Just advertisingGradskij each song builds drama. This is something that he can easily, it is his strong point. Songs of a purely lyrical, «esseisticheskie,» that is internal to the drama, not recorded in the plot, the characters, he decides to purely musical techniques, finding each time a special musical trick... Read more - Самая подробная информация Квартирный переезд в Колпино на нашем сайте. Songs on the music and arrangement. So, it all started with the «Skomorokhov» in 1966, where you played with Gradsky, Buynova and Shakhnazarov. What began themselves «Skomorokhs»? and the music!

The word "Scoop" - pet or insult?

Newspaper: Evening Minsk Date: August 14, 2000

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Alexander Gradsky

So the range of voices, as Alexander Gradskij, very few people have - from hripotochka to the highest notes. He sings all - from rock and roll to ballads, from the lyrics to the classic ... Even young viewers walk away with his performances conquered this talented composer, singer and poet. Well, the old fans and can not speak: they are happy to each new meeting with Alexander Gradsky. Confirmation of this - his jubilee concert in the Belarusian State Philharmonic Society, where the singer performed not only his own songs, but also the classical repertoire, accompanied by the State Symphony Orchestra of Belarus .

- What do you think about the orchestra that accompanied your performance?

- The orchestra is very good. The orchestra played smoothly and musically. All work for each other. I would like to continue our cooperation.

- Speech orchestra different from singing with a guitar?

- Feelings here are completely different. Inside the band, I enjoy what I hear. I like to participate in the creation of music. When speaking with one guitar, almost I do not feel the excitement. Anyway, such as orchestra.

- You are not the first time performing in Minsk. You something connects with Belarus?

- In 1968 I lived for a year in the Gomel region. He was accompanist at the actress Tatiana Okunevskaya, which performed throughout the Gomel region. I especially remember Zhlobin, where we stayed at the hotel "SOG" in a quadruple room for 23 pennies a day. Local girl pulled us out of the house a hot potato, and other products. It was a wonderful time.

- Why do you rarely see on television?

- All my life unwinds without the help of the media. TV lost the rest of his face.

- You coined the term "scoop" ...

- The word "scoop" I came up with a pet-explanatory, and then the lips of many people it has become an insulting tone. Here is how it was. We Yuri Shakhnazarov drinking in children's sandbox in the yard. I as a "cup" has got the scoop. Price 2 kopecks. Then I wrote a song ...

- What inspires you?

- I have nothing to inspire, do not worry. I almost got used to everything, but for me it would be a tragedy if something happened to my family.

- Is it true that you have been doing karate?

- Yes, one of the first underground section. I got a blue belt. But I try to avoid law enforcement techniques in life.

Arthur Mehdiyev

Photo: TUR in the US, 80 (From the personal archive Alexander Zaitsev)