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Alexander Gradsky: I remember too much!

"Smena", St. Petersburg

April 2003

I remember too much! - Alexander Gradsky

In the bustle of everyday pop rave somehow forget that next to an anthill mediocrities living in Moscow for a simple Russian genius Gradsky name. It will not be found not only in the whole of Russia, but, perhaps, on the whole planet of the singer, who would easily deal with opera classics, sing in the Bolshoi Theater and simultaneously be considered the grandfather of rock and roll, compose unique songs and poems, rock operas, Musicals, ballets, music for cartoons ... I would be a People's Artist of Russia, laureate of the State Prizes and a man who was initially disgusted with the tusovka, light, pathos.

Fortunately, there was an impresario in St. Petersburg, Andrei Bazanov, who does not chase fashionable pop music, but took and reminded all music lovers that the kurilka is alive Alexander Borisovich, and arranged the long-awaited solo of Gradsky in the BKZ (without burning it, because Gathered almost a full room!).

- Alexander, I congratulate you on the premiere! You after all for the first time in your thirty-year career have given a solo concert in the "October" hall ...

- But in fact, indeed! But you know, I look at the poster in St. Petersburg and Moscow, and I do not understand why I studied the vocal. I look, who works now in the Kremlin palace, in "Russia", "October", and I understand, that for public now neither importance of singing, nor in general the ability to do something in the profession matters a lot. Of those who are now considered to be a guest performer, if I were my will, I would not have allowed almost everyone on the stage. Thank God that I do not have such power, let all flowers bloom, but the situation is terrible!

- Alexander Gradsky Theater, about which so much has been said and written, will, to spite enemies, be built in Moscow?

- I'm not the first time, when I come to St. Petersburg, in an interview with you, Misha, I say: wait another year and a half or two! And everything is delayed. But now they gave me money! Approximately twenty one million dollars. And if so, everything will be super! If we buy what we intend, it will be just a murderous building, fantastic. With moving scenery, light, sound ...

- Who is generous with such money?

- Mayor and the government of Moscow. It's a state theater. There is no sponsor money. Intentional. I just know how it all ends. After the sponsors give money, no one is the owner - neither the city nor you yourself. And there can be no talk of any cultural traditions. Who pays, he orders music. I do not want to give out all the ideas in advance, but we will have our own theater.

- What is this?

- Previously, the television theater was in the house on Zhuravleva street: TV cameras are always in the same places, and it is very convenient to conduct professional shooting of various performances. We will have film screenings, concerts, discos, something else. Otherwise, we will not survive. When we open, we must not depend on the city. Have built, and thanks! This was agreed with the mayor Luzhkov.

- Maybe it's easier: invest and put a musical with the music of Gradsky, which will go every day!

- Why did Nord-Ost break down? It is impossible to give this performance every evening.

- What is the quality?

- Well, very average - by world standards. There must be such a musical that people want to come again and again. So I went to 'Cats' in New York five times and would have gone another. This is a phenomenal quality performance. "Nord-Ost" was a good level, but not for every day. With 'Chicago' in the Russian version - the same story. I will have performances in the theater three or four times a month - not more often. Here, 'Notre Dame' and 'Metro' go three or four times a month, so they will live a long time. Do not overfeed the people, you need to ably support the agiotage situation.

- Is your son Daniel like studying in London?

- I've learned and now I've found a job in a financial corporation in Moscow. The money that he pays there, I would not pay! (Smiling.)

- The newspapers wrote that your daughter, Masha, quickly turned into a beauty ...

- She was shocked when we once went out for a party, and then in the newspapers there were photos with a signature: 'Alexander Gradsky brought his new 16-year-old girlfriend'. It's funny! My daughter graduated from the school, studied for a year and a half in London for design and photography courses.

- And also returned to Russia?

- She is not thrilled with England. More precisely, from the relationships that exist between people. London is an amazing city, and the country is beautiful, but people were somehow not understood by Masha. Now she will continue her studies in Moscow.

- Alexander, what is the meaning of life for you now?

- He was always the same. The meaning of life is to be in the constant search for the meaning of life and in no case to find anything like this, anything that could be called the meaning of life. That is, the movement is everything, the ultimate goal is nothing.

- I would gladly read your memoirs ...

- I do not want to give you such pleasure. I was just thinking that if you publish your memoirs, they will not turn out to be as complimentary as Makar (A.Makarevich.) - Authors. It will be just a nightmare, because I have a very good memory. It is better not to remember.

- Alexander, is it really true that in 2003 music lovers will hear your new - long-awaited! - drive " Reader "?

- I was not in the studio for twelve years. That is, I went there to 'clean' the concert recordings, and not to make new ones. All the rest of my CDs are remakes of what came out on vinyl records. The last original recording of 'Fruits from the Cemetery' dates back to the ninety-first year.

- What did the muse leave you for so long?

- And the FIG knows! Laziness ... I built a lot, eleven years dedicated to the device of life, and also began to build the theater.

- What then turned out to be stronger than laziness and pushed you to a new disk?

- Stupid story. I flew in an airplane to America. I talked to the fellow traveler. It turned out that Irina Volgin - a singer, naturally, Russian-speaking, lives in New York. She asked me to write her some songs - for the money. OK, let's try! I decided to write some simple things so that I could technically handle it. As a result, I began to try to write, which I did not do for more than ten years. He started to compose, but simple songs do not compose (smiles). I showed Irina what happened, and she suddenly liked it, but did not embarrass the complexity.

- What kind of music is it, in what style?

- The task was to write music in a variety of ways to show the new singer from different sides. Seven completely different things happened. Something inspired by country music, something - my strange fantasy ... Irina was difficult to cope with all this. For almost a month I had to work with her, so that the girl could all technically sing it.

- So 'Reader' will be a disk by Volgina, not yours?

- Why? After working with Ira, my idea came: to sing the same things myself.

- But she also bought songs from you!

- We immediately had an arrangement that other performers could sing them too. Including the author. Otherwise, it would be a completely different money if I sold everything on the vine. I received the minimum amount, which included a recording, an arrangement. I had another five or six ideas of my personal. As a result, her album will have seven of my things plus one other author, where I made the arrangement. And in my disc 'Reader' there will be twelve or thirteen things. Ira's record will soon be released in New York. My - later. If at first mine came out, I'm afraid its disks might not have sold out, but I want them to be bought, because her album deserves it.

- Than Irina Volgin was so shocked by the maestro?

- Nothing. At first she just bought the works ... Ira is a good, pretty girl, a talented person. But most of all I'm grateful to her for making me work.

- Sorry, but this is not a love story ...

- None. Ira has a wonderful family, a wonderful husband, a charming daughter. And we just have a very good relationship.

Mikhail Sadchikov </ i>