Just advertisingI understood immediately why he jumped out the window. This is a win-win situation. His head forward like he fell down and I seen all the others - the flight into the heavens, dramatically throw back his face, his hair flying, arms outstretched, eyes fixed on the unknown... Read more - Songs on the music and arrangement. So, it all started with the «Skomorokhov» in 1966, where you played with Gradsky, Buynova and Shakhnazarov. What began themselves «Skomorokhs»? and the music!

Alexander Gradsky: "The world has become more accessible, but ..."

Беседу вел Николай Свистун

"Сто дорог"
ПоСТОялец 2003 г.

Alexander Gradsky: The world has become more accessible, but ...
Фото: Cергея Бабенко

Foul language, brawler, guitarist, vocalist, composer, poet ... and all rolled into one? Is not that too much?

When you talk with Alexander Gradsky "live", you understand that no, not too much, it is rather not enough. And it is very likely that the "three-octave range" is a characteristic not so much of his unique voice as of nature, character.

- There is a stereotype of the composer as a person who sits at home and writes music, and no less stereotyped - about a singer or artist who spends most of his time on concerts and tours. How is your life?

- It's strange for me. In half. True, now it's not so intense. I used to record a lot and toured very much. But it is impossible to live permanently in such a regime as I was at 25 years old.

- Then you drove a lot?

- I finished the ride "really" in 1989-90. I managed to give concerts in sports palaces without interruption for about fifteen years, sometimes ten or twelve, or even twenty in each city.

- Geography of tours?

- The whole of the Soviet Union.

- Favorite touring routes?

- Kiev, Peter, Odessa, Sverdlovsk, Novosibirsk, Chelyabinsk ... Sometimes the audience in the big hall reacted very sharply, as if in a small room - when you literally feel the "breath of the hall".

- You had to speak abroad. What is the difference between the audience there and here?

- Here, people, of course, understand better what you are singing about. Another thing is classic. It is understandable to everyone in Japan, Germany and the United States, in a word, wherever I speak.

- Do you rest regularly?

- No, recently it does not work at all. And the novelty is very desirable, and I envy many of my friends - they somehow have the time to go to Indonesia or to some other islands. I'm afraid that I will die and I will not see, for example, China. The world has become more accessible, but you are getting older and harder on the rise, troubles arise, problems that need to be addressed. And since I decide to be alone in the family, there is no way to give myself a break. My children have seen more than I have, because they went abroad with me, and without me ...

And before there was a favorite route - on the Mediterranean by boat. One day of work - a concert for tourists - and for two weeks I could ride the Mediterranean with my family. In each such trip we always went to Italian ports.

- In one movie it is said that "Italians have special voices". Do you agree with this?

- Yes, but not special, but just their own, like the Russians. Firstly, the southern climate influences the voice - it softens it. Secondly, there is an Italian school of singing. The teacher showed me everything that I now use when I sing Italian songs.

Bel canto is a purely technical device.

- What do you call a "circus"?

- No, circus can be called what I was doing, performing in the Bolshoi Theater party Astrologer. (In the opera "The Golden Cockerel." The most technically difficult part on the opera stage .- NS) But this is not bel canto - it's Russian music. After all, Italians can not sing Russian music the way they should - this style is "torn", they have no emotional, they are not accustomed. I can sing German music, which neither Russian nor Italians can do, I can sing Italian, and, of course, Russian. I just learned this myself.

- In your interview in 1997, I read that "the great Gradsky man lives in a small apartment", in the 99th - wrote that "the voice of Gradsky long walks through the expanses of his apartments" ...

- Yes, I moved to a completely luxurious apartment, and before I had a small apartment, 55 meters. I did a lot of repairs for a long time in a large room, which I adapted to the workshop and under the housing.

- Do you consider your life arranged from a domestic point of view?

- It's fantastic. Very few people managed to arrange it so well. What does life mean? You earn - there is a life, you do not earn - means, life is not. And then - there would be a desire. I, for example, have been building a dacha for eight years. And around everything has already been built up, drinking wine and shish kebabs, but I'm well settled - I go to visit them.

- Alexander Borisovich, and if I had to leave the country ...

- How is it? Emigrate? What do you mean "would have to"? I would be very surprised if it happened. I feel Russian. Everything is familiar here - you can communicate with anyone, even if in a deranged state or just a person who is socially far from me - and not feel irritated.

- After all, at one time many of those who were considered "pillars of Russian culture" had to leave ...

- Pillars of Russian culture? Here you will leave to Vladimir - and there already nobody knows who it is. For example, we know who Velimir Khlebnikov is, and for someone he is no one ...

- They say that in Russia two troubles are fools and roads. You from what you suffer more?

- From the roads, of course. A fool can be ignored, and it is easier to get rid of him than from a bad road. After all, if the road is bad, there is nowhere to go.

- That is, fools do not interfere with the construction of the theater ... What do you imagine it? When is the discovery?

- I think it will be a good building with good equipment. Theater with traditions. As for the discovery ... After a year and a half. I talk all the time. A year ago he said that in a half, six months ago - the same. Terms are constantly shifting. But I do not worry too much - the city is building.

- And if the mayor changes?

- I hope that this will not happen in the near future. After all, Luzhkov is a kind of godfather of this idea, the main "spring". Well, if it goes away ... I think my authority will be enough to convince the next mayor. If not, I'll do something else, I'll shoot the movie.

- You have a wonderful song dedicated to VS Vysotsky. Once, when asked what he would like, he replied: "To be remembered." And for you it is important?

- Once I answered the same, but now I do not know what to say. And Vysotsky said more: "So that everywhere they let it go." (Laughs.) To remember ... Well, what does it matter if you look with a last sigh at the walls of the hospital ward or your house and realize that everything is already ending ...

- You said that the place in history is guaranteed to you as a singer ...

- Rather like a circus performer, that is, a "techie" with a voice range of three octaves. And as a singer, as a poet - a big question. So I recently bought a book Barkova - there mat-peremat ... Judge for yourself - two hundred years of poetry, and the poet is bad (although interesting), and I bought his book ...

- About mate. You have a strong reputation as a great admirer of this kind of oral folk art - and a great master ...

- No, as Barkov, I can not. And the stupidity that our deputies are doing ... I liked how at one meeting, almost on the abolition of the mate as such, they quite naturally fought, only the "peak-peak" was heard - it's very funny! (Laughs.)

- If you want to read good literature - whose books are taken from the shelf?

- Recently, Nabokov, and Bulgakov - on it now doing work (opera "Master and Margarita" - NS). I think to start recording it. I'm afraid that a few more years, and I will not sing it any more technically - the voice will be erased.

- Is there a favorite work in the repertoire?

- None.

- Will there be an artist who will say "Yes"?

- Such a fool can only say. A normal person does not say such stupid things. Why then sing the rest? There are things that you want to sing at the moment, there are things that are just boring. For example, the song "How young we were ..." I'm tired! 27 years of it already ...

- And you do not sing it anymore?

- How! I'll start with it!