Just advertisingAnd then, to the extent not waxing Populists joined one with long hair, a black leather jacket and sunglasses with a figure of an athlete. This «Someone» powerful falsetto wail, and the highest, dropping his jacket, drew his enviable biceps... Read more - Songs on the music and arrangement. So, it all started with the «Skomorokhov» in 1966, where you played with Gradsky, Buynova and Shakhnazarov. What began themselves «Skomorokhs»? and the music!

The hero of our time

Based on materials: "Samizdat" The World of Stars "


The hero of our time is Alexander Gradsky

Alexander Gradsky pose for our photographer refused flatly. Because, as he said, now he does not like himself. And since Alexander Gradsky decided something, it is impossible to convince him of this in my opinion.

It's not easy to talk with Alexander Borisovich. Its powerful power suppresses. He can listen to your opinion with interest, but he has his point of view on everything and he will easily dot all the "i". And for the word Gradsky does not climb into his pocket, he knows himself how he knows the price to others. And if you're a fool, you can be absolutely sure that Gradsky will tell you this without any discrepancies. He does not like to lie. Probably, therefore, there is an opinion that he is a very complex person and an uneasy interlocutor for a journalist.

The World of Stars: There are two such concepts as modern and timely music. What music, in your opinion, is currently more on the Russian stage?

Gradsky: Do not even have to think about what music is more. It is absolutely clear that now more music is not timely, but modern. It is written today, but in fact no one needs, except its author. And what is happening in the country today is, in principle, monstrous, this is a complete degradation.

The World of Stars: Are you talking now only about music or already about the political state?

Gradsky: I'm talking about music. Because, in my opinion, in politics now everything is just the opposite. Russia is making painful attempts to revive. It's still not clear where and how, but what attempts are being made is obvious.

The World of Stars: And the change in your point of view was not affected in any way by the situation with the TV-6 team, The revival of totalitarianism?

Gradsky: This is nonsense. The error of such journalists is that they have an overestimated self-esteem. They believe that it is only worthwhile to show them on television how they have the right to call themselves conductors of public opinion, some gurus. In my understanding, the right to be a spiritual teacher must be won by a long life. Those people to whose opinions I listened, were always extremely modest and never considered themselves teachers of people. Take the same Andrei Dmitrievich Sakharov, Dmitry Sergeevich Likhachev, Lev Nikolaevich Gumilev ... The root cause of what happened to TV-6 is that these journalists, who were not accustomed to calmly, without pathos to treat themselves on the television screen, unable to be adequate to themselves, That something from themselves represent. This is the trouble of television workers.

In addition, they have already formed a point of view on what is happening in the country. I do not presume to say that they have a paid point of view, because in life there are such things that the points of view of the owners and workers coincide. This is a rare case, but in this situation it obviously happened.

Why can I talk so calmly about this? Because my point of view has never depended on any employer. I have been thinking freely since I was fifteen years old, when a good half of these journalists either served in the KGB either in person or in absentia, or were members of the bureau of some Komsomol organizations. Therefore, I have much more right to say what I say.

I would never advise journalists to revive totalitarianism and camps. Because in the minds of those who rule us, there is always an implicit thought of total impact. But they tell themselves that they should not do this. However, if at each corner the chiefs are accused of preparing camps, they might actually come up with the idea that it would be nice to sort out those who do not agree with the help of the camps.

So do not give the authorities reason to think that it, in principle, can apply this. And even more so blame the authorities for what it does not even think about yet. Journalists provoke such things. I hope that today's government will not succumb to these provocations and will allow them to talk with their tongues with all this nonsense that they carry for an infinite amount of time. This will prove the power of the authorities. Even if these journalists are violating something there (almost everything in our country is being violated). Therefore, it is not necessary to notice these violations for them.

The World of Stars: You have always been famous for having a very bad relationship with television. What is the reason for this?

