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Censorship for the stage

Talk show by Svetlana Sorokina "Basic Instinct" 05/22/2003

Can Paul McCartney speak on Red Square, how to deal with "plywood" at concerts and do we need a special law regulating all these issues? And in general is it worth the state to interfere in show business

HOST: Hello. The program "Basic Instinct" is live on the air. On Saturday in the Red Square, the legendary Paul McCartney will perform. For a long time it was believed that the Beatles and the Red Square were symbols of diametrically opposite values. And many are sure that the meeting of these symbols on the coming Saturday should make a strong impression. And others believe that concerts, songs and dances on Red Square, on the main cemetery of our country - this is blasphemy. Who is right? How can we avoid such situations in the future? Is it possible to drive show business into some legal framework? And yet, by the way, this law is now baked in the State Duma. We'll talk about all this today, but first I want to ask you to answer the question: "Do your feelings offend the concerts on Red Square?" So, the left button is yes, the right button is not. You vote, and I will introduce you to the people sitting in the front row. So,

Andrey Wolf, a deputy of the State Duma, one of the authors of the bill on the implementation of concert-tour activities.

His colleague, State Duma deputy Nikolai Kharitonov.

And Alexey Mitrofanov.

Alexander GRADSKY, a rock musician and poet.

Alena Sviridova, it is not necessary to imagine.

Artemy Troitsky, music critic.

Igor Matvienko, director, producer, composer, Igor Matvienko Producer Center LLC.

Alexander Gafin, vice-president of Alfa-Bank, one of the organizers of Paul McCartney's concerts in Red Square.

And, finally, Andrey Agapov, Director General of the International Concert Agency.

Now let's look at the results of the voting: 12% of those present offend the concerts in the Red Square, 88% believe that there is nothing wrong with this. Or they got used to it. Not the first time there are concerts. So, because of what then is the cheese, Alexei Valentinovich, why such an outrage?

DEPUTY DG RF MITROPHANOV: I do not understand what is normal in the performance at the cemetery. So there are 400 graves. 115 urns, and how? Let's hold at Vostryakovskoe cemetery. And today, incidentally, there was a unique event in general - the organizers of the concert demanded to remove the forests from the Cathedral of St. Basil the Blessed. That is, Comrade Paul McCartney can not perform in the forests, he needs to withdraw. And tomorrow he will demand to remove the burial place. He will say that I can not work in the cemetery.

MODERATOR: Well, you, Alexey Valentinovich.

MITROPHANOV: And that begins with this. No, what nonsense with Basil the Blessed? Here, tell me.

ALPHA-BANK VICE PRESIDENT A. GAFIN: It starts with the fact that we are sitting here talking, and above us the whole world laughs that the Duma is engaged in a McCartney concert in a country in which billions of problems , Which are not economically resolved. The Duma is engaged in Paul McCartney.

MITROPHANOV: In the Duma, they are engaged in politics, and not with the concert of Paul McCrathney.

GAFIN: Now you are talking about politics, about the symbol of the country. This concert will be broadcast to 260 countries around the world. And you want to ...

MITROPHANOV: And we will make money on this, yes?

GAFIN: We will earn in the image, but here there will be scaffolding, and the next day everything is closed again. Do you see?

MODERATOR: So all the same, really, they want to take down the forests, right?

GAFIN: We'll take off some forests.

MITROPHANOV: They will not let you take them off.

HOST: Tell me, please, why is Paul McCartney's concert a policy? Why do you insist on this?

MITROPHANOV: This performance on Red Square, which has a special status, is always a policy. It's like he was performing, say, in the churches of Jerusalem.

MODERATOR: Why did not you shout so when Pavarotti performed, why?

GAFIN: There is no temple of the acting, there is one side of the temple. Why the patriarch gave good, the church gave good ...

MITROPHANOV: That's not the point.

GAFIN ... the president gave good ...

HOST: The positions are clear.

GAFIN: I'll explain why, because now you want to do a little Paul McCartney's name ... Then you fought with Bush, with Blair for the war, where is the war?

MODERATOR: Alexei Valentinovich, Sasha, please, with a loud voice.

