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12 amazing facts concerning Alexander Gradsky

Source: "Virtual Smolensk"

12 amazing facts concerning Alexander Gradsky

1. Alexander Gradsky - exclusively male singer! Neither in the capitals or in the villages, I have not met a single person of the female sex, sincerely sympathetic to his frenzied singing. On the contrary! the slightest mention of his name causes a sour grimace of disgust desperate. As part of the female audience hostility Gradskij akin so different from his musicians as, say, Mike Naumenko or Garik Sukachev. Or Pyotr Mamonov, God forgive me.

2. Gradsky considered to be the founder and legendary "Soviet rock", but it was a big mistake to let him work in the relevant anthologies. Entries Gradsky - the dead in the province of goods, ask sellers if you do not believe. Anti-popular brand of the decade!

3. He wrote the first Russian-language rock song (!) - "Blue Forest". 1965th year, I suppose. Andrei Makarevich recalled the triumphant era that followed: "Gradski sang like Lennon and McCartney together and chetyrёhgolose" Skomorokhov "completely overlap watery bitlosky chord."

4. Exactly 10 years (!) Alexander Gradsky "worked" rock opera (that!) "Stadium", now completely forgotten. Dual record came out in 1985, just in time for the Youth Festival in Moscow. Sly Gradskij expected to get political dividends - the plot calls to mind the story of the fascist coup in Chile on February 19 of the year and appealed to the memory of folk singer Victor Jara (who now have recalled the singer ?! But sometime in the "contemporary" ...? ). The main opera parts, in addition to the AG, performed by Alla Pugacheva and Iosif Kobzon (!!!).

5. Gradskij - almost the only one of our rockers, who graduated from the Gnessin Music Institute (note, that institution, and not the school - it is better!). Perhaps because of this old AG can independently write the score for a symphony orchestra - as a professional composer. For information: Paul McCartney still owns musical notation.

6. A. Gradskij worked two seasons in Boliom theater as a singer. That personnel singer, not a guest soloist for the evening, that is, was admitted to the troupe, and so on. I am sure that none of the local rockers will not be able to surpass this achievement Alexander Borisych! You can, of course, be Bryan Adams, and to be invited "on time" by Pavarotti smart-ass, but to withstand at least one rehearsal astrologer in the "Golden Cockerel" by Rimsky-Korsakov ...

7.Gradsky was incredibly prolific: the said working on "Stadium," he wrote in parallel either seven, or nine albums of copyright, and some of them - for example, verses closed at that time (1984) Nabokov (!) - without the slightest hope to publish. (This is how to love art, not fees? ..)

8. At the age of 42 years in 1991 year. Gradskij stopped to compose and record new songs "is not written." His silence as the author continues to this day. In fact, the musician denied the career at a time when everything was "possible." Phenomenally!

9. Gradskij managed to compose great music to the most "wrapped", the most inappropriate for the song genre poetry - such as Mayakovsky and Paul Eluard. But his own poetic experiments, in our opinion, is not so interesting, although the AG reissued on CD-ROM is primarily a "political rock 'n' roll."

10. Gradskij sang the aria of the most lethal in the Soul Plane musical cartoon - Fish-saw in "Blue Puppies".

11. Rocker-Gradskij became known throughout the country thanks to the conformist cooperation with officious Alexandra Pakhmutova, and in the movie of his music led crafty brothers Mikhalkov (!) - A young Gradskij bawl in "Romance of the Lovers" and "At Home Among Strangers". But the invitation Jungvald-Khilkevich AG as a songwriter for "The Count of Monte Cristo" it is perhaps the biggest mistake this musical auteur, having, of course, great taste ( "Dangerous Tour", "Oh, vaudeville, vaudeville ...", "D ^ and rtanyan three Musketeers" ).

12. Record 1978 "Utopia AG" is blatantly anti-bourgeois and calls for a socialist revolution (poems of Robert Burns and Beranger).

The Thirteenth fact - as an application:

Gradsky on the plates can be found most idiotic use of the first music computer.

Sergey Mukhanov August 5, 2000

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About the striking facts of astonishing virtual Smolensk

The points:

1. Mistakes. And not just because I - a representative of the fair sex. I know several representatives of the same sex who have the utmost respect and interest are and work of Alexander Borisovich and his person. Then, one very simple reason: the audience at his concerts are not exclusively male, I can assure you. Unfortunately, Gradskij not too frequent guest in Yekaterinburg, but in Smolensk, apparently it is even less, if the authors of the material do not bother to spend a tiny journalistic investigation (forgive rules for the preparation of the material, sleep calmly, journalistic ethics).