Gradsky: It's not my bad with him, but he's with me. But here is not quite the right wording: more precisely, to me a metered ratio. It's just that most of the time I'm shown in the form of a speaker, not a singer. It so happened that as a singer I did without television at all. And television without me as a man speaking for some reason can not do. Do not let it sound like bragging, but one day Leo Leshchenko told me: "If you were shown the same amount as me, then we would have nothing to do on stage." I immediately objected to him that this is not so: all the "old people", such as Kobzon, Leshchenko, whatever music they are engaged in, much of themselves represent, because they work honestly. However, there is some truth in what has been said. And here's what: if the show was uniform, not once a month against one hundred and twenty times for artist X, and at least once fifteen against their hundred, then for the viewer it would be clearer who occupies what place and who is who. < / P>

The World of Stars: Plus everything, it would develop a general spectator culture.

Gradsky: Maybe so. But, in fact, if people do not want to develop, then they can not be forced. And if you want, then this does not interfere.

The World of Stars: In your opinion, our people now want to develop?

Gradsky: This In general a complex process - to want to develop. You have to work on yourself, and people are very tired now. Today, the struggle for survival takes a lot of energy. Prior to this, no one in our country fought for survival. We were the complete opposite of the basic principle of Charles Darwin. At us all have received the soldering, therefore at Russian the feeling of struggle and sports has become dull. After all, life is also a struggle and a sport, we were cut off by these "tentacles", with which help we must fight for obtaining any advantages. The former regime did not do what it had to do-it did not contain the country. He was engaged in some kind of nonsense, the struggle with his own citizens, as a result of which he dumped half of the talented population. In general, it's strange that here someone has stayed and we can still surprise and create something.

World of Stars: Did you receive the ration?

Gradsky: Obviously, I also had some kind of soldering there, but I did not take it. We must be frank, at that moment the system was already beginning to crack at the seams, and we began to appear as some pimples on her body. So we can not say that we have disorganized this system. Perhaps, we contributed something to this, but the system has outlived itself ... Today I watch with interest the actions of Putin. And I like his circumspection, caution, non-acceptance of harsh decisions. Although it is obvious that neither the previous leadership, nor today does not know how to run the country. Moreover, we all do not know how to manage our country, including myself, because no one in such a position and in such a scheme ruled. Therefore, the cleverest thing that can be done is to gently touch this water first with the foot, then with the hand, then do the tests and check if there are any poisonous substances there, then gradually go into it, and then, maybe, swim in it.

The World of Stars: You are interesting to reason ... I was just thinking that you did not participate in any election campaign, although you, for sure, were invited and not once. What's the matter?

Gradsky: I think it's wrong to put pressure on people's opinions. And to use my authority in this case seems to me to be a wrong step.

The World of Stars: Since we have touched upon such global problems ... Now everyone is talking about the absence of a national idea. In your opinion, what kind of it can it be?

Gradsky: For me it was understandable twenty years ago - it's necessary to work.

World Stars: Work ?! I then assumed that you must tell me about patriotism ...

Gradsky: This is patriotism. When you are honestly and professionally working, then you improve yourself, your family, your city, thereby improving your country.

The World of Stars: Well, naturally, are you a patriot? P>

Gradsky: I'm just a patriot, and therefore I work primarily on myself. And when you honestly work for yourself ...

The world of Stars: ... and the state ... Gradsky: And I do not know what the state is. Very often they speak about the state, but I do not understand what it is. That's what the Fatherland is, I know, and I already paid him enough at the time when I received 26 rubles for a concert, and ten thousand people gathered in the hall and the ticket cost three rubles. I paid him all my life to such an extent that I have no complaints against him.

The World of Stars: And does he have you?

Gradsky: I think, and he has to see me ... It would seem that there should not be a difference between the state and the fatherland. But I believe that the concept of the Fatherland, the country, Russia is much higher than the concept of state. The state many times caused harm to the country and the Fatherland. And for me, the state begins when it brings good to the country.

The World of Stars: Alexander Gradsky calls himself a patriot. But why then did he not make a single concert in Afghanistan or in Chechnya? Gradsky: One of my friends once asked me: "Well, you, Sasha, you Six times they offered to go to Afghanistan, and what are you, you are afraid and did not go? " No, I'm not scared. I refused six times, and it was much bolder than agreeing. I would not go to Chechnya either, because I have nothing to do there. My creativity in the context in which I'm used to working in this environment nobody needs on either side or the other.

The World of Stars: And here? Do you feel worthy worthy in Russia?

Grad: No.

The World of Stars: And in the West?

