Just advertisingThe concert was carbon monoxide in the club. Gradskij played guitar, bass Shakhnazarov, Gleb May flute, Bujnov to «Ionica,» Fokine clear on anything. People danced like mad... Read more - Свежая информация Железобетонные кольца для колодцев в Орше у нас на сайте. Songs on the music and arrangement. So, it all started with the «Skomorokhov» in 1966, where you played with Gradsky, Buynova and Shakhnazarov. What began themselves «Skomorokhs»? and the music!

Alexander Gradsky:
Interesting artists creates a "quagmire"

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Resident sponsor Grushinskiy festival Alfa-Bank has decided to present all gathered at Glade little surprise. What can please more than a good guest? Perhaps guided by this consideration, Alfa-Bank is invited to the festival of Russian People's Artist Alexander Gradsky.

In fact, his entire creative life Gradskij Alexander gave only two press conferences, both before and commemorative concerts. Third, neyubileynuyu, the singer made a camp Alfa for the journalists gathered at the Glade. The first impression of the festival Alexander was good, though, by his own admission, he feels comfortable only at home on the couch, where nothing prevents his inner intellectually-creative process. But since many told the guest about the wonderful impression of an enormous audience on the Mount, he decided himself to experience this feeling. However, the first look at Mount bit disappointed singer. After all, even if it is clogged, then all the listeners on it still will not be more than two or three of his concerts in several concert halls. At the same time, Mr. Gradskij seemed that the audience at the festival is different from the one that goes to his performances. According to the singer, the people are united by love for the genre in general and not to any particular artist. They certainly do not care who and in what sequence acts - important is the principle of communication.

The arrival on Grushinskiy for Gradsky not just to have fun. After all, if it was not work, it just would not come. However, it is important for the singer's combination of work and receive positive emotions. Alexander feels that he is at the festival several chuzheroden, because it works in a different genre.

- At the same time, I believe that among the genre in which I work, and what do the participants of the festival, there are common things. I think that first of all it is related to poetry. You see, my thoughts are less pure than the thoughts and aspirations of those who have gathered here. I am strictly a professional, I have a completely different approach to performances and creativity. We just have different profession. I can not get away from the fact that for me wages, advertising, music policy is of great importance. Here, in my opinion, people in the first place that I had 35 years ago. Then I just went out and played with the band. It is all the same - whether pay, whether they know so forth. But over time, things changed. But I do not agree with those statements that bard song began to experience a crisis. I think that all depends on the talent and personality of the author, the person who takes out a guitar and on stage. The talented performers, the brighter it is. On the stage, there is the term "quagmire" in the best sense of the word. So, he must have a high average level, while in the "swamp" there are interesting figures. If the high-mid-level will not be, and will jump out of nowhere. So what is happening here, - maintaining, if you want a high average. This fact suggests that certainly will be new performers.

- A "swamp" can not then destroy those talents that has given rise to?

- No, on the contrary, it's makeup, the basis on which everything rests. If in America or England did not have such a high level of vocational, no type of artists Elton John would not be. So wonderful that everything here is massive. Another thing is that today there is no sverhyavleny, but they are sure to arise. Just in a different way does not happen. The only thing we can agree - that high samples, such as Alexander Galich, the last time there was no or I just have not heard. But such visits a year are not born.

- Today, many bards are trying to enter the professional pop scene. Do you think that there is room for their creativity?

- I think so, especially since some of them exist on the professional stage good at. Because if people come into the hall and buy tickets, to look at you and listen to what your people need creativity. And then you become a professional necessity, and you are beginning to be used as a hired employee. Then the next question is: good or bad professional, skilled or unskilled, talented or not. But if you pay even for the ruble - you're a professional. I know that Oleg Mitiaeva shows people are very well run. So, he is a professional. It is not a coin, and the desire to pay for the listener coming artist. After all, he has to buy a ticket to place in the hotel, food, pay the fee. All this requires money, which pays the audience. This is a professional job, and it should not be shy, say that it is something bad or dirty. When I hear people say, "I have pure thoughts," - so he just stole something.

- What, in your opinion, the main thing in the author's song?

- I think that the "bards" - an unfortunate term. All this is very similar to a chat in a friendly company, because here in the first place and the meaning of the text.

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