Just advertisingWhen it is apparent propensity for black robes called Gradsky black sheep well, does not work. This flock flew the wrong way. Russian rock music has gone a different way than the world, the main trend is the consistent professionalization. Gradskij chose to go with the music of the world... Read more - Songs on the music and arrangement. So, it all started with the «Skomorokhov» in 1966, where you played with Gradsky, Buynova and Shakhnazarov. What began themselves «Skomorokhs»? and the music!

George Yungvald-Khil'kevich:
I've never licked anyone's ass

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George Yungvald-Khil'kevich: <br> I've never licked anyone's ass

In the director's George Yungvald-Khil'kevich wonderful set of business cards: "The Three Musketeers", "Dangerous Tour", "Oh, vaudeville, vaudeville ...", "Prisoner of the Chateau d'If" - that's all it is. In his 66 years, he is full of energy - wrote the script, is involved in the creation of performances, it is going to make a film ...

Not really complaining about the press, George Emilevich nonetheless agreed to give an exclusive interview to "Express newspaper." The first question of our correspondent Boris KUDRYAVOVA was the source of inspiration and life experience of the master.

Boris Curly

12 July 2001

- In fact, I have no life experience. All youth was almost poisoned alcoholic perception of life. Then he turned to drinking disease. Now I do not drink. I am very sorry that I can not do it like a normal person. After drinking sometimes gives such unexpected bursts of energy, and you can do amazing things. Actually, I'm a happy person because you love doing in those years, when people lived like brutes. You know, in fact, many are crying on that stupid time. Yes, you could buy a lot of cheap sausages, vodka to get drunk to pig squeal, and all! But people somehow want to remain slaves in Russia is highly developed. However, as well as nationalism, which arises from the stupidity and poverty. How can you be proud of what you are somewhere born? About Soviet times, I can say only one thing - the dirt, shit, filth and hypocrisy. The youth is not brought me happiness and pleasure, because it was held in a constant humiliation. All my generation - alcoholics. Live soberly in the society was impossible.

Kosygin adored Vysotsky

- Many of your movies for a long time lying on the shelves. You were uncomfortable director. For that you "beat" in Soviet times?

- anti-Soviet paintings I did not take off, but we must pay tribute to the ideology of the past: they are very subtly felt in my inner rejection of works of law, which then lived society. So me and pressed in black - in painting, theater sets and especially in movies. What to say, if I'm not accepted in the Union of Cinematographers, even after the release of "The Three Musketeers"?

The very power, strangely enough, loved the fact that it is prohibited. Before release on the wide screen film "Dangerous Tour", 22 copies famously viewed on closed spetsdacham. Their twisted endlessly, to the holes. As it turned out, there was a special cinematheque of the Politburo, which turned out to be as many as three of my film. That bastard! And on the screen is not released.

In Kosygin, for example, kept the biggest at that time a collection of songs of Vysotsky, he adored him. But Volodya was actually officially anathema. For his audition tape, by the way, were excluded from the institutions now have forgotten about it. Secretary of the Odessa regional party then by Tit family, who turned the most ordinary thief - kept their own ships abroad - even issued a decree forbidding Wysocki staying in hotels in Odessa.

- And where he lived during the filming of "Dangerous Tour"?

- In my house. There also came and Marina Vlady.

- It is not clear how the authorities in the years of stagnation generally allowed to do a musical film on the revolutionary material?

- State Cinema Committee Manual very much like to have a popular film about the revolution. The painting was made according to the memoirs Kollontai, she, along with Litvinov in the beginning of the century in Russia imported weapons. We have all these scenes were removed: the authorities changed the story, as they wanted. I was told - the Bolsheviks must take only the leaflets, that is to prepare the ideological revolution from abroad. "Look - I say - she Kollontai writes that weapons imported in Russia from 1905 to 1911 under the guise of some theatrical tinsel." I answered categorically: "What could have written this old fool?"

- You with great difficulty managed to break Vysotsky on the role in this film?

- In "Dangerous Tour" on the role played by Volodya tried it yet Jura Kamorny Glory Shalevich and Roma Gromadsky. But they know that I want to see in the frame only Vysotsky, and therefore strongly helped me in this. Yes, they gave me a list of who you should try, and said that Vysotsky will not be removed. But I rested horns. I loved Volodya. The painting was made for him. Because of this, I had to sacrifice many, many. So, the film is not approved Terekhov Rita because I was offered to take Lionello Pyreva. It was a sort of compromise for approval as Vysotsky. Terekhova have remained offense. I'm not a fighter! However, he never licked anyone's ass, but not defended passionately his every frame. I was told - cut, and I cut. Mutilating their films ruthlessly. But they survived. Yielding to small, I kept the main thing.

