Just advertisingThe singer's voice ringing in prohibitively high register, his hatred, strength, faith! This episode of the vocal instrument then becomes - a kind of montage of several layers of music and noise. The basis of the whole - a bass ostinato rhythm (synth and drums). «The upper floors of the» built from the same time sounding the three greatest pieces of classical works, «Mass,» Bach's «Requiem» by Mozart and «The Rite of Spring» by Stravinsky... Read more - Songs on the music and arrangement. So, it all started with the «Skomorokhov» in 1966, where you played with Gradsky, Buynova and Shakhnazarov. What began themselves «Skomorokhs»? and the music!

A. Gradsky also from MIHMa

(newspaper of the Moscow State University of Environmental Engineering)
number 1 (1390) January-February 2002.

A. Gradsky also from MIHMa

In November 1999, in the concert hall "Russia" celebrated the well-known, but not all "perceived" singer and composer Alexander Gradsky. Jubilee show, fragments of which were soon shown on television included arias, Russian romances, Komsomol songs, rock hits, folk songs and finally the music of Gradsky. The varied concert program prepared by Alexander Borisovich to its fiftieth anniversary, and allows musicians to demonstrate the rich sound palette of his vocals, was a resounding success among the audience. And I remembered the first public concert Gradsky - still very young singer, held 33 years ago in the student party in MIHMe.

In 1966, after graduating from high school, Sasha Gradskij joined MIHM. Mean line order of the Institute of 20 October 1966 show that he was enrolled as a senior laboratory research laboratory №2 with a salary of 55 rubles a month, and has helped in conducting research projects at the Department of "Machinery and apparatus silicate industries".

In those years among students MIHMa was popular monthly "Oral magazine", whose issues were collected by a large audience. For the Jubilee, the thirtieth release in March 1967 the trade union committee was rented room IISS, not far from debauchery. The program issues were traditional, the audience favorite subjects: presentation of international journalists, the doctor - "psihogipnologa" pianist - laureate of international contests and actors of the Taganka Theater. In a measured course of the evening crept unfortunate pad - spoiled projector for demonstration video about the achievements of French designers. Projectionist began to repair the equipment and then to the organizers of the evening turned Gradsky proposing fill the silence with their performance.

On the stage came the long-haired, thin lad, wearing glasses and a black sweater, a guitar, absolutely free feel to the scene. It was presented as the leading "singer of American folk songs", but it was a concert of rock music, the works from the repertoire of "The Beatles", Gradsky own compositions in English in the style of "country". Sasha tried from the heart, his speech lasted about an hour and the audience applause responsive to vocal passages of rock-and-roll singer manners. Institutskaya newspaper "For chemical engineering personnel" in its issue of April 6, 1967, said: "The audience did not let artist of American folk songs. Sasha worked at our institute, this was his first appearance in front of a large audience. "

Work Gradsky in MIHMe ended soon. Order of Acting Vice-Rector for Research IB Zhilinsky on August 14, 1967 A. Gradskij was fired at his own request in connection with the admission to the university. Now, Honored Artist of Russia Alexander Gradsky combines creativity with the duties of artistic director and director of the Moscow theater and concert association.

B. A. Lyubartovich