. Especially because of the darkness is already a powerful force acted. Labor People. These were the janitors of the most prestigious halls in the world - Carnegie Hall. And now the cold sea breeze brings the city abandoned the tickets: Alexander Gradsky, tenor (Russia), Jubilee concert.

autumn Sasha - 50.

Yuriy Alekseev "Week", number 11 (2020), March 18, 1999 g.

Moscow celebration of the anniversary of the Maestro was held on the same day, November 3, 1999.

3 Wednesday, November

50 years suddenly turns composer and thinker, singer and indisputable authority in many areas of human and other life, gifted and paradoxical human epoch - Alexander Gradsky.

We played the first half.

But the second is not played.

And - Sash! - There was no sadness:

We once again play the first half ...

(Dmitry Khrapovitsky)

The anniversary concert of this man will be held in the concert hall "Russia" on this day. Home - at 19.00. "Week" № 43 (2052) 28 October 1999 g.

Postscript to the event - from the "Culture" newspaper:


Alexander Gradsky - 50

A week ago, in the concert hall "Russia" celebrated the well-known, but not all "perceived" Alexander Gradsky. This singer has found its niche in the music and on the stage, which, in fact, none other, and could not take. The point here and in talent, of course, but not only there: to talent must still add a very "independent" character.

The anniversary program included four o'clock pure music and so diverse that any longer. To begin with - six opera arias, sharply contrasting with each other - the lyrical and dramatic, comic and tragic, performs a singer accompanied by the Symphony Orchestra and the Orchestra of Russian folk instruments, and sometimes accompanied by both. (For Gradsky two orchestra is not a problem, his voice, in my opinion, the strength and break through the gun shots.) This was followed by Russian romances, Russian and Italian songs, rock hits and, finally, the music itself Gradsky. In general, during the concert, repeatedly makes a complete "change of scenery": complicated roulades replaced satirical ditties, patters, different accentuated "commonplace" speech. And the artist himself, of course, every time appeared as a new guise: with the orchestra, he - a classic of the classics, with the guitar - a typical rock and rollers, and in pamphlets and parodies - remarkable abilities "wannabe" ...

The audience filling the hall - very different, and in all this enormous range presented in the program genres, each finds something close, and I find myself on the fact that seeking a "theoretical" justification for the actor of the creative person associated with him zodiac sign ...

Since then, and I began our conversation with Alexander Borisovich, your anniversary, oddly enough, very rejuvenated - have more, dropped 15 kilograms, at least!

- You look brilliant. Apparently, they believe advertising and were filled with relish "fat absorber"?

- What are you! I do not zhru such rubbish! Just strictest diet. Secret one: all the requirements to carry out faithfully. (So ​​much for the "theoretical" base: Scorpio always "able to achieve all the planned"!)

- Sasha, admit it, "forge" on its sign, or you simply "write off" its main features?

- And do not say - read, and everything seemed to me to say about all of my pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages. Here, for example, the ability to instantly navigate in all circumstances - it's mine; the ability to instantly make decisions in all situations - also mine; the ability to achieve the planned certainly - forty times proved; aggressiveness - celebrate it all, always.

- Perhaps for this very reason behind you and enhance the glory of a rebel and bully? Shake the audience, but not all, not just for fashion - is your main principle?

- Well, how do you say ... When it goes my appearance on stage - long-haired, in the black sunglasses, a black suit, with a guitar, absolutely free feeling at ease on stage and communicating with the audience - was seen as a deliberate shocking. Indeed, at first I tried to heart. And now it has, but in moderation. When I was with a light hand Svetlanov he sang at the Bolshoi astrologer in the "Golden Cockerel", also sought all hit: it is so rock 'n rollschik, entertainer - and suddenly appears in the "holy of holies", with a powerful orchestra, and even sings this incredibly complex game.

- But you now quite clearly a tendency to hit the audience ...

- What do you mean? Combining incompatible? I would call it courage, perhaps, arrogance caused confidence - self-confidence! - That I still can!

