Just advertisingTonight, he comes on stage, pick a deep breath and hit the strings of the guitar. He will sing. About the mother and the motherland, love and treason, the heroes and commoners, and the other and the child ... And then will the applause, autographs, the fans. Will all that usually happens around the artist... Read more - Songs on the music and arrangement. So, it all started with the «Skomorokhov» in 1966, where you played with Gradsky, Buynova and Shakhnazarov. What began themselves «Skomorokhs»? and the music!

About Gradsky

Egor Egorov

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17 September 2002
About Gradsky

So, literally I just returned from the concert of Alexander Gradsky.

Returned and immediately flopped into a chair as soon as possible to share with you impressions.

I will not talk this time about the corruption of modern tastes and the identity of existing talents. Just say that Gradsky if not a genius, then an amazing talent, a talent from Gd. I have long been hunting for his songs all over the Internet and I have collected a small collection of his songs (both old and new). It must be said that this business (search) is not always successful, because there are not so many fans of his talent on the Internet (or simply the author does not often release any media with the results of his work). But one thing is a song in a record, and another thing is the situation in the hall and the immediate feeling of the performer.

In general, I got even more than expected from the concert. I knew that Gradsky was more than an intelligent and talented person and was ready (or at least hoped) to feel a pleasant atmosphere in the hall. However, I personally and all present not only felt on myself, but simply plunged into an amazing musical situation created by only one person. In short, I will not sing praises here. I will only say that Gradsky performed amazingly as arias from operas, so also Russian romances. I'm not talking about that half of the program, which sounded his own songs. All this took place in a completely unconstrained atmosphere, which the performer supported throughout the concert.

Gradsky's voice completely shocked me (despite the awful acoustics not adapted for such performances of the hall). Gradsky speaks the voice simply phenomenally. I, of course, are a perfect layman in the field of professional voice production, but I think that it is not an important criterion for assessing the professionalism of the performer, not what notes he takes, but how he performs them: maybe "bark" and keep the powerful sound high Notes can be many, but, behold, it is not everyone who can perform the same note, but in a quiet, quiet, not trembling, calm, and at the same time purest voice. The range of the voice of Gradsky, I think, does not need advertising. I also really liked the way Gradsky plays the guitar ... Yes, and in general, this easy-mannered manner of doing everything, absolutely unrestrained voice improvisation, backed up by professional guitar accompaniment - all this simply fascinates. After such a concert, you just want to throw out all the available recordings - no one record conveys the sensations of a live perception of the sound. As you do not try to bring the quality of information storage closer to some ideal - all the same the sound remains "running" through the wires, and the listener loses the effect of presence, which can not be transmitted by any most modern digital method, as it is impossible to convey the spittle of the performer during the emotional performance of the next Fragment ...

Go, go to concerts of live music.