Just advertisingI was told that you are not happy, but before that in the 7000th Sports Palace in Kiev, the people rose up after the song about Vysotsky. It was in the 80th year. He sang the same song in '81 in Leningrad - filmed concerts. I am sad and think about it, and nice, I think of myself as a person who is respected... Read more - Songs on the music and arrangement. So, it all started with the «Skomorokhov» in 1966, where you played with Gradsky, Buynova and Shakhnazarov. What began themselves «Skomorokhs»? and the music!

Conservative Alexander Gradsky

Based on: "A&F Moscow"

"COME," said Alexander Borisovich on the phone, "I'm ill and will be at home all evening." Just do not eat anything, just fry the cutlets ... "" Yes, "I thought," enjoying the miracle of culinary art created by the people's artist of Russia , - a talented person is talented in everything. " I sat at a table under a huge red-brown shade. The spirit of Moscow's antiquity was hovering in the apartment. Dark brown leather sofa with quilted rhombic back. Near the wall stood a huge carved sideboard, which GRADSKY picked up many years ago in a garbage dump - these things were not at one time fashionable, Muscovites threw them away.

Conservative Alexander Gradsky
Photo by Vladimir Rodionov

Two Passions

Pointing at the glimmering copper door knobs in the dimness, Alexander Borisovich asked:

- Like it? I also found it in a broken house. And the doors from there. It turns out that I'm a conservative. In each new apartment I keep the spirit of the previous one, I repeat almost exactly the favorite rooms. Here I have an office where I mostly live, and the kitchen is the same as before. Well a little more and more beautiful. This is my novel with things. But it was quite late. For about 27 years he hated any furniture. It did not matter what to sleep on, what to eat. And then I got into the house where there were stunning old things - the Catherine's bed, a bureau of pink wood ... And although they did not harmonize with each other and even more so with a small apartment, I fell in love with them. And the novel dragged on for life.

- And what about another passion - music?

- I'm doing what I'm interested in. They offer me, I choose. There is some permanent income, and I stopped thinking about how to earn more and more. What for? If you have enough money to build a house, then there is nothing to tear your kids to learn more.

- And when did you get a feeling of your exclusivity that allowed you to do what you want?

- I started playing in the band early. The prospect that his son will live a bohemian life, his father was not very happy. Mom, by that time she was already dead, was from the failed provincial actresses. And my father, apparently, had seen enough of everyone. He wanted me to live like everyone else. For a month and a half I honestly traveled through the whole city to the courses at some idiotic institute, listened to lectures, absolutely delusional. And I realized that this is not mine. Then he also worked nicely in some NIICHAVO: "Take a piece of paper, throw it there." Salary - 80-90 rubles. And in parallel, my "Skomorokhi" evolved. Suddenly it turned out that people want to see us and pay money for work: at dances, at concerts - it does not matter. At me it turns out that 300, 400 rubles. per month. A father received 180, graduating from the institute, holding a high post in the ministry. And I was 17 years old ... Then he became interested in the fact that I sing, compose, and advised me to go to school. I entered the Gnessin Institute. The choice was made.

Surname is binding

- In the 74th, the magazine "Billboard" calls you the star of the year, in the same year the film "Romance of the Lovers" appears, where you are a composer, poet, singer. Andrei Konchalovsky presents you to Gina Lollobrigida: "This is our Russian genius ..."

- ... And I told her in my monstrous English then something like: "Something you do not look so good, dear."

- You were in many ways the pioneer in the profession, there is no feeling that you were underestimated?

- Well, listen, I'm a People's Artist, laureate of the State Prize, Honored Artist, some regalia there is a car ... But, the truth, there are people who have not done anything in art in the same car. What is undervaluation? So that the whole world would run with delight? But in the West I was recognized when I was 39 years old, I was old for a career. Well, I sang in Carnegie Hall. After such a fantastic concert, when the walls are shaking with applause, the crowd at the exit, I had to wake up famous. But this only happens in Hollywood fairy tales. And how I fell asleep, so woke up and flew to ... Homeland.

- Do not have to regret saying too much?

- Emotionality overwhelms, but if I start to say what I think in fact, it will be even worse. There are things that are so disgusting to me ... Therefore, I strongly restrain myself.

- And how can you keep perpetual mobile for so many years?

- At the earliest opportunity, I'm on the couch and amassing energy. Sometimes people make me very good. But the root, I think, in workaholism. If a person works and the energy of his cosmic, as it is now called, takes place, then it all multiplies and the result is enormous.

- Have you already conquered your Everest?

- None. I did not do "Masters and Margarita" after all. It's probably Everest.

- Were you often betrayed?

- A little. But very sharply. I do not blame these people. And I do not hold evil against them. Forever I cross this person out of my life. But I never vomit. This is one of my life principles: sit on your porch, do not interfere in anything, and you will be carried by the corpse of your enemy. And the second - if you give lined paper, then write on it across. Only now I myself am laying this paper myself. Honestly, it's not so simple - to spit your whole life with blood for the sake of one second of true revelation.

- To whom much is given, so much will be asked.

- But Odin gave something (Gradsky raised his index finger upwards), but other people, absolutely outsiders, who all have nothing to do with this gift (laughs) all the time. A killer phrase? That's for the sake of such phrases and should be given an interview.

Marina NEVZOROVA 24/07/2002