ROCK MUSICIAN, COMPOSER, POET A. GRADSKY: Sveta, I have such a request, since I do not take part in such gatherings, where everyone talks in elevated tones and interfere with each other's speaking, I Speech.

MODERATOR: Sasha, here, maybe.

GRADSKY: No. Two minutes, I marked.

MITROPHANOV: I realized that we were slipping towards Brezhnev ...

MODERATOR: No, we're losing time.

GRADSKY: I'm saying that it does not seem like a lot. Do not interrupt me to read the speech, please. Dear Light. Calmly, guys, do not take the time. I need to say faster. The information for today's meeting is hopelessly stupid, as well as senseless, because Paul McCartney's concert is unlikely to be canceled, even if one-quarter, one-eighth or one-sixteenth point from Paul McCartney arrives in Moscow. But it would not be stupid to notice that Lesha Mitrofanov, with whom I even drank and had a snack in my kitchen, may soon find himself in a pink shirt and striped jacket with a chrysanthemum or even begin to spit into the microphone and into the interlocutors, because the fate of the real artist, Lech, Is difficult. However, it was not McCartney who arranged on Red Square, the place of folk festivities and holidays, first a frontal place, and then a pogost in the last century. Not McCartney played football on Red Square and drove along paving stones on a tank. And he did not sing a tenor and conducted a symphony orchestra. And by the way, it's not him, I'm already talking to deputies who are more paradoxical than you, erected a crypt on Red Square, and then for many years, standing almost on the body of his leader, which is extremely interesting, he took physical sports parades, embracing with Pioneers. Here, it is easier to translate from there the churchyard to another more appropriate place. And the last thing about the product, my friend Lesha, Sveta, is your television product. If there were no TV crew, these TV products were constantly creating and then exploiting, they were created ... Well, there would not be Lesha a politician, but it would be just Lesha, a wonderful company guy, by the way, as far as I know, not such a bundle of nerves. All.

MODERATOR: Thank you, time did not detect. Are we closing the topic of Red Square or are we going to talk about it? So, do not close the policy against. Please, Nikolai Mikhailovich.

DEPUTY DG RF N. Kharitonov: It's bitter for me to watch and listen to such a speech written on paper. The Russians are degenerating and degenerating in Russia. Why? If today Red Square was presented for the Kuban State Cossack Choir, which in fact celebrates patriotism, one could reconcile. After all, Red Square is not only a cemetery, it's a monument. He, by the way, is protected, not only by the Russian state, and you perfectly understand it. And the memory, apparently, destroys us all the memory that has been happening for many centuries in Moscow, on the Red Square ...

MODERATOR: Yes that just did not happen. If today the concert was staged in the Luzhniki Stadium, but what if it's raining? There is a visor, construction, there would fit 70 thousand spectators. But here either ideology or care ...

KHARITONOV: The ideology is that today the Russian state is trying to drive under Paul McCartney. That's what they are trying to do. And they impose another's ideology on us. Someone else's concert program, sometimes not understanding what they are singing about ...

GAFIN: This is Suslov's speech ...

MODERATOR: Yes, he already knows all the songs by heart, in my opinion. One second. Have developed a limit so far.

GRADSKY: ... You are not an experienced TV idol, you are only a few years on the air, and I am 35 years old. And I know that Sveta can genuinely interrupt such things. Therefore, when you write on a piece of paper, it's a tip to you, and pretend to read a speech, I explain it to you, so it's clear, then the ratings are obtained, more options for not being interrupted.

MODERATOR: Dear my future guests, do not listen to Alexander Gradsky, and do not prepare your speech on paper.

GRADSKY: I can say without a paper.

DEPUTY DG RF A. WOLF: I now really want to help you to move the bridge from one topic to another.

HOST: For God's sake.