Gradsky: Also not. Just there, I do not have any merit to be worthy appraised.

The World of Stars: Surely you had the opportunity to emigrate, and if so, you could become world famous. Why did not this happen?

Gradsky: There was an opportunity, and I would have shown myself. But I decided at the time that I absolutely can not leave. And then, after all, the question was only this: if you leave, then you leave forever. All those who returned to Russia today left, absolutely not hoping that they would come here again. For me it was impossible, apart from the Russian roots, I can not work.

The World of Stars: Is not there some anger from the fact that many of the emigrants then return here and to They show more interest than to those who are here?

Hradsky: There is no anger, there is some cheerful regret and resentment. I know too well, I think, the worldview of people, our country. It is very multipolar. And I know approximately what will happen after I do not ...

The World of Stars: What?

Gradsky: I will not Talk about it, but I know ... In any case, my informative presence will be much greater. I like the living character is not convenient. But as a character no longer existing, no longer competitively capable I will be very convenient and untwisted.

The World of Stars: What are you not comfortable with right now?

Gradsky: The mere fact of my presence is a reproach to the inability and unprofessionalism of very many. To this I'm fairly calm, I can not, in the end, stop being a professional and forget how to play and sing! So, you have to endure all this.

The World of Stars: Do not be offended that you were not appreciated?

Gradsky: What's the point of being offended? What, it is necessary to huddle in a corner, pout and not to talk with anyone after this? So? It is pointless. Well, I was offended, but went to work further. To fight, to prove? I'm lazy. You can not all your life be popular. Now I am satisfied with what I do: they invite me, I speak. And having ears let him hear.

The World of Stars: It's interesting, but will you perform at any venue or will you not sing in clubs anyway?

Gradsky: I have one hell where to work. It all depends on how much you pay. For three kopecks I will not speak, I have enough and those trousers that I have. In clubs, for example, there is no such money for the sake of which I would begin to speak. I can perform anywhere, even at the birthday of the bandyuk. While he is not in prison, he is a law-abiding citizen ... ... The world of stars: If you continue the conversation that you are undervalued in Russia ... Take the example of Konchalovsky, who, having left for the States, That can shoot world cinema ...

Gradsky: I do not need to prove anything to anyone. The musician does not care about all this from a high bell tower. Music is a different genre than cinema. Cinema is not a serious genre, it's entertainment. If the movie does not have an element of entertainment, it will be boring, tedious, no one will look.

The World of Stars: Can Tarkovsky be called entertainment?

Gradsky: And who will watch Tarkovsky today?

The World of Stars: I, for example.

Gradsky: You are just an anachronism ... I I watched Tarkovsky's films like no other. With my help, the film "Nostalgia" was translated into Russian, I showed it at home. But now I do not watch Tarkovsky.

The World of Stars: Okay, but this is art?

Gradsky: This is art, but not cinema . What Tarkovsky did was the art of drawing. He is an artist. Or, for example, name the genre in which Norshtein works. Is this animation? Never. According to technology, yes, but in sense it's not animation at all, it's rather Rembrandt of some kind.

The World of Stars: Then it turns out that there is music and art.

Gradsky: With music everything is easier: either music or not music.

World of Stars: What single word would you designate the state of modern variety?

Gradsky: Blevo ... In general, all Russian music today I would divide into two parts: On the organized noise and on what I do and a couple more people.

The World of Stars: I thought you said something more powerful.

Gradsky: Stronger means to stand with them on the same board and give them a reason to believe that you hate them. And I do not hate them, I just do not see them.

The World of Stars: Is there any person among them who you would call for a duel?

Gradsky: Still of that. Why should I give someone the opportunity to stand with me in the same plane? No, I greet everyone, but I give them exactly the place where they are. Just do not take my words clearly. I say "vomit," but people have the right to do this and nothing wrong with the fact that they do not do this "vomit". They need to earn money to feed themselves, their girls or their families.

The World of Stars: You make an impression of an expressive person. Interestingly, if someone outrages you, can you hit?

Grad: It's easy. Only such situations do not arise. And then I feel sorry for beating a person in the face, even if he deserves it. It seems to me that it's wrong to dismiss your hands.

The World of Stars: But are you a straightforward person?

Gradsky: If I am asked, I say.

