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«Sannikov Land»

Ren-TV (Ekaterinburg) in April 2000

Explanation of the program: Catherine Nikanorova

Sannikov Land - Alexander Gradsky

sound check before a concert, empty hall, Gradskij on stage.

«Thoughts about the past wrinkles on the pale faces put

Thoughts about the future full of ... "


Yes, that's better, and turn off the audience for a moment. ABOUT! All! That's working exactly!


Alexander Gradsky, singer songwriter, teacher,

Taught singing Marina Khlebnikov

The relationship is stable and conservative

The highly appreciates the professionalism,

feel comfortable in solitude

for drinks prefers whiskey,

Sports TV fan

It has a peculiar sense of humor

is not pathos,

amazingly functional.

Gradskij takes the stage, the applause


Good evening, well, everything, everything, enough already! Mimic: Ooh !! There still remained empty seats unsold, so you spend another two minutes, so in the middle of a sgrudtes, more expensive places (laughs)

(lyrics Fragment):

Look around, unknown passer,

I know you think incorruptible,

Can I - only younger,

we do not always know yourself

(Gradskij birthdays):

Very often people came, which I have not seen or do not call it much of the time, and birthday were all going. So on the 30th anniversary of the brand in general is incredible, we have counted 65 people came to the 26-meter apartment! Yes!

What dog came! Lena Korenev led some Italian guy with a huge dog that is given to drink champagne. Big, big dog spotted walking slurred, so it all bothered, teased it all, then indeed he has finally drunk. A Leszek climbed on the sofa, and a cupboard! Took myself such salads, chicken, wine, and with a closet for all those watching. A year later, my grandmother sensed some unpleasant smell in her room it was in a small, it is there and leave the plate and in the end it was wonderful to exude the smell, well, all bellow course.

(lyrics Fragment):

And we deserve power, baby, we deserve this power.

For them to us naklast, baby, oh, how they naklast us!

With the silence and humility not survive or survive

Who Has got so fast suddenly conscience, the new ass licking,

Oh, licks! New back to the language loyalists closer!

All on skis! The new leader in ski paved desert, all on skis!

(laughter in the hall, Gradskij laughs): I just realized !!


I'm afraid they do not die, baby, and we do not breathe them,

And can they - we, the baby, and that's the essence of salt and.

But how do we get away from the darkness, baby, and to find our way.

(Resetting during a concert):

(Gradski): Huh? understandably

(from the hall): Hush Sound!

(Gradskij slyly): No way!

(from the audience): Bravo (applause)

(Gradskij birthdays):

Nitsche not hear, plowshare something somewhere or singing together. Makar, I and Misha Boyarsky something for three voices singing, well, that's it say on the 30th anniversary. Well schaz such birthdays anymore, somehow it all became solid. And going in general, then not a lot of people. While that's the last time it was a lot, because it was such a jubilee birthday, general, we gathered all those who had come. After the concert. Well said and drank somewhere in four, four-thirty split. Well, I already after the concert, tired, (chuckling) as well as in general could be longer. So somewhere a few people with whom I communicate closely, they are in general the same. People come to me for my birthday people who dragged me equipment 25 years ago volume. So ... we have never had: I'm Gradskij, and he drags equipment. It was always respectful, so obviously people is preserved.

(Gradskij about his work):

I do not think that it is elitist. I do not think that is elite. It is designed for .. Well, it is generally not intended, it is intended only for people who know what is good and what is bad. It is a pity that people like not so much. It is a pity that so many of our people were able to brainwash in a bad sense of the word. And they somehow did not really understand what is worthy and what is unworthy. What skill and not skillfully. Well, just do something on the life and put to prove it.


I nesladok, unpleasant smoke of burnt Fatherland

But his ashes and strew ashes not I chapter

The point is not a medicine, it is still the illness is not treated

Never charge or through connections, or in a dream or in reality


Specially nobody did anything, I do not particularly popularized. In general, I sing for myself, in fact, that it was clear to the end. If you do not lie. I sing, work, writing for himself, and for two-three-five may be the people who surround me. Well, I know one more thing, I do not know whether to say this, I know that true understanding here in this genre, the value of a craftsman, it comes at the time when he was nothing can. Or when he died or when it does not have power or the ability to do it. Then begin to appreciate it.


Whether you're a rocker or a monk, you're in the Soviet puddle was soaked

And you will arrive as such, even going beyond the threshold

I know that this song is not for the weather and out of place

I-flattering of you to test cakes oven

Oh, guys, this meal, so that-be with a voice and hearing

Annoy people's ear, evoking the spirit and speech


In general, the task of competent performer comes in - work with the audience. And prove to the audience, where the right, where the left, where the black where white. If I will not do that, well, then who will do it all.


The first half we played

and one only managed to understand

To thee in the land do not lose,

Try to save yourself

Nothing on earth does not pass without leaving a trace.

and youth pushed too immortal.

How young we were,

How young we were,

How sincerely loved,

How to believe in themselves.