- Do you think that character you do not have an iron, but, they say, you have the leg of a titanium alloy?

- Yes. In my youth I studied motorsport, he was injured right leg. And from 14 to 18 years spent in a cast, the most terrible memories in life. In the 60 years I have given up the hip joint. Canada offered to make dentures. I agreed. Remove part of the pelvis and a piece of bone and hip prosthesis made of titanium alloy, really. At airports, while passing through the special control I start to "ring". In general, it became "ROBOCOP". Incidentally, this is the only place in my body, which does not hurt.

Tarkovsky did not cope with the scenario

- You were friends with Vysotsky. There have been a witness of his love interests. And even filmed the movie "Attention, Tsunami!" His beloved woman - actress Tatyana Ivanenko. It is said by Vysotsky her growing daughter, Nastya.

- Volodya could not leave Tanya, because it continued to love her, even when it appeared Marina Vlady. Those suffering that made this girl and how she's behaving, worthy of worship. Although last love Vysotsky known to people more than a feeling for Tanya. But Ivanenko took place in the life of Volodya not less than Marina. If no more. Volodya, unfortunately, did not recognize the unborn child. Generally, a terrible tragedy.

- You were together with Vysotsky spree?

- Oddly enough, we drank together just something once. We met at the station already drunk. Then he went along. Thus attended Tania Ivanenko, which Volodya could not do anything. She secretly hated me then.

For me, Tanya has always been a woman he loved Vysotsky. One day, sitting next to her at the theater, asked to kiss her on the cheek. She bit me under the eye and said: "I am but Volodya, do not kiss anyone." Even a kiss can not afford. Brilliant girl! What she liked me, I said Volodya. And how can not like a woman of extraordinary beauty - such a figure, face, big eyes! Ivanenko - one of the most beautiful women I have met in my life in general.

- Do you like a man-directed, there were "evil" due to the artist, who you shot?

- There was a random relationship with one very good actress, but everything happened in a rush of emotion after painting. Why, I'm married to actress, whom he met on the set of the film "Prisoner of the Chateau d'If." Nadir - the third companion of my life. We with it the difference in 30-odd years. Our marriage blessed by the church. Together we have 13 years. Daughter Nina 4 years old.

- Jura, however, that you were a witness of the scene when Andron Konchalovsky Wysocki reprimanded for his songs?

- This really happened at the home of Seva Abdulov. It seems there celebrating someone's birthday. Andron Volodya said that all of his songs, but "Wolf hunting" shit and Mura. He said right so rude. Of course, we must remember that Andron drank. He was already a master of super-hyper. Moreover, they bowed before him, especially since the script "Andrei Rublev", which proved to be much better than the movie. The script was simply brilliant. But I believe that Tarkovsky did not cope with the scenario the material in the scene bell casting.

- How Vysotsky responded to such revelations Konchalovsky?

- Volodya very fawned before him was justified, agreed. In general, he was unsure of his genius.

The Musketeers brought to a heart attack

- A really Vysotsky not wanted to play D'Artagnan in your film?

- As an actor, of course, he was jealous of the fact that in this role I take Boyarsky. Offense, but I never stooped to the requests. I think Volodya with his superhuman talent could easily play. It would be an event.

- Certainly remained hurt and Alexander Abdulov, who even auditioned for the role.

- That's the way life is. I now would like to make another movie "The Three Musketeers", there to play Sasha Abdulov. Because he was just a terrific actor. But the D'Artagnan in my eyes - only Misha Boyarsky. And time has shown that I was right. However, Venia laughter in a newspaper recently reproached me, saying that I was to old age began to brag that I, and not the team created the "Three Musketeers". It's a legend! So you want to Benjamin humor! I have great respect for this brilliant Tagansky actor, but about which team says Venia, when he came for three days, was shot and left. What kind of team are we talking about, if Misha Boyarsky just in my mouth then looked. Nobody argued with me. The actors did their best without question. Yes, and the laughter to Athos has not played in the movie any good role.

- The film "Twenty years later" history repeated itself?