The World of Stars: Although you said you greet everyone, but everyone talks about The fact that Alexander Gradsky and Alla Pugacheva had some sort of conflict. What happened?

Gradsky: She has the same complex as on TV-6 - an inadequate attitude to herself. And journalists are only hindering her. You can stay afloat in many ways. The way she does it is not my way. Alla had the opportunity to stand apart, because she had both the talent and the skill to do this.

The World of Stars: But she thinks she stands alone.

Gradsky: She? No, it is in the full context of a common pop culture. Alla creates a pyramid around herself to be in her head. But in order to be who she is, she needs a pyramid that goes down, she needs to have nobody on top of this pyramid who is better than her. In the task of Pugacheva does not include someone to put next to him, help and run higher than himself.

The World of Stars: But you also have the opportunity to create your own pyramid.

Gradsky: I have the opportunity to drop all this of its pyramid along with Her at any time, as soon as I need it. As soon as this pyramid is next to me on the stage, nothing will be left from it in a second. But this is not part of my task. My task is to stay away from this pyramid and not participate in its actions.

The World of Stars: You do not have a pyramid like Pugacheva. But is there a circle of Gradsky, or do you enter into someone's circle? Gradsky: Neither do I enter any circle, nor do I have any circle. I have a circle of acquaintances, with whom I communicate more often than others. And now I'm finishing the construction of the theater, perhaps there will be people who will become dependent on me, or on whom I will depend to some extent.

The World of Stars: Is your reconciliation possible With Pugacheva?

Gradsky: And we do not have a quarrel. We have such a love-jealousy. I treat Alle jealously and lovingly in the sense that she was given talent from above, and she did not use it the way I wanted. And I feel uneasy about this, there is a feeling of regret. So we communicate perfectly with her, she sang in my opera, we did not swear and never quarrel. But some of her actions I'm not happy. What she does is not worthy of her talent, and therefore her talent suffers and diminishes. But since she is a woman, everything is forgivable for her.

World of Stars: By the way, about women ... Alexander Borisovich, this issue of the magazine is dedicated to the holiday on March 8. Therefore, a completely natural question: with age, your attitude towards a woman somehow changed? What was important to you then, what now?

Gradsky: What was important before, then now. Appearance, youth, softness, plasticity, the ability to fantasy.

World of Stars: Is the image of an ideal woman specific or collective for you?

Gradsky : There is no such thing at all. As Boria Grebenshchikov sang: "I want to make all the loofahs ..." Just normal male impulses ... (laughs)

The World of Stars: What does it mean for you on March 8?

< P class = "otstup"> Gradsky: Women are supposed to be congratulated on this holiday. But this does not mean that all other days are excluded. It's just that you especially congratulate on this day.

The World of Stars: And what is your attitude to the beau monde?

Gradsky: I observe this as For the motion of infusorians. I sometimes go out into the world, but still I'm on the sidelines.

World of Stars: Are you interested or not able to get into the hangout?

Gradsky: There are two relations with the get-together: either you are inside it and you are watched, or you are outside, with it nearby, and then you are watching. I'm more interested in the latter. I'm generally an observer ...

To be frank, I was almost all of the time (but not by age). I saw Alla Pugacheva auditioning for "Merry Guys", as Volodya Kuzmin arrived in Moscow, as at the "Christmas Meetings" in the locker room sat a young Philip, whom Alla did not pay any attention. I, being already myself, was present at their birth. All these things accumulate and you sometimes wonder at yourself.

The World of Stars: And could you act as a producer of the young?

Gradsky: I'm lazy . I had such an opportunity, there was even a project. But maybe it's not given to me, or maybe I'm just a maximalist. I'm doing myself.

The World of Stars: How trivial it sounds, but it's good to help ...

Gradsky: Well, they're all asshole. Why should they help? So that they will not say anything about you later, like ninety-nine percent of those whom I helped ?! Of those to whom I helped, only Makarevich calls my name. The desire to help has ended, it is necessary to be engaged in itself. The fact is that there is less and less time left for life. I'm 52 years old and have a lot to do. I already feel quite clearly the end of my earthly term.

The World of Stars: Have you spent much time in vain?

