Just advertisingGradskij in Russian culture of the second half of the twentieth century will be a long time. This is a man who is worthy of any encyclopedia. Because Gradskij - this is a serious man who always went against the tide, and that - rock. Here Gradskij is a real rock!... Read more - Songs on the music and arrangement. So, it all started with the «Skomorokhov» in 1966, where you played with Gradsky, Buynova and Shakhnazarov. What began themselves «Skomorokhs»? and the music!

Alexander Gradsky:
"I do not write for reasons of self-preservation"

Source: "The newspaper"
I do not write for reasons of self-preservation - Alexander Gradsky

On Saturday Alexander Gradsky celebrated his birthday in the concert hall "Russia". The concert is quite remarkable - it is not performed in Moscow in 1999. Before the concert, she met with Alexander Gradsky special correspondent "Gazeta".

Gradskij something like Yuri Shevchuk and Alexander Rosenbaum. They have a wealth of experience behind them, they firmly hold the guitar in his hands, patriotic configured and categorical in the estimates. Unlike colleagues Gradskij also has a powerful three-octave vocal-used them not only to perform songs or bard songs, and opera. However, recently Gradsky not hear: his songs for the radio - "non-format", it is also not interested in TV channels and the last concert in Moscow, he gave two years ago. And then a year and a half working on his edition. New songs he writes are extremely rare. Therefore his Moscow concert turns into a performance deficit actor.

- What do you hear at a concert?

- I do not know. I was not going to give this concert and, generally speaking, did not want to. I sing my songs with a guitar - and that is good. And in the first part will be a symphony orchestra and children's choir. Then see what will happen with me.

- you have stopped teaching. Why?

- I just pointless to engage other artists, when I have a lot of projects that I have not yet issued. To haul the ears of people who still can not do anything, and we must get tired of yourself and exhaust yourself.

- Which of your projects - priority?

- "Master ..." and maybe a plate of Russian country with two or three pretty slow things. Here are two or three already have, you just think of how it will look. I do not know what will be the first.

- Tell us about the opera "Master and Margarita"?

- It's impossible. Very difficult. All it loosely and in scattered form. Work is proceeding very slowly. Already I am beginning to fear that had never been done. Need condition that I quit the race for money, work in the theater ... "Master ..." - free operation. In order to deal with it, the air is needed.

- How long have you worked on it?

- Twenty-five years.

- Over music - twenty-five years ?!

- Hmm. Not only on the music, and there are some texts I correct ... Well, this never-ending project. I was just afraid to go into the studio. In fact, if I go into the studio, I will do for the year. I can not.

- Why?

- Then I'll be forced to give up everything and can burn itself financially. And then, my children study in England, you need to pay for training - everything is tough.

- And how to promote the construction of musical theater?

- Slowly. But I do everything slowly. Maybe it's because I can not stand no superiors and partners. But the construction of the theater, I will not allow any investor. Because they want to dictate the conditions, and I do not need.

- Are there concrete plans that will be put in your theater?

- No. What for? Theater begins with a sewer, you must first make it. A hanger is placed, where water is already there.

- For the last time out so many memoirs written by musicians. You're not going to sit down for a memoir?

- I do not care to write about myself. Because if I start, many are not big trouble. So I do not write out of self-preservation reasons. In fact, up until the memoirs. That's when the hands and feet be taken away ...

- Judging by your statements to address colleagues, you are straightforward and uncompromising man ...

- I compromise, I just do not call names. But as can be seen all ears! I do not like to mention any names, and I do not do this for some time ever. Just journalists pulled it out of me ticks. Very many statements that I ascribe not correspond to what I say. So I stopped calling all the names.

- Another statement which you attribute to: "All power is from God."

- Of course.

- you thought the same Under the Soviet regime?

- Of course. I am not opposed to the Soviet regime. I did what he wanted. If someone thought it was a protest, his problems.

- Now you are a member of the Presidential Council for Culture. Is it possible to regard that the authorities have so angazhiruet?

- Why! I was there again, doing what I want.

- What are you doing there?

- Nothing. Just speak and say what I think is necessary. Maybe that's why I have so often not invited.

- Does this work a specific use?

- There is always, of course. I brainwash others. I'm biased. That's all.

- Are there specific issues be addressed?

- Probably. Any person, who has been impacted, may change their opinion on a particular issue. And can not change it.

Anton Landlords, 01.11.2001