Just advertisingBut in contrast to the vocal instrumental, using a synthesizer, a very dramatic: tools like commenting on the tragic content of the song, its very interesting elements of modal variability and unusual rock semidolnym meter... Read more - Songs on the music and arrangement. So, it all started with the «Skomorokhov» in 1966, where you played with Gradsky, Buynova and Shakhnazarov. What began themselves «Skomorokhs»? and the music!

Alexander Gradsky:
Kamburova I was always interesting Pugacheva

Based on: The interviewee, 18.12.02 (№49)

Gradski Aleksandr and Alla Pugacheva. Historic jam in DS Jubilee, Leningrad, 1979
Gradski Aleksandr and Alla Pugacheva
Historic jam in the DS "Anniversary"
Leningrad 1979
(photo: Anatoly Azanov).

Alexander Gradsky - a loner. Maybe this is a generic feature of genius, or maybe just so happened. Not to say that it did not recognize. The plates were published in Soviet times, and now go. ABG music broadcast on radio, and of his show on TV. Films, for which he composed the music went wide release. And his latest work for Cinématographe - "August 44th" did not go unnoticed. Hand on heart, we must admit that criticism (serious, but not newsprint) was always friendly to him. No, and there was one: the army of fans and followers.

We all know that love Gradskij blame colleagues for their lack of professionalism and natural data. Sometimes he just grumbles. I wanted to listen to another Gradsky - softening, as it sometimes happens. This conversation took place on the birthday of one of the most gifted Russian Scorpion. Two days later, the singer flew to New York (where he will be sent to a real number "Interlocutor") - working on a new CD. The output of the Russian version of the album "Reader" is scheduled for the beginning of 2003.

"We've got almost all false. Not only in music"

- What is a composer? This is a man who combines all that he knows in some new form. And I have this is absolutely quiet at any time. I do not need it for a specially tuned, ideas come to me, wherever I was, in the car, in the toilet, in the bathroom, in a conversation with your friends, anywhere. There are people who specifically go to the house of creativity, to lock yourself out there and work alone. I can not imagine what I'm going somewhere special, I'll come, I shut the door and say to yourself: "Well, let's compose!"

- You're just like Mozart. Vadinho idle, a rake, a ladies' man, and then sat down, and p-times - Duo for Violin and Viola .

- This view Salieri. No, I'm not Mozart, I'm different, ha ha. Rather Salieri with bundles. From Salieri I - form. Hmm, I form an adherent in every sense, because, no matter how beautiful and delicious content, unless it is in a beautiful finished form, then - will just lie on the floor in a dirty ... (He pours himself some vodka.)

And you, by the way, the music Salieri ever heard? This is not much worse than Mozart, to be honest. Russian and gravitate to the myth-making, and to the myths consumption. Unfortunately and sadly. It hurts us to constantly in life. Said, "Mozart!" - And his eyes to heaven erected. Who's the best of all time? This! And yet! We created b ... myth. Man has 15 years as a not singing, he perdyachy steam coming out of the throat, and he is still the best!

This is a sign system. I tell you a word and you answer me symbol. I say: "Polonaise".

- Oginski .

- and vice versa. I tell you, "Oginsky," and you, "Polonaise". What we have in the minds of the system of signs and correspondences. Who was the first singer? Pugacheva. All! Not even Kamburova, which has always been interesting for me. Well, the best composer? Tukhmanov! Well it was beautiful songs, but he was already a hundred years does not write. Why is he the best composer and Oscar Feltsman not? I'm talking about the new do not even speak.

- And you ?

- Do not have time to observe from a medal profile in an attempt to determine to what extent you are talented. In fact, it turns out after the death, not once. Everything is relative. If, for example, to take the score of the same Mozart or Beethoven - I see that I have room to grow. If we take the Ray Charles - I have something that I can do it, or even better than it is, and very much - worse. But I do know that Ray Charles under no circumstances would not be able to sing the song of Nemariny "love drink" by Donizetti. When I listen to Maria Callas, I also understand that I have options for growth. If we compare ourselves with some famous tenor alive today, I can see that already many or almost all can do the same as he. But he does not know how to sing rock 'n' roll.

- In addition to Dani and Masha in the number of your children, according to journalists, includes domestic rock ...

- For me, the Russian rock never happened. It begins with rock music. This is not poetry, not slogans, not a rap in the style of Winnie the Pooh: "sopelki, burchalki, chants, vopilki". And even the high social status of domestic rockers 70-80s insufficient for this phenomenon is called music.