WOLF: That's what we're talking about right now, it's a question of whether you can hold a concert, or you can not hold a concert. At all this discussion and a whistle, besides that it is the big PR and the big policy, there is also other very simple reason. To date, there is no law whatsoever, which clearly regulates the conduct of concert and entertainment events in the Russian Federation. Therefore, I, for example, a big fan of Paul McCartney, a supporter of his concert in Red Square, incidentally, think that this is a great, great event for Russia, I am guided precisely in this case by a law that does not exist. If it was, what would it be about. There is an organizing company, as far as I know, authoritative, which has financial experience, insurance in the event of not arriving Paul McCartney, or his quarter, or one sixteenth, able to pay the money that viewers paid to see McCartney, or his Half, or one quarter, or one sixteenth. The Red Square in this case is coordinated as a concert venue with the administration of the President of the Russian Federation. Police, security will be. Toilets, where people can go who do not like Paul McCartney's concert, will be present at the Red Square. On the Red Square, everything is prepared for this event. If there was a law that would provide for the possibility of clear regulation of the conduct of such events, today's dispute would simply not exist.

MODERATOR: Wait, wait. He would have been anyway. Here, in fact, it is not discussed how the concert will be technically organized, but in general, whether it is possible to hold similar events on the Red Square. Apparently, for this it is necessary to determine the status of the Red Square.

GAFIN: There is a status, but it is in the hands of the President of the Russian Federation. It was the president, because the president signed the permission for this event. For a long time all this was in the hands of the president and the presidential administration.

MODERATOR: Argue with the president, you see. Pre-election year, to which the deputies have reached. The president is arguing.

Singer A. SVIRIDOVA: Can I ask you a question?

HOST: Yes, please, Alena's word.

SVIRIDOVA: Tell me, please, what is the difference between the military parade and the speech of Paul McCartney? A military parade is a show of pure water.

MITROPHANOV: The matter is that the military parades there were held in accordance with the Soviet ceremonial, which, in fact, had its own logic.

SVIRIDOVA: Is this normal in your cemetery?

MITROPHANOV: Yes, they had their own logic. They reported to their own leaders that comrades, we are on the right path. They had their own logic. There is no logic in McCartney's speech. And the second thing that I want to say about. Millions of dollars, in addition to royalties and everything else, will be spent on ensuring the security of this event.

GAFIN: We, the organizers, pay everything to a penny.

MITROPHANOV: Are you paying Luzhkov?

GAFIN: We are paying money to Luzhkov, police ...

MITROPHANOV: You do not pay the money that it costs. Instead of fighting real with criminals, the police will be distracted to ensure the safety of this event.

MODERATOR: Come on, Alexei Valentinovich, what now to stay at home.

MITROPHANOV: In Moscow, three times in two years, they raised their rent, and Luzhkov throws millions out of them to arrange an event for the rich in the center of Moscow. One and a half thousand dollars worth a ticket.

GAFIN: There are no such prices. Why deceive people?

MITROPHANOV: A thousand dollars.

GAFIN: And there are not thousands of dollars.

MODERATOR: You promised not to shout, Alexey Valentinovich.

GAFIN: The thing is, it's not for us. This concert is done for three generations of Russians who have been waiting for this day for more than 40 years.

MODERATOR: By the way, indeed, many have been waiting for this day. Artemy, is there an ideology in McCartney's speech on Red Square or is this an accidental coincidence?

MUSIC CRITIC A. Troitsky: Ideology is, of course, only interrupt is not necessary.

MODERATOR: One second, let Artemy say.

TRINITY: Ideology is, of course, that, as Sasha Gafin has already said, for at least three generations of people in our country, Paul McCartney is much more important than the entire composition of the current State Duma combined, and on a world scale he is much More important, as a person has made tens of hundreds of millions of people happy with his music, has really made happy. And the State Duma has made happy only its own pockets and satisfies its complexes, that is, they with Paul McCartney and not close to sit and not compete.

MODERATOR: That is annoying with greatness?

TRINITY: Yes, no. In fact, it is clear that these are all pre-election demagogues, they would keep silent. In this case, I want to support my electorate.

GRADSKY:: This will end badly. Now, you are in vain, I believe. People who are deputy activities and elections, they do not seem to be advising in any way what direction their rating will go after. I think that this is a big political error of the LDPR party and the party, which is represented by the respected deputy Kharitonov. I still do not know what will end.

MODERATOR: So, again everyone started talking together. One second, right. Please stop for a second, I ...

KHARITONOV: She asked a question, I'll say two words. Military parade on Red Square ...

Moderator: Her name is Alyona.

KHARITONOV: ... this is pride for the country, for the people. The State Duma was elected by the people. Artists are respected for performing arts, for songs, for dances, the State Duma is elected by the people. Are you against the people?

