Just advertisingYes, I do not understand. Yes, difficult poems. Yes, unusual music. But what a voice! How to own an instrument! How to move! What a great actor! I guess it's interesting. We must look, try to understand... Read more - Songs on the music and arrangement. So, it all started with the «Skomorokhov» in 1966, where you played with Gradsky, Buynova and Shakhnazarov. What began themselves «Skomorokhs»? and the music!

Alive in Russia

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Alive in Russia

Press conference

Famous for its "warm" attitude towards journalists, honored master, and acknowledged the Pope of rock 'n' roll (our all one word), People's Artist of Russia Alexander Gradsky gave a press conference, anticipating the big solo "birthday" concert in the concert hall " Russia ".

Press Groza was unusually friendly, questions answered, readily deployed and as always witty. From the conversations it became clear:

... With the upcoming concert will hear some new songs and a well-known song in his performance that Alexander Borisovich congratulate him come true friends - Alexander Pakhmutova, Andrei Makarevich, Andrei Knyshev Leonid Yarmolnik.

What's in the concert will be attended by State Symphony okestr n / Vladimir Simkin and children's choir of Klina.

... With the last two years (from the time of the anniversary concert 1999) master was busy postkontsertnogo release of the film, wrote the music for the movie "In August, forty-four ..." (fragments we hear at the concert), performed in different Russian cities, from time to time engaged in social activity on a post of the first vice-chairman of the Moscow Union of Composers and the Committee on Culture and releasing their own records on their own label.

... What started several years ago, "building" their own Musical Theatre (in the room to / t "Petrel" Cow on the shaft) is slowly but surely moving and leisurely development of the reason is that everything is done at the expense of urban budget, and in any case, no investors with its casinos and other wishes there will not be admitted.

... What's the long-awaited opera people (without any prefixes, such as "rock") "Master and Margarita" is still in the process of work. It is written a lot of music, but it never fulfilled, and we will hear it only when the operator is completed. For the use of opera fragments in other works of Alexander B. considers incorrect, although "it is very bad, because every composer released not so many of these melodies".

... What to write about the book itself (as it is now fashionable) AB is not going to - for reasons of self-preservation (just kidding!). "I'm not interested No time Perhaps when the hands and feet will be subtracted -.. And nothing to do - will anyone dictate".


... that rock 'n' roll for a man who for 50 -. Not more than one means of

... that those who left are now in a rock 'n' roll, doing it because nothing else they simply can not do. "They are only here these chants, sopelki, pyhtelki, vertelki at some such level (artistic beat the rhythm on the table.) I-now rhythmically tapped, and they knock something bad. Call it music is very difficult."

Live music events (called journalists) were commented on in the traditional uncompromising manner: "With" Metro "I left after 15 minutes I think - it is necessary to do very well or do not do at all and was against the award of the State Prize of It... Of course, the event, but it - so can not throw a single state awards on the "Nord-Ost" and just did not go...

Nikolay Baskov, omitting comments about the musician, AB acknowledged successful project, whose existence is real and justified, noted that overdo it with the number of concerts in Moscow - it is dangerous. The rest - time will tell, "to develop always heavier than to declare itself".

Separately discussed the ability to professionally mother. Everyone knows that Alexander Gradsky in this case has no equal. All others, he (rightly) believes miserable impersonator. As it turned out, such a success is achieved not only years of training, but above all, in-depth, scientific study of the Russian language. "Five of the six words can express so much emotion as" Eugene Onegin "is not able to accommodate mock seriously And just come out and say.." As your mother - "uninteresting".

To demonstrate their skills at the request of the workers refused to master: "To do this, really angry!"

Maybe it's for the better ....

A concert actually took place on Saturday, November 3, at 19.00


Central "figure" on the stage piled panel. On both sides - two pianos (black and white), behind the State Symphony Orchestra (wind and percussion -. For the departed emblem of Yin-Yang), in front - a children's choir. Sam birthday - in a circle of light, two-thirds of the concert - his back to the audience: taxied sound.

Informally -official part in the first part consisted of congratulations from Mr. Shvydkoi ( "Birthday at the State Symphony Orchestra of the former Soviet Union - it's cool!"), Alexandra Pakhmutova (accompaniment to "How young we were!") , Makarevich ( ". He taught us the skill of the club Energetikov He told us was a father, and we told him - wee", a song), Knysheva (jokes), Makina / Shustitskogo ( "There was a shaggy boy Sasha Gradskij most vociferous in the yard"), Kobzon, who happens to speak for the first time, accompanied by the State Orchestra, Tamara Gverdtsiteli, Alexander Buynova -. as a member of the group "Skomorokhs" sample 66-year, Igor Butman (Jazzman give cognac + "Yesterday" a duet with Himself).

In the same first part sounded symphonic suite Alexandra Gradsky to the movie "In August, forty-four," the waltz of the "life itself ..." and two new songs - yet untitled.

There was still officially by American anthem - the memory of those killed in New York, among whom there were also familiar Gradsky.

listened standing.

In the children's choir from the Wedge ( "I'll go over Klin!" - A. Gradskij) - dying voice, somewhere far away from the microphone, protracted "Blue Forest", the people broke down and reached out to the buffet.

But those who live to see the second branch, received the sake of what actually came: old songs with an acoustic guitar from the man who invented the term "scoop". Incidentally, if you think about it, since something has not changed ...

"We do not cope with the era, for all us ..."

While the last century.

"But the three zeros on the quality and obviously on the number, and even the value of all are better than two zeros".

Anastasia Jagodina