2. With regard to the goods of the dead. So in fact, there is a question of whether you understand the level of culture. You can argue about taste, but that creativity Gradsky - a rare example of a high performance culture - no doubt about it. It seems that even the author of the material agrees. Again, the testimony of my life. In the company store video-audio products, "Titanic" in our Yekaterinburg CDs Gradsky diverge quite cheerfully. Now the tape is unfortunately rarely appear.

8. Again, hitch with the facts. Oh, please, I do not like Gradsky, dear Sergey Mukhanov, but if you write an article about a person, well, a little bother. "His silence as the author continues to this day." Is?

As the application.

Continuing the theme of the culture. It is not good somehow, "Borisych" ... (this is the norm pronunciation Slavic patronymic, not writing), "Pavarotti smart-ass?" (Hmm ...), "bawl", "stupid" ... Bravo! Teenage maximalism and ecstasy of freedom of speech just pours from your computer screen.

My message is not like the old grandmother moaning about the lack of culture of the new generation?

In order to dispel these thoughts: I am 20 years.

Catherine Nikanorova 07 February 2002

A sweet, dear Katya!

I am very glad that you have found and reacted. I am touched by your seriousness. Amazed: you own support site for this wonderful artist, you do not regret it a matter of time and effort! Thankfully, there is an amazing girl! ..

Let me tell you a few words about their own material. Unfortunately, almost all of it - the truth. I've never really met for their '32 audio ladies (girls, girls), which would sincerely like singing Alexander Borisovich. (I guess I just had bad luck.) I was male and the fingers showed - "Wow, Gradsky fan .. but what you found there?" Somehow, it was customary to listen to and love Mercury, Rosenbaum, Tsoi, but not stunning Gradsky. I explain this exclusiveness of his talent (it is impossible to state the general wretchedness! ..).

The most important thing: the written material from loneliness! And it will not journalism, it is, rather, agitation, deliberately made ads, catchy paragraphs. The goal - to draw the attention, interest, get remembered. Understand Gradskij Smolensk nobody wants, it is unknown and not so young, he is not available and is not interesting. Punch this shameful wall of indifference and silence! I decided to do a little "un-American." In general, it is good that you feel like rude action - the way it is. I am glad: you have a taste and tact.

So, I wrote "12 faktov-" random press Smolensk. Publish failed (no comment). A year later, I decided to put this work "Virtual Smolensk" - not that it is bad, and I'm not ashamed of it. We really have no one buys records Gradsky .. I went to resentment and bought all the tapes AG, which were: they were six months gathering dust in the window "Melody", and during that time my countrymen have not bought any .. (! a compact went back to Moscow - nobody even looked saleswomen looked at me like I was crazy when I started talking about these plates is true that it was a few years ago) Young people still with a grimace ignores compilation Gradsky from the very first series... "Legends of Russian rock" ( "Frost Records"). I write about this with resentment as Saltykov-Shchedrin. In Smolensk, I know only one person who would not mind to listen to "Revelation jester" or anything else. Its my father. In Leningrad / St Petersburg I spent 10 years and during that time met only two people revere Alexander Borisovich. One of them - my brother. The last five years I lived in Smolensk, engaged in music journalism, met many lyudmi- not need Gradskij even musicians. Not interesting and stranger. It is simply amazing !!

I write: "His silence as the author continues to this day." As far as I know, his last song AG I created in a historical 1991. Since then, his own songs, he no longer writes and performs and records his own and world classics. You are indignant. Perhaps you have other information. (We are here -. Almost no) If you please email me about it. Did he unveiled new songs ?! The concert that demonstrated ORT summer, I do not really like, but I can see that the strength of this man a lot more. I would really like him to do something else - a decent level of his talent.

If it fails, I would pray for him, or something, though, probably, he ridiculed to my sentimentality. You yourself, Kate, too, take care.

In his article I see is a rough blunders: representations of the "Golden Cockerel" was very little, almost two of everything. This Gradskij Andrei Dementyev said on the radio (Sending out this winter, "Radio of Russia"). Therefore, do not need so much crowd the success of Alexander Borisovich at the Bolshoi Theatre. But it is not correct, I do become - let "12 striking faktov-" will (yet) evidence of my ignorance and my rush. In general, I want to write a very personal letter Gradskij - how I see his work, what it was and is for me. That such things, Katya. I would be very happy if will you answer me. I now have quite a few articles on the musical life of Smolensk and modern Russian music. If you are interested, the address is "Music of Smolensk" within the portal "Virtual Smolensk" www.music.infosmolensk.ru

Goodbye, Katya, goodbye!

Sincerely, Sergey Mukhanov 11 April 2002