- Do you really believe in this absolutely?

- Naturally. And if he were not sure, then I do everything in order to gain such confidence. Otherwise - why "afoot", why take on what can? I am convinced that any concert - a kind of sporting event, in any case, feel the excitement of racing. Forcing the audience to jump out of the hole in the fire - very interesting. And if you do it, if you are forced to listen to them and that, and another, and the third - it means you reached the goal. And it is not just shocking. They come to the program with a variety of moods: someone had quarreled with his wife, someone Naham transport, someone office turmoil, and someone from day to day, waiting for the arrest. And everyone should have one minute to do what I want. Should I give pleasure - I'm not him, and he told me. Otherwise, why would I sing, if not, if the reaction of everyone sitting in the hall does not give me pleasure. It makes no sense to go on stage. People get used to, tired of the monotony. And I always look forward to saying again he thought of something!

- I remember you once said that you - only rock and rollers and Beethoven, Bach and Mussorgsky, but Mendelssohn, Tchaikovsky (except for the 6th Symphony and "The Queen of Spades") - is absolutely "not warm. " It is from the same series of controversial, almost "child" statements, which you have laid up a great many?

- Everything is much simpler: we are talking about the simplicity of the language, about the courage of contrast, it is absolutely clear, without ambiguity, soft transitions, "mixed" colors. No "tones" in the sound palette - bright strokes, pole opposite, arguing pace, dynamics, shaped characteristics. Here it is, the rock 'n' roll style, character. This is exactly what I note.

- you have long been recognized as the ancestor of the domestic rock. And you feel like founding father?

- Yes! His father, the chief, is responsible for everything, all my fault. But I hope that merits some too. In general, it so happened that I exist with all their deeds and actions. And to abandon this is no longer possible: it all came together, and change nothing can be. It is clear: the brand stuck, and you have to carry it as far as possible. And take care.

- So much so that you even compared himself with Alexander Sergeyevich: "Two Sasha, two singers, two poets, dissimilar, but have much in common, as is usual geniuses: each reflected the time, saw the fellow tribesmen."

- So it's my friends joked. I called them, and said that - crazy? And they laugh.

- But journalists are not always so kind to you, in my opinion, last spring, a correspondent devoted to you, to put it mildly, very malevolent lines. And how is it that you did not react to them?

- I think it is just expected my violent reaction. But I survived nearly half a year. But just this morning, the phone rang from the editorial office of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" - it was published there, - he explained, apologized, asked for an interview, etc. I told him very calmly and clearly he explained that for a long time could have a heart, someone should send a long way and a long time (and I am, as you know, I can do it!), But decided to hold back and wait for an explanation from the editors. As for the interview, I called the shortest address where I advise to address ...

- Rumor has it that you do not like journalists.

- Why? I Love. We are with you for a long time so familiar, as you probably noticed. I do not like "zhurnalyug". And now they were pressing very hard on me.

- And what will take next? Will take over his new duties of artistic director and director of the Moscow theater and concert association? However, the new - it says loudly, combining something, in my opinion, almost eight years already looms on the horizon ...

- Yes, with five of them spent on the litigation. But now finally there was light at the end of the tunnel. I find faithful helpers (of sixty-three wins), and most importantly - have received money from the Moscow government. Now - to start and operate! How and what do we do - learn along the way. As soon as the bell once zabem.

Interview by Miriam Ignatieff

"Culture" № 41 (7201) 11 November 1999 g.

It remains to add that if a concert dedicated to the 50th anniversary of Alexander Gradskij opened the rank of Honored Artist of the Russian Federation (the honorary title of the musician was awarded in 1997), it completes it already as a People's Artist of Russia. Because it is a concert by the representative of the Russian president has been "voiced" royal decree:

"For great achievements in the field of musical art the honorary title" People's Artist of Russia "awarded Gradskij Alexander Borisovich - the composer, the city of Moscow".

"Culture" № 44 (7204), December 2, 1999

Teleperehvat and notes - Oleg Petukhov