However, despite the skepticism, I have always supported what we did, and the St. Petersburg group ( "Aquarium", "Alice", "Movie", "Zoo"), and Muscovites. But he did it because the lesser evil reasons. Their music was more honest than the rest.

- And yet, Alexander Borisovich, rock 'n' roll - live ?

- It depends on the question whose answer. If the question of a famous English rock band, it's alive. If the answer to what was then rephrased, then - one hundred percent! - That their g ... rock 'n' roll, not even born, died. They did not do it. Attempts have been made. More than three hundred musicians from the most diverse cities in a certain moment can create this movement. They were both Moscow and St. Petersburg ... Sometimes even some unexpected cities such Arkhangelsk ...

- And Sverdlovsk ?

- A little less. Sverdlovsk - is a completely pop music. After "Urfin Juice" - it is like a stage. And the good. I liked the "Nautilus" - their first six or seven things, but still it was a stage .

Rock-n-roll with the light hand of Andrei's followers Makarevich - although Andrew something he was and still is far more rock and rollers than others - turned into anything, but not in music. I call it "school of CIS" - Soviet People's Guitar School. Skills not. Because in order to "be able to music", it is necessary to know all the ropes, since the music school. A deal with all of these people begins somewhere around 20 years, and a music school, you can talk about? The man to 20 years did not know the music! So, it is not necessary to go on stage, we must take Kalmikova and Friedkin (books on music literacy) and within three to five years, not to earn money, and to engage in the basics of musical literacy. No one took up singing! Nobody did not put the votes!

- And what in the West have studied a musical instrument ...

- In the West, singing clean! Here we all are singing out of tune. It surrounds you, and you do not know what - sing clean. There are two exits. Out first: to sing the same tune and scream that you super. And the output of the second: take a book and learn to sing properly. That girl came to me - it is out of the Crimea, was engaged in Kharkov, graduated from the Conservatory. I began to sing it, and she showed me that she has a three octave beautiful, powerful voice. What there will continue to be able to become an outstanding singer or can not, I do not know. But she has the material!

"I became a patriot much earlier than Zyuganov"

- What do you need a musician, in addition to "material" to place ?

- Stone Ass! Remember, Molotov Lenin called "stone ass"? We must believe that education and professional attitude to their work will give you the pros. And it is very difficult! Because I want to have five thousand dollars for a concert! Already I want to pop-eyed "Mercedes" cut! Already I want a nice girl! Moreover, it turns out that you should only blink, all of this, in general, already have.

We at one time had no such chance. Therefore it was easy to make a choice. From jacket to give up easily, and from the "Mercedes" - hard .

If I'm starting out, I would not stay for a second here! I would have left immediately to England or America. Immediately! Because I have the data! And then I could live here and there. After all, my problem was that I could not leave. Because I could not go back. Then after a departing asked: "Do you - forever?" I could not leave for good.

So I - a patriot of Russia and started their much earlier than Zyuganov and Barkashov. When it was completely unacceptable! When the word "Russia" in general it was impossible to say! That is, the Soviet Union - and the point.

- So, the title of "father of the Soviet rock" you give ?

- X-ha ... For a long time I lived with my grandmother. So it was considered the grandmother of all Russian rock 'n' roll, because all of my friends and colleagues period of early youth were poor people, they have frequently boarded. Humor humor, but her and called "grandmother of Russian rock" .

It is sympathetic to all my hobbies, including love, saying only: "Lit is a mess I'll go to a neighbor Nina Ivanovna, since you are such idiots because I can not see this..." And I left for 2-3 hours. We have had enough of this.

It has been fantastic abilities. Once he arrived, fleeing from the army, Sasha Bujnov. We are, therefore, covered him with a blanket, so that guests are not able to be cut, there is one such: Surprise your friends want to arrange. He comes grandmother looks at the blanket and said, "violent, when you wear a shift?" It does not get a surprise.

- Actually you from a musical family ?

- My uncle was dancing in the ensemble under the leadership of Moses and often traveled abroad, where the US brought me a plate. Hence my love for the early Presley, Ella Fitzgerald to, to Armstrong.

