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Night Flight with Andrey Maximov

Guests in the studio - Alexander Gradsky

Magazine "happy day" April 2000, №4 (7).

AM. Sasha, we have already met several times and has always talked a lot about music. But now I would like to know your opinion about other things. And the first question is - do you believe someone other than his wife and children ?

- Of course, but it's still basically I check "by themselves." Whether it's some kind of image of man, the author ...

AM. A television believe?

- The informative plan, that is, only if I give direct information. For example, information from the scene. That is, I believe the TV when it works as a means of mass media!

AM. A analytical programs?

- With regard to the analysis, this I do not believe and have never believed, because any analysis - this is someone's own view. Who imposed on us by putting pressure on us.

AM. At you can exert pressure?

- No, of course. But encourage one or another side, perhaps we could.

AM. And how do you feel about what is called the "information war" on TV?

- You know, I just turn off the TV or instantly switch to another channel. Quite five to seven seconds to realize that now it comes about that I do not want to listen to. As Zhvanetskiy said: "I do not like it, get away Do not stand in it at all.!" Time - and the other channel. If and it is the same as looking for the third or fourth. Or even turn off the TV and turn on the video. Or go play the piano.

AM. So you prefer to "shut out" from such programs?

- Personally, I - yes, but certainly there are people who for some reason is necessary. If they like, they are fully entitled to receive such information, painted in any color. Who can ban them?

AM. Do you think this is some kind of pathology or is it a natural desire?

- Naturally, I think. But personally, I do not need it: I already know who I like and who - is irrelevant. To understand this, I do not need the opinions of commentators, "X", "the Y" or "Z". Not interested! I know the people I love, that trust or of trust. I am therefore absolutely necessary to know someone's judgment about them.


Tatiana, Istra

- Alexander, I know you have a CD titled "Life itself" on the love poems Eluard. This choice is due only to your taste or you yourself have experienced something like this?

- Of course, the taste and because it is a wonderful poetry ... But it's not just that, because not all sorts of poetry can become the basis for the song. Just at that moment, I worked on the disc based on poems by Sasha Chorny: it was a very evil work, with such protest notes. And I fell in love with the writing of the cycle. In my present wife - we had already been together for many years, we have beautiful children. And this work on poems by Paul Eluard was also a kind of protest, protest against me, such malware.

The two cycles were written in parallel: one I was pretty sharp, and the other, because I had an affair, - lyrical. By the way, then I have never been to such a direct love lyrics are not addressed.

AM. Some time ago you said that for forty years in Russia will occur as much as in other countries - for three or four hundred years, and we will live better and better! You can still save this optimism?

- For the accuracy of the term I can not answer, because now everything is moving very fast! But let us remember Moscow, say, 92-year: you could ever imagine then that you will walk along Tverskaya, and see all these fancy houses, new buildings ...

AM. But it became very scary to live, yet not before the house blew up in Moscow ...

- do not explode! But now they are blowing all over the world. Simply, we, as a world capital, and gain something positive that is associated with this status, and a negative. Previously, and Moscow was not the capital of the world, such as Paris or New York, and now ... So what is it, if you will, the costs of civilization.

AM. That is, do you think we will live better?

- Do not just think, but sure! And not just better, but much better! I believe that we need to get rid of the age-old Russian discontent is from whining. And speak not only about the poor, but also about good ...


Samvel Mkrtchyan, Moscow:

- Alexander, I want to ask about this: with such a wonderful, cool voice like you, why do not you become an opera singer?

- Well, I have, in general, I think that was the opera singer! I do not even have a degree in which it is written "Opera concert and chamber singer." I had an interesting experience somewhere in the mid-70s. Grand Theatre then rejected the three performers. In addition to me Galina Kalinin, later superprimu Big, winner of just what is possible, and a brilliant singer, my colleague Natasha Trinity, which then sang with Placido Domingo, and other giants of opera itself became a star of world class. Then, only three of us and did not take, they say - do not! And then I came to the Bolshoi Theater in the "Buick" and sang in a performance at the Rimsky-Kor-Saks music "Golden Cockerel" directed by Svetlanov - sang there, in my opinion, the difficult part. I got a great pleasure and to communicate with the staff of the theater, and on how well it was done. But authorship - it is a special feeling! I want to be the author of what is happening on stage. When you call a singer or a musician - it's very nice. But even priyatnee- be a writer! The author of the poems, the author of music, author of his, face special concert.