Gradsky: Little. I was very rational in this sense. Human potential and human power are not unlimited, so you need to distribute yourself so that the forces remain to come out and make a live two-hour concert in the three octave range. And for this you need to refuse yourself in something. Being a tenor is a serious matter, it requires great strength and great health. This is a constant self-limitation.

World of Stars: It would be interesting to know your opinion about Baskov. Can you say that he repeats you, combining opera and stage?

Gradsky: I combined it professionally ... Everybody expects me to scold him. But I will not do it. I like to express myself precisely, therefore I will say that the Basque is a good project. I'm not saying that he is a brilliant tenor or an outstanding phenomenon in opera or pop music. I only say that this is a good project. And what is the essence of any project in show business? Income, informative influence, honoraria. All this is in Baskov. He was at the right time in the right place. And this is very important. He has a pretty face, he is young, he is quite emotional (although all his emotions are ostentatious), and many people have such a voice ... But Baskov has many advantages in order to become what he has become. However, there is a very big minus, which he is very much hindered and, I think, which in the end will prevent him: his success is inadequate to his skill. And this is a sad fact. He urgently needs to get this skill, you need to jump higher than he is given. But I'm afraid that this will not happen. Because when success is already achieved, you begin to exploit it. Therefore, much progress has to be made slowly. To get such glory in 25 years, you have to know a lot.

The World of Stars: Alexander Borisovich, and can you now have a shiver in your knees before someone like you used to Did you have a shiver before the Beatles? Gradsky: Before the Beatles, I already have no shiver in my knees, because I learned to do everything that they could do. And now ... I think that in general to no one. Maybe before Bin Laden. And then in a certain situation, maybe he will cut my balls to me. Who knows what will come to his head! .. (laughs)

The World of Stars: Is it possible to name Alexander Gradsky a national musician or his music after all for an elite circle of listeners? >

Gradsky: I have an incomprehensible thing: as a person, I am a people. As a person I perceive different layers of society, from any drunkard to a large intellectual. I have seen this many times. And as for music, it seems to me that I'm not a people's one, which is an intellectual limitation.

But such a clue as a beautifully sounding voice works. People may not understand what I'm singing about, but the way I sing attracts them. They hear that a person owns vocals and this unmistakably acts even on the most unprepared listener. In singing, there is some kind of vibrational or physical component that makes another person answer you with his soul.

The Russian people are just such a fool that he can get a tape recorder, and he will clap Hands and ears and accept you. In fact, our public very accurately distinguishes true work from hackwork. And never put a true worker with a hacker in one moral row. They can put them in one information series, but in the moral sense, separation from one another will occur. So do not ask: you like it or do not like it. It is necessary to ask, in what series you see it. This is important.

The World of Stars: Probably the true people's was Vladimir Vysotsky ... Gradsky: Strange thing, at first I did not feel for him any Interest. In my understanding, it was nothing more than a thieves' topic. And suddenly he became smarter and smarter. For me, Vysotsky's active growth began in the mid-1970s ... We never met him, once we met very foolishly, Vysotsky did not recognize me, and then he was told that I was next to him, wanted to get acquainted. He then said: "Well, nothing, see you again." And we did not see each other anymore ... Typically the Russian line: life is big, see you again. Russians never live today. Or in thoughts about the past or in dreams about the future.

The World of Stars: And you including?

Gradsky: Unfortunately, yes. Although I am still different from many by the fact that I am doing something today ... So we have not met with Vysotsky ... Somewhere at the same time I realized that there are people who are meant to be great. Their form is already pre-engineered so that their inner content is calculated under the form of a great man. Vysotsky in its form was intended to be an ordinary Moscow guy or an average theater artist. But by his inner abilities he turned out to be a great person, capable of perception, growth over himself, to absorbing all that surrounded him. And, it seems to me, Vysotsky began to kill his form precisely because she could not accommodate his inner genius. Similar to Esenin. All these suicides, drugs, alcoholism - is the struggle of the internal with the form. In some cases, the opposite happens: the form is forced to stretch to the level of your inner greatness, and then you become Goethe, for example, and live to be old.

The World of Stars: In your case how? P>

Gradsky: I do not know. At least, I do not feel any discomfort between my inner content and outer form.

The World of Stars: Can you say that your chastushki became a continuation of Vysotsky's chastots?