The parents listened to music, and I also joined to this case - that's it, this is the first. Second - the fact that the average family, which has been ours, it has become fashionable (it is "fashionable" and not "prestigious", then the word-it was not like this) to send their children to a music school. It cost 7 rubles. 50 kopecks. per month. I was asked to clap, tramped, and I immediately hit the Gnessin School, where he studied violin. My teacher left the school, went to the district, and we left the class for them. A good teacher was, if left the Gnessin School in district 30 people behind him.

Well, the passion "Beatles" has led me to believe that it is necessary to continue professional education. I'm studying at two universities: in the Gnessin Institute in Moscow Conservatory.

- It is known that your mother finished GITIS .

- Yes, the theater department, but this co-of-all-other faculty eat! My mother was a professional artist, then a professional director. True, she worked in the Urals are not a professional team, but many of her students arrived later in the college theater.

I was 13 years old when my mother died and I was left to myself, I was playing rock 'n' roll. My first guitar was homemade pyatistrunkoy. Why - I do not know. Maybe the one who planed, thought so beautiful.

Right after high school I started to work. It became very clear that I have to play in a band, to perform his music, sing. But this was not the money. To make them, you had to pretend to be ordinary musician and go on tour, and began a collaboration with Donetsk, Vladimir and Tula Oblast Philharmonic. Basically, I was accompanied by a guitarist, she sang rare. Toured used to three months to bring a lot of money. Sometimes colleagues on rock band went as my partners. Play had a stupid pop music, but with the money we bought new equipment and tools.

- Companions - this is your first group "Skomorokhs" ?

- No, the first band in which I played, was a group of Polish students "Cockroaches." That was in 1964. I went to a dance at MSU, met with these guys and little Popel with them. And in the fall of 1965 it was created "Slavs" - the third group in Moscow, which appeared after the "Falcons" and "Brothers". And only in the spring of 1966 -. "Skomorokhs"

"Slavs" have arisen by chance. We have met with Misha Turkova after both of us rejected on "Mosfilm", where looking boy who knows how to play the guitar. So we decided to create a bit-group. Then we were joined by a bassist and drummer.

- And why you led her ?

- I had to lead not only the creative part, but also in economic matters: I was the most tight-fisted or something. Therefore, all decided that I'll be safe. For myself no one could vouch. So I often have problems with bandmates. Every now and then they needed money for beer, vodka and girls. They are, of course, they are not prepared, so there have been conflicts. However, the girls almost did not have to spend money. They were romantic and loved us just like that. Basically, the money went to the purchase or improvement of the equipment ... and the food. There are no special costumes, belongings, the more cars, no one had.

"The first always gets the first bumps"

- There is an opinion that you are a little bit earlier than necessary, start to do some things ... What if later, it just would have been better understood ...

- I think so too, because it's flattering for me. I first began to act alone, without a band, a guitar, in order to better convey to the public the poems. I said, why are you doing this? Five years later it began to do everything. When I first did the work on the Russian poetry and folk themes, a famous saxophone player said: "Joining folk material with hard rock and roll It's wrong?". A few years later he made a program with folklore.

Why am I? Besides that, perhaps, the person who is doing something before the others, gets his bumps. And I have them in general got ... With the same outfit. I first came on the scene in a black whole. This was in the days of the Soviet Union. By the way, I have always believed that Vladimir Vysotsky has to work in black. But he used to work in a dark green. Or, in blue jeans and green sweaters. The black color in his concert clothes almost did not attend. Sometimes, but rarely. Black sweater and green pants. And I'm always in black. Now all of New York on black mad, and him and Moscow. I wear black at home and at work. Brown leather jacket - this is the maximum that I can afford. I even t-shirts black pieces 20.

- They say that every time the music expresses. Our time what music expresses best?

- Moose - in more or less equal proportions. This, of course, unrealizable the proposal, because the so-called entertainment music today is imposed on all channels. But if they maintained any time frame, then the competition will never call - bad, the surface will not listen to music. We have already begun the movement from below, the information to the people comes quickly, but dominates the Russian way of explanation of reality: that we have and so will do, of course, is in the West a different level, and we have all as it should be, and we're in the shit which surrounds us must find nice for yourself.

- What's wrong? Even own pride ...