- In this picture, all the actors were already masters, each of them offers something different. Maybe that's why, in the words of the same Venia, and the picture turned out worse. Because on it, I listened to a lot. I did not want to shoot a sequel. I persuaded Boyarsky. I love it infinitely, and it all made for him. For me, photography was just a meal: everything collapsed finance, started just breaking perestroika. From all the "musketeer" extensions I only got teriotoksikoz and heart attack. And "The Three Musketeers" I did for myself.

- Tell me, why did the role of Milady did not play any Svetlana Penkina nor Elena Nightingale?

- From Penkina managed to fight back as hard or it imposed. Lena decided to give birth. When I invited her, I could not see that she is pregnant. Now something in hindsight, I understand that. She then had a huge chest, she just fell out of the bra. But Lena no longer shy, breast feeding was. But I am very pleased with the game Rita Terekhova. Lord knows what he is doing. It looks like she did something before the shooting with his nose, because he was her first such fervent, and then suddenly became a classic.

- On the "Three Musketeers" there was some terrible scandal with the composer Alexander Gradsky . After all, he was originally declared as the main musician of the picture?

- Yes, the music he wrote, but did not give. I listened to her - just wonderful. But when Alexander learned that I am returning to the movie song Dunayevsky "It's time, rejoice ...", he said: "Either do not insert Dunayevsky, or I will not let the music." Maxim I could not leave. Gradskij not give money or music.

- From a legal point of view he was right?

- From a legal - not moral - yes. Therefore, the money we have not squeezed from it, by the way, a huge sum at the time - 80 thousand rubles, - but simply written off. See. information

I was in love with Pugachev

- In the past year saw your interesting book called "Behind the scenes". It so much about the intimate details of people's heroes! But perhaps most of all I was surprised that Maya Plisetskaya so ably sings obscene ditties.

- Yes, she's a big fan of this case. Delicate, beautiful woman with a thin neck. Very simple and clear people. She has all organically. I give you one chastushechku, which I secretly sang Natalia and Victor Rizhenko Smornov, which put together with Plisetskaya in the Bolshoi Theatre, "Anna Karenina":

Come to me at BAM

With a leather suitcase,

And you go away from here

With h..m frostbitten.

- In your film "Season of Wonders" play Alla Pugacheva ...

- Pugacheva worked with pleasure. Booze, of course, happened, I'm too drunk. In general, there was a normal human life. About Alla ingeniously said Lenya Derbenyov: it is uncontrollable lightning - when and where to strike, nobody knows. Pugacheva - a very difficult, but the extent of his talent. With a stunning ability to knock out of the composers and create the most schlager music. Like the rest of the country, I was Alla "injured" was in love with her.

- You then have no desire to continue to cooperate with it?

- She's singing behind the scenes in my film "Above the Rainbow". Tell you a secret, I have Kirkorov is a terrific script. Recently I sent them by fax. But I did not answer. Time did not respond, then, is not interested. However, I read somewhere that Philip wanted to stay Konchalovsky. I have a different last name.

Information "Walking" on the site, I came across a discussion about the history of a Khilkevich.

I specify: Music for "20 Years Later" was written and Record

. Plus a couple of songs and monologues. To this end was I issued a fee as part of the fee is always out on the record of payment. In this case, almost all gone on record. When the director suddenly decided (without any discussion with me), that will be even reminiscences of the music of Max Dunayevsky (our directors love it - put the "cancer" of musicians), I replied that I was their obligations fulfilled, and Khil'kevich, changing treatment, jeopardizes the integrity of the film - therefore if it changes its position - that I continue to work, if not - then I stop, gives kinogruppe everything is ready for that moment and let the sticks that he wants - even Verdi, though Dunayevsky though "Tender May ". Money spent on record. Are non-refundable. Besides, I'm a year "killed" to compose poems and so.

I was ready to give a record kinogruppe, as reported, even in writing (a copy of the letter is available), but the director chose to abandon this my suggestion (I think because Dunaevsky, as well as I did not want in the picture would have been someone else's music, in addition to it. This is normal.)

Khil'kevich way "different" this change of ideas on the proposed ideas for the music of his films, that's why I was eighth composer, which he offered to write music for "Prisoner of the Chateau d'If." The names of the alleged previous composers (from Matetskiy to Makarevich) are known to all, but they are so different in style and muz.yazyku that gave the impression that the director does not know what kind of music should be in the "Prisoner".

Soundtrack I survived and was not (yet) used anywhere, in any way .
But some poems which I am of course sorry, virtually disappeared. In particular monologue Mazarin, two songs of Athos and "output" D'Artagnan.

Alexander Gradsky 25.02.2012