Gradsky: Vladimir was closer to people, his language is clearer to them. My language is more complicated, more intellectual or something ... My texts are akin to Galichev's manner, rather than the manner of Vysotsky. I do not have that nation that was with him. This is very difficult to achieve.

World of Stars: Would you like to?

Gradsky: You can be Velimir Khlebnikov and be known to no more than twenty thousand People in the country. But it is these twenty thousand that pass you as an aesthetic gene to other people. Nothing in this shameful no. And this gene accumulates and over time your value increases.

The World of Stars: But why are you talking only about the future ?! Do not you think that it's time for your songs that it's time to make them as the main information component?

Gradsky: Yes such a time has not come! And I do not give a shit about it. It has not come, it will come, even without me! If people have not heard, then they do not need to hear. The whole thing is that when I come to some distant city, a person comes who has a full selection of my records, he knows it all and he has heard it. That's enough for me. I do not need the crowds with the placards to run and shout about what a great Gradsky. Music in its essence is not a sport. You do not have to jump two fifty high in front of fifty thousand people. If a musician jumps two fifty at home and no one sees him - that's enough. If I made a musical theme, I play it myself and I know that it's wonderful, I already have enough. And as I say it, no one believes me ...

The World of Stars: Really hard to believe. With the same success, Dostoevsky could write on the table ...

Gradsky: He did! What were his circulations then? At that time, almost nobody knew Dostoevsky, except for a handful of reading intelligentsia. Is it comparable now to what place it took in our culture?

The World of Stars: Many at that time simply could not read ...

Gradsky: Yes, they did not have the opportunity, but the needs! Have you ever listened to my ballet?

World of Stars: No.

Gradsky: This does not mean that you do not have a need or opportunity, but that You do not know who you're talking to ... Drank coffee? And now let's go, listen.

And we're going to listen to "Mowgli". Fifteen minutes is enough to open for me new facets of the genius of Mr. Gradsky. We return to the kitchen, where all this time there was an interview. I regain consciousness for some time, trying to remember the end of the conversation. Gradsky, satisfied with the effect produced, also keeps silent, and then says: Gradsky: Well, come on, ask further ...

The World of Stars: You know, I'm watching you during this interview and I get the impression that you saved some of your qualities from the very childhood. Is this so?

Gradsky: Mudism ... Immediate. At the age of 14 I told myself that it is necessary to lie as little as possible, because it is very profitable. And to lie is unprofitable. Because when you do not lie, at this moment you see another person who almost always lies. And you are always under pressure on him, because he has to somehow turn around, remember what he said. You do not need this, because you mold everything you think. And this people are annoying. Moreover, it irritates them. This is the source of this infrastructural legend, which is difficult for me. It's hard for me to talk to you?

The World of Stars: Yes, not particularly ... And your desire to tell the truth to the uterus is not a simple riot against society?

Gradsky: It's only you called it so.

The World of Stars: Not only I, but many people call Alexander Gradsky a rebel, troublemaker.

Gradsky: This is their problem. I never call myself that. Just because I always found contact with the bosses.

The World of Stars: Is this the love of Luzhkov connected to you? He gave you a studio in the center of Moscow, helps with the construction of the theater.

Gradsky: That you ask him. Probably he, unlike television, appreciates my creative qualities. But this love has boundaries. And it was decided that the theater would be built not at the expense of some necessary city programs, but gradually.

The World of Stars: Well, if you are not a rebel, then who?

Gradsky: Yes, I do not know who I am. I really do not care a damn about this. On its importance to spit from the high bell tower. So you ask me if I'm adequately judged. And I answered: no, not adequate. But the point is not how I'm valued, but how others are valued. If you take me separately - then I am adequately judged. But very many performers are exalted inadequately, because in essence they represent nothing of themselves. And they are everywhere, they are asked about something and, apparently, even someone listens to their opinion.

The World of Stars: This position is a sign of genius or, maybe, To be a form of defense? Hradsky: I can not say that about myself ... I'm not self-protective, because no one attacks me. And anyway, this is a stupid question. The way I behave is how I behave. I'm not stepping on anyone's feet. At least I try not to do it on purpose. I step on my feet only by the fact that I work. Because all the others have undeservedly obtained their success. In the West, I would not have stepped on anyone's feet, because they could love me or not love me, but there is no undeserved success there. "

The World of Stars: And maybe there is no glory?