- This is absolutely false position, because Russia is no worse than the rest of the world, and in many ways, perhaps even more interesting. It has always been one of the centers of world culture, and now, despite all the difficulties, they still remain. Just our people to the world culture of a special relationship. Culture - is the property of the elite. In the first years after the revolution was an attempt to introduce high culture samples to the masses, with some samples of culture were considered poor, nenarodnymi, formalist, others - true, folk, etc. The best examples of the genre of light - Vertinsky, Cliffs were virtually banned, I'm not talking about some simple razvlekuhi. Joseph Stalin and his entourage implanted classic in its pure form, without any attempt at modernizing. Even the great Shostakovich and Prokofiev were heard on the air in a disproportionately small proportion in relation to the classics. All the people behind the leader loved classical music and listened to it on the radio from morning till night, and at home, of course, danced "with the Smyk Hop - it's me", published on Utyosov "ribs". That is, at the official level, any educated person - a teacher, an engineer, a doctor did not ask what the music is good. It was clear that this is - Tchaikovsky, Glinka, Borodin, Beethoven, Schubert, Bach ... The Bolshoi Theatre ballet get on with Ulanova - this is happiness, to get into a real theater - in the Small, the Moscow Art Theater, the Vakhtangov - this is amazing, at the Philharmonic Hall - not to break .

But today the public taste is in the process of formation, and while none of this had been ill, had to endure. For a long time, 30-40 years, will form the taste, and then everything will return to normal. Again returns classics. When you start to play music, the music immediately begins to deal with you. That is the form of yourself, your looks, tastes.

"Kupchik on" Mercy "- not my audience"

- Own your tastes have changed a lot since his youth ?

- I like what they do and Bernes Shulzhenko, so like now. You see, I'm talking about all the time in the present tense. Because for me, for example, Caruso sings today. I put his plate, and he sings today. These things do not die. Can die body. But, fortunately, it leaves us with recording this as a real-life action.

- What do you reconciled with the singers and musicians who collect huge audience, unable to do anything on stage ?

- They told me absolutely give a damn about. Their existence or nonexistence, their income, their life is concerned, obviously, only journalists and those people who are in their content or in which they are content. To understand these people and even I can justify. They are - to survive. They do not do anything - God has not given talents. What to do? It is necessary to feed the family. But because you do not want to work at the Pasta Factory! Although the fate of you this is just assumed! Brilliant said Sasha Black "Born to be a cashier in a quiet room or agent for the procurement of sleepers, Semen Bubnov beyond all expectations in the game of fate editors got." Read: to singers, musicians, politicians ... I can not exactly say! Well, not some seeds Bubnov blame for the fact that he was born as a cashier, and does not want them to be! A wants to sing on stage! If it is allowed, if people are paying more money for something and to listen to the live performance even Bubnov, and its soundtrack. It's kind of an agreement between the performer and the audience, between the performer and criticism among critics and broadcasters ... It can only admire, but it is pointless to blame. For as soon as you start something and someone to blame, you get up with them on the same footing. I - on the other board.

- you wrote on Eluard poems of Burns, Black - who is closest to you today

- Anyone on whose poems I will never compose music. This - Alexander Pushkin.

- The audience have changed much ?

- The youth of previous generations was closer to satire and existentialism, to his despair. In today's youth, so to speak, more romance. When the Soviets needed a reason intelligent food? Yes, because everything was terribly silly, vulgar and stifling. Wild, funny lies from morning to night, and on television and in newspapers, and in political and social life - a complete stultification. Here young people as an internal protest and wanted spiritual development in different forms - be it music, poetry, or good evening amateur song. In short, we are separated from you, bastards, we will live differently, we will have a spiritual world, and we will oppose it your rotten ideology.

Today, these people who were eager to spirituality, fed up with all his nudboy, they just ached, and the actions on them was not enough. In the first place the money officially went into society, to have fun, beautiful things, food. All this became possible, readily available, and it is not necessary for this to be humiliated, to earn. All this abundance is so discouraging for the public - well, perhaps you could imagine in the near stall 20 varieties of vodka ?! - That many of the choices giddy. So right now life is built around the money that the present young people want to move away from consumerism. I'm talking about the young people who is looking for the meaning of life, and not the one who agreed with this stream. Previously little merchant rolled on the top three, but now - on "Mercy", if earlier he showed his courage, smashing the dishes in the restaurant, and now that he takes "Metropol". In general, rich people - it's not just the money, it is also a style, not crimson jacket and modest navy thousand five dollars. If the sport - the tennis, golf. If music - Mozart is if university - Oxford is if the shoes - the pure, black, modest, but every day new. It's a wild snobbery to me unacceptable, but the overall style of the rich world is known, and the music for them - only the classics.

- That is not your audience ?

-. Not my

Eugene Dodolev, Manon Lescaut.