MODERATOR: Uh, how he turned.

Kharitonov: Do you give money for everything?

GRADSKY: This question should be answered seriously and not Gafin. He's like a millionaire. Here I am generally a national artist, so I will answer ...

MODERATOR: Also chosen by the people.

KHARITONOV: To earn money in the cemetery for you is it proper?

GRADSKY: This is the scheme. I also performed on Red Square, on some anniversary of the "Time Machine" band, we all performed for free, because we love these guys.

SVIRIDOVA: I also performed.

GRADSKY: They just sang very well. You are absolutely right, I, as a Christian, think that it is not very good at the churchyard, in general, to sing funny songs there. You can sing sad, maybe a choir, well, it's quite possible. By the way, the Cossack choir performed more than once on Red Square, and the Siberian choir performed and Russian folk songs were sung there. So, just information is not enough, it seems to me. All this was. But the problem, as it were, no. The problem is that it is worthless to have a cemetery in the center of the city at the place of people's festivities! It should be simple, really, a long time ago ... These are the symbols, Lesha correctly said, the symbols of the power that has left. Well, we will not say anything about it: neither bad nor good, but the power that has not yet admitted to its people that it was she who disorganized the great Russian state and created a situation in which 15 republics had the right to withdraw from Russia ... Have not you forgotten this by accident? Precisely because you did it in the 22nd or, you know, a year, all the republics ran legally from us.

MODERATOR: How far we have gone from show business.

GRADSKY: Are we far gone? And why? Because they say that they have sacred places there, your mother. They have relics! And we do not have a shrine there! At us, just, there too sacred.

HOST: Stopped. Please take the remote control

KHARITONOV: He must be the granddaughter of a dekulakized grandfather.

GRADSKY: I'm not him. I have...

MODERATOR: Lord, stop, please. Stop it! Sasha, I need to go on advertising.

GRADSKY: Wait a minute. It is necessary to finish. I'm sorry. If they irritated me, let them receive forever. I may be the only one of the hard-right people who say that they absolutely believe that the Communist Party in the form in which it is now must necessarily exist, there should be no infringement of this party, they must have every right They can get a majority in our people, they can get power and government in the event that they are normal, naturally, parliamentary parties, as it should be. I have no anti-communism, I have not been and I do not. Mr. Kharitonov, he does not fucking know me, that's why he said so. Mr. Zyuganov knows me well. When we greet him and smile, he knows that I mean it. But there are rules of the game. First you need to create a magnificent Pantheon. There is no problem to build it in Moscow and to transfer there all worthy of this people.

HOST: The idea is clear.

GRADSKY: And go there to worship.

MODERATOR: Please, I want you to vote before you leave for advertising, because I'm struggling to get from the Communist Party to the next part of our program. And this topic will be - "Do I need a special law regulating show business?" I hope, finally, that the producers will also connect to our conversation. And the question is: "Should the state ideologically control the show business?" Because we have already started talking about ideology. We will continue further. There is something to talk about. Should the state ideologically control the show business? The left button is "yes", the right button is "no". After 2 minutes we will know the answer to this question and continue our conversation. And the "Tatu" group from Riga should connect to our conversation in a short time. So, our voices were divided almost equally. Why, friends? And how, by the way, did the first row vote? They also shared it in half. Nikolai Kharitonov, Alexei Mitrofanov, Alena Sviridova, Igor Matvienko and Alexander Gafin believe that the state should control show business.

THE PRODUCER, COMPOSER I. MATVIENKO: Well, I think that not only ideological, but it would be nice to control what is happening on the country's fields, in general, with tours. Because now all our activities are not controlled in any way and it goes on as usual.

MODERATOR: So now, practically nothing affects this activity?

MATVIENKO: Virtually nothing.

MODERATOR: Yes, I remember attempts to repair taxes levied. And it was not very successful.

MATVIENKO: And it is very good to collect taxes, but at the same time reduce the number of pirated products sold in the country - at least 50 to 50 would be. We would be ready to pay all taxes.

WOLF: It has absolutely nothing to do with the law.

MATVIENKO: Unfortunately, this is the first time I've heard about this law on this program. Therefore, maybe I'm here ...

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