Gradsky: I do not agree. Glory or fame (call it what you want) is. If you take Alla Pugachev, then here is the glory of the truly popular. But with what it is connected, I can not understand. In principle, I'm somewhere clear. But do not want to believe it ... What, they learn themselves? Therefore? But it's awful and insulting to people, to performers. This should not be. I do not like such an assessment. If I did not know how gifted Alla was, I would not care. And so ...

In our country it's very easy to become famous, parasitize on this, earn money, become even someone necessary. I have a neighbor in the country - a little boy Cyril Tolmatsky (Decl). Nobody expected that he would record something and crowds of children would run to his concerts. His father, who was a producer all his life, initially did not believe in this project. And then he was surprised by the fame that hit his son. He, a man engaged in professional show business, did not understand how his son, who did nothing, suddenly got all-Russian fame. So the cause-and-effect relationship of success in Russia is not clear.

The World of Stars: Kobzon in the New Year's program sang with Decl ... Would you agree to such an experiment?

Gradsky: Thank God, I did not see it.

The World of Stars: A Gurchenko singing rap ...

Gradsky: This is an age ... Russian rap I came up with about thirty-five years ago, when even such a word was not in sight. It was just a chastushka on a rhythmic basis. (Alexander Borisovich begins to sing ditties, striking the rhythm with his fingers on the table). Form of filing an ordinary folk song. Earlier in Russia skomorokhi sang under a tambourine. Remember, for example, the film "Andrei Rublev," when the hero Rolan Bykov skomoroshnichaet. So this is not new.

The World of Stars: But would you let such experiments into your music?

Gradsky: Well, it's the same music !! This is not an experiment, it's been gone a long time ago. Such music is simple as two fingers. To make a ballet "Mowgli" is an experiment, it is difficult. And what you talk about, you can afford as a joke, with nothing better to do, because it's done with your left foot. But such "experiments" are not interesting to me, it is nothing more than an informational occasion for regular chatter. Is it possible to waste time on this?!

Of course, journalists are so organized that it is more important this dust, this trifle than a serious aspect. I here show you a serious aspect (Alexander Borisovich points to the disc "Mowgli", which he gave me for the development of my common, yet, of course, low intellectual level), and you ask me about such a tinsel! That's what we are tuned to today. And such confetti, with such small splashes, we want to seduce people, to draw their attention to their magazine. And people buy the magazine precisely because it has such a tinsel. Now seduces this: a fact from a biography, a fact from creativity, an amusing incident from life. The connection is clear. Pugacheva understood this in time and began to spread completely incredible rumors about herself, becoming from the fact of a musical fact of social life. And in this I do not approve of it.

The World of Stars: Well, let's not talk about tinsel ... A few years ago you told me that you do not write music. Is this: a crisis of creativity or a crisis of age? Grad: No, the music is written, but hard. After all, a person is somehow used up .... But I do not have any crisis, I just thought of a great job - "Masters and Margarita". It's done, but it's a very difficult, very responsible thing, it did not work right away. For more than twenty-five years I've been working on the "Master."

The World of Stars: And at what stage is this work?

Gradsky: At the initial . But here the problem is different: you have to go into the studio, make the first soundtracks. And as soon as I do this, I can not tear myself away from the studio and I will not leave until I finish my work. And this means that I will abandon everything: family, concerts, I will stop earning money. And while I'm not ready to leave all this, I still need to earn some potential so that I can move away from everything. My personal life is now developing in such a way that it is possible already from the summer I will have such an opportunity.

World of Stars: Why Bulgakov's theme?

Gradsky: Who knows, why ... I accidentally caught the eye of a libretto of one of my friends on this subject. I began to torment his work, to shred him, to remodel it. And first you are engaged in a work, and then it is already engaged in you. But I know that this topic should be treated more carefully, hands should be absolutely clean. In commercial terms, this will be a negative project. But this reassures me, because it is impossible to approach the "Master and Margarita" with any mercantile interests. Only with clean hands. I myself am not yet very sure that I will succeed. But there already now there are musical themes, in my opinion, the best of all that I wrote.

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