AM. I think that in general, "the author of" very significant word. And what to do to be the author of your life?

- Give the recommendation?

AM. Rather, the Council ...

- I think that if a person was up to something, and wants to become a writer, you must first learn to deny yourself! Deny some things. For some the choice is always there. For example, I sang a beautiful song Pakhmutova Alexandra and Nicholas Dobronravov "How young we were," - a song which for me was a bit of a different genre or something. I then engaged in rock music, a little classic, which was a purely pop lyrical ballad. She liked it, and a lot of people gave me to understand: this is wonderful and this is what is expected of me. It was the only song in my performance that television, as they say, "roll": I know that in 1976, the year it was shown five times ...

AM. That's a lot? ..

- At the time, I guess. I have these five times, and the sixth - on the "Song of the Year" - in the sense of information and advertising enough today. And then I noticed how television editors began to say to me: "Well, Alexander, that would be this way ..." I answered them that it was a brilliant song, brilliant poems ... Give me the same! You do not give? Then I will sing your ...

AM. That is, to become the author of your life, you should be able to give up ...

- To be able to refuse the temptations that this life is full! In a sense, I am here "refusenik". "Refuseniks" from the temptations. But I do not know if it's good. For a while, I just did not sing "How young we were" in concerts. I was specifically asked to perform, and I did not sing in principle, because he knew that it is a very easy way: sing it and have success. Instead, I played her, quite complex things with complicated and confusing for many verses: Pasternak and Alexander Black, and their texts, such abstruse. That's it, and the audience somehow arranged! And now, when I have no one asks, I'm happy to sing it at the end of the concert. Here's a spirit of contradiction, or the ability to give up the easy way. I picked my way!


Stas, Nizhny Novgorod:

- Alexander, once my sister was recorded by your illegal, clandestine concert there, you still singing the song "I need a wife, it is better or worse .. . ". Tell us if the truth were banned, illegal concerts? What was connected with them?

- You know, when some rocker tells how it was forbidden, the police dragged - believe me, I have a direct bearing on rock music - all this nonsense utter! We then simply has not been seen, and no one did not see the opponents, we just helped no one. In the USSR, it was believed that "talent is necessary to help, mediocrity - burst forth for yourself!". That's us, no one helped. But problems with the police could only occur in two ways. First - if the rocker was drunk "vdryzinu" because it was believed that this is cool: drank beer on stage! Aspect Two: if the perpetrator was in, say, the illegal dealings with the administration of the Palace of Culture and with the organizers tantsprogrammy.

AM. Well, how, in my memory I forbade Makarevich ...

- Stop! In my memory, no one ever does not prohibit it! It was not that. I was there, if I may say so, at the birth of Makarevich as a musician. And he himself and his team. Not allowed to progress, that is, you were not allowed to go out on the high road, but no one choked - and it's true. I bet with anyone - you do not "untwisted" was not allowed to speak, for example, in some large rooms. But, mind you, somewhere in the 80 th year, as soon as people stopped going to VIA - "Gem" or "Singing Guitars" - in the Grand Palace of Sports, Director of the Philharmonic, this time quickly caught. Then it was decided that that's probably going to be on the rockers! I well remember how in "Rosconcert" I was asked to bring to work in professional travels the same "Time Machine". I spent probably three hours to convince Andrew to come all this "Rosconcert". He believed that it's terrible: we will prevent de sing choke. We were able to "push" this issue, and I remember what he had his eyes after the first tour in Riga, first superkontsertov Palais des Sports. He suddenly saw a huge audience, who looked at him with admiration. It was not 150 or 300 somewhere in the club on the outskirts, - it was the Central Palace of Sports of Riga, where several thousand people shouting and singing all his songs. He just went crazy with joy and then stayed on the professional stage forever. But I spent three hours persuasion!



- I'm your neighbor, calling from Kopeysk, I live just two doors away from the place where you were born! I would like to ask when you arrive with concerts at home?

- I have been there three times, and in Chelyabinsk and Kopeisk. And all three times then had a big "thanks" from the City Party Committee. Now, however, there is no city committees, and I'll be sure to. Kopeisk is located twenty kilometers from Chelyabinsk. By the way, Kopeisk my late mother put a chief director for several productions of amateur groups. Her portrait is now, in my opinion, is hanging in the Palace of Culture. So what I want to say hello to all his friends. I will definitely be back!