Just advertisingGradskij, incidentally, is remembered in the same period yelled at large radionachalnika Popova, not allowing him to put two songs of the bard who died in the broadcast of the «Hit Parade». Trehoktavny voice shook the steadfast guardian of socialist morality, but finally finished it off. In the air made one song «Time of the bells»... Read more - Songs on the music and arrangement. So, it all started with the «Skomorokhov» in 1966, where you played with Gradsky, Buynova and Shakhnazarov. What began themselves «Skomorokhs»? and the music!

Ceremony: Record 2001

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Record 2001 - Alexander Gradsky

The third annual award ceremony of awarding Russian recording industry, "Record-2001" was held on April 24 in the concert hall of the hotel "Cosmos". As a reward to the "Record-2001" was given a statuette in the form of a note in a gilded green marble, a symbol agency "Intermedia". Ten statues left in the hands of the chief representatives of record labels and artists.

The ceremony of XXI century, unfortunately, could not enter without a noticeable number of technical problems, few lubricate the overall picture of a solemn. That wireless microphones at the top of the "Quartet" is not earned, during the announcement of the nominees for television pictures appeared unplanned, and sometimes even some irresponsible artists not signed up for a live performance. As a result of the general attitude of the organizers of the ceremony was a bit spoiled, they tried to compensate for the eccentric presenters and celebrity one-liners come. So, left handing the statuette in the category "foreign radiohit" Cyril Nemolyaev announced Edita instead of Joe Cocker, and long Stebaev about resemblance and connection Cocker released Director General of record label SBG / Gala Records Boris Tsigmana.

A separate position with a claim to truth-the uterus appeared Maitre domestic vocals Alexander Gradsky. Raising doubts about the entire structure of the domestic showbiz-general and the objectivity of any ceremonies, and this, in particular, a man with an acoustic guitar, said that there is nothing to fear, as all of his cues from the air in the end still cut out. "... The volume of sales of their records, I tell anyone not going. Here Eugene Safronov invited me to sing a song. However, since apart from me, to sing here at all, no one will, but the ceremony must be saved from failure, then sing me to you, perhaps, just two songs ". After all these merry to the public, but ugly in relation to the inviting party, rants Gradskij picked up his favorite "dvenadtsatistrunku" and sang. Sang fifteen minutes when deathly silence - the culmination of the demonstration of the human voice capabilities came when Gradskij, moving away from the microphone meters by four, continued to sing for the whole room with the same clarity and force. If there exists the concept of a standing ovation, then in the evening it was applicable only to Alexander Borisovich.

As distributors elephants lit up Alexey Makarevich, who opened the envelope with the words "Thank God, Zemfira"; terrible presenter Vladimir Solovyov, who offered to give a prize to replace missing Valeria Gradskij "for bel canto"; free actor-artist Nikas Safronov, presented the winner of the new album of drawings, and Boris Krasnov, long kosivshiysya professional longingly at the scenery and have pushed a fiery diatribe Contrary audiopiratov with their commercial overtones. "... If an artist can earn good money by selling albums, it will be able to order my good beautiful scenery ..." As awardees himself lit only Rastova Decl in the original jacket a la "we-cool-niggas-of-the Bronx" with two zeros on the back (an interesting hint of the room), short pants, along with his father and "the older brother of rap" Scheff. "A Th you soooo zaapaaarennye?", He asked the Decl a characteristic dull rap style. "I do not know how to sing, but no one better than us can not read", summed up the gratitude for the award in the category "Debut of the Year" Tolmatsky Jr. "So piiiis you all." By offering a respectable audience translating "now Stan" songs in Russian reality ( "Letter") and calling him "the new truck," Kirill is then pushed to the masses no less ardent than that Krasnov, slogans about the bad audio butleggerov market "crust". And it was clear from the readings that soak in the toilet, and personally, Decl collected only illegal distributors of audio products with the following labels on the CD cover: a) Decl; b) Scheff; in) Bad Balance; g) further heap and illegible. The most stylish and notable recipient was quietly arrived at the ceremony Philippe Bedrosovich in brown leather Native American jacket, trousers and Cossacks in tone. Kirkorov has received a statuette for his wife and her smash hit "Madame Broshkina", the atmosphere in the hall, he reported to the AB by phone directly from the stage of a concert hall. "Alia, then give something beautiful," reported Philip into the tube. "And all his - Gradski, Eugene Boldin ..."