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Dissident in contemporary Russian music - Alexander Gradsky

Alexander "Hammer" Krasnoperov

14.07.2002 г.

Based on: newdissident.by.ru

Dissident in contemporary Russian music - Alexander Gradsky

Absolutely ungrateful theme ... On the one hand - "music pop", priests (and the same ones) every day on the TV screen. On the other hand - any, sorry for the expression, "star", for any sins excommunicated from the "family" and not allowed on TV, can declare itself a "dissident". It is difficult to talk about dissidence in such a "pop company".

However, there are those musicians who do more than one dozen years of what they consider to be true creativity (and I agree with them), and do it honestly and sincerely, without thinking about earnings and cheap "pop-fame." I do not impose my own tastes on others, especially since my attitude towards some of them is far from straightforward. I'm only talking about names and facts. By the way, they do not include the various "Leningrad" and "Blatnyak." These "creatures" are the same "music pop", only on the other side. So ...

Alexander Gradsky. The singer who has a unique tenor in 3 octaves, the author of a huge number of works, from songs to, once, a cult film "Romance of the Lovers" ("This song will be sad about how the birds came ...") and the rock oratorio (" Skomorokhs "," Utopia AG "and" Russian Songs ") to operas and ballets. The head of the vocal department in "Gnesinka". A virtuosic guitar playing, a terrific voice, compared to which the Basque "timidly hides the body fat in the wings" ... and complete obscurity in the "people." I remember once I was looking for a CD with Gradsky's songs. In three or four stores, sellers (mostly 20-22 years old) shrugged their shoulders, in the fifth the boy joyfully announced: "Oh, that's that bard? There is one!". The Creator, rising above the crowd ... It is not understood, not recognized ... Is it necessary for him? He has written music and poems for more than 20 years, ignoring what is happening.

Valery Yarushin. In 1966 he created his first ensemble. In the 70's was the only one who worked with the Russian folk song, with its lyrics and harmonies (Lyudmila Zykina with her "pseudo-nationality" does not count). Many times he was summoned to the KGB, he was not rewarded with titles, but he persistently continued what he was born for ... Survived humiliation, betrayal, oblivion ... Today he works mostly for himself, but he does not abandon the path he had chosen in his childhood.

Edmund Shklyarsky. There is no more incomprehensible and mysterious group than the "Picnic". "Picnic" is Shklyarsky.

Interesting, interesting

Do not have what you want,

Watch as they play with grass

Lazy sleeping plaits ...

Recognized, loved by many, but not trying to become a "pop star." Snotty girls, waiting after the concerts in the hope of at least seeing the idol, various contests and "meetings" do not entice him. He does what he wants to do, what he considers honest ...

BG ... There was a time when he tried to "go to pop", periodically this time comes back, but, nevertheless, he is honest with himself and with people. "Spin" thanks to Solovyov and his "Assa" and "Black Rose" - "promotion" among the rebellious youth of the late 80's, no more. Today, the concerts of the "Aquarium" are hundreds, in contrast to the "pop stars" performing at the stadiums. An aging child-dissident, who has not found himself, but continues to seek ...

Yuri Loza. Beginning his speech in "Integral" he wrote poems and songs. Later I tried to record under the pseudonym "Primus", I created "Architects" ... "Mass culture" was recognized only by "Raft", he answered "the conditions of the game." The philosophy of Vine is in the lines:

... in the world of God

There are fewer faces, more and more faces.

Some sing, others play,

And I stand quietly on the edge.

All frontiers are surmountable,

Sorry life goes on past ...

I think I could have called 5-6 more. Earlier there were more of them - Alexey Fadeyev and Mikhail Naumenko, Alexei Kotov and Igor Prokhorov ... "There are not any other ..."

Dissidence was concluded in the final of the song "Piano" of the Leningrad group "Nomads":

- Tell me, who is playing your role?

- Ah, it's so, for beauty!

Photos from Tatyana Shcherbina's archive www.vavilon.ru

Singer Alexander Gradsky and Tatiana Shcherbina. Moscow, 1988.