Just advertisingRock can be proud of, that has brought such a bard: his dedication Wysocki interesting not only narcissistic experience Makarevich, but the wonderful creations of our famous poets (yes, they will forgive me). A Gradskij obviously was on this day is not with the elite, but with ordinary people about what and told in his song, in this July day, the people accompanied the national poet. Perhaps, in his song is not so beautiful rhyme, but it is closer to the spirit of the Vysotsky... Read more - Songs on the music and arrangement. So, it all started with the «Skomorokhov» in 1966, where you played with Gradsky, Buynova and Shakhnazarov. What began themselves «Skomorokhs»? аккаунт cs go and the music!

On the air of the radio station "Echo of Moscow" -
Alexander Gradsky

Ether is led by Matvey Ganapolsky, Elena Kandaritskaya, Nikolai Tamrazov.

"Echo of Moscow"
July 27, 2003

On the air of the radio station Echo of Moscow - Alexander Gradsky

M. Ganapolsky - Traditional "Beaumonde" in the studio "Echo of Moscow". Lena Kandaritskaya, good afternoon, Nikolai Ishuyevich Tamrazov and our guest Alexander Gradsky. Let's applaud, we are few, but applause is always good. Honestly, what about Sasha, you can talk in the heat, when on the street 32 ​​degrees today promised?

A. GRADSKY - It's necessary to be conditioned in all senses.

M. GANAPOLSKY - No, what to talk about?

A. GRADSKY - Then understand what to do, cool down.

M. GANAPOLSKY - By the way, they are talking about you as a master of rest. I passed a number of resort places, there were a lot of them, but there probably is no smoke without fire, and where I was driving, I was told - you see that house, usually something with columns, dimensionless - it's Gradsky's house.

A. GRADSKY - That's not true.

E. KANDARITSKAYA - Like a cat in boots - whose house is this?

A. GRADSKY - The Marquise of this.

M. GANAPOLSKY - That was the situation. It was a certain period in your life, and there was such a story that you had to attribute everything to it. Alla has not yet built ...

A. GRADSKY - I myself have not yet built, I really built such a nightmare with the columns, everything is right and there my people who produce work in my absence, lead the delegation there to show this house. They obviously do it for free.

E. Kandaritskaya - I wanted to say - for the money.

A. GRADSKY - But they are already fed up with this, but since they built it all, although under my leadership, but with their own hands, that's why it is possible for them to show it, the fruit of their labor. But this is a permanent process, to build this house, maybe never will. But I'm building it. Till.

E. KANDARITSKAYA - Sasha, do you rest in the suburbs?

A. GRADSKY - I do not rest at all.

E. KANDARITSKAYA - All the same.

A. GRADSKY - No, to the sea, if it works. If I build this house after all in the ninth year, maybe I'll rest there, too.

E. Kandaritskaya - Just the Egyptian pyramids.

M. GANAPOLSKY - Tell me, this colonnade, which goes into the distance beyond the horizon to the left, I mean not the right colonnade, where the hanging gardens of Semiramis, and the left, are there, what should be the end?

A. GRADSKY - The fence.

M. GANAPOL - Neighborhood.

A. GRADSKY - With electricity, so no one climbs.

M. GANAPOLSKY - Comrades, we, of course, remember the wonderful concert of Gradsky, when he performed all sorts of different works with a huge orchestra, it was, of course, very impressive. After that there was some long pause, let's remember now, we'll talk about this pause, and in general, what the master is doing now, but let's listen to the music first. What will it be?

A. GRADSKY - This is a romance of Nemarina, a recording from a jubilee concert.


M. GANAPOLSKY - There are applauses, we have our own.

H. TAMRAZOV - Bravo, bravo, such a falsetto is remarkable.

A. GRADSKY - It's not a falsetto, it's a mixer.

M. GANAPOLSKY - Do you finally recognize that there is a person who sings better than you?

H. TAMRAZOV - It's not better, why, in a different way.

A. GRADSKY - But I'm dancing worse.

M. GANAPOLSKY - We simply have our black envious in every program.

A. GRADSKY - It's normal, it should be.

M. GANAPOLSKY - The concert was a milestone, the final thing, although, speaking of you, you say that the final one somehow does not feel like it.

A. GRADSKY - Final for the period.

M. GANAPOLSKY - Yes, indeed, there are some things in the year 90 recorded in this same concert hall.

A. GRADSKY - No, there were three songs that did not go out anywhere, and so when the disc was released ...

M. GANAPOLSKY - Recorded - November 3, 1999, as well as 3 songs recorded in the same hall at the concert of 1990 year.

A. GRADSKY - They just did not go out anywhere.

M. GANAPOLSKY - It does not matter, just collected everything. It is very interesting how the plate is made out. Mr. artist ...

A. GRADSKY - The artist is unknown.

M. GANAPOLSKY - I speak the artist in a broad sense. His profile, you know, was cut out of black paper.

A. GRADSKY - It says where it happened.

M. Ganapolsky - Design of Alexander Gradsky, the notion, the profile of the work of an unknown artist, the Ramblas, Barcelona, ​​Spain. Done from nature for $ 2.

E. KANDARITSKAYA - It was done in the Crimea for a much smaller amount.

M. GANAPOLSKY - By the way, he was lucky, because now they are doing just for the euro.

A. GRADSKY - Then there were no euros.

M. GANAPOLSKY - How are you doing, Sashenka?

A. GRADSKY - I did not enter the studio for 13 years, that is, I made records mainly of the concert plan, there were two such works released, one "Live in Russia-1", the other "Live in Russia-2". Then, during all this time, a pretty serious thing was done, all my analog records, analogue on the tape, were digitized and released on CDs. It's all ...

M. GANAPOLSKY - Giant work.

A. GRADSKY - Huge, and most importantly, what happened in this case is that in a good sense of the word it is not being destroyed now. That is, it will not burn, it will not run away, it will not fill with water. This is in a qualitative form. A friend of mine has long reproached me for having created monuments to himself, but this is not right. I tell him, well, how can I do something, I have done something, I have done something, I must fix it, so that it does not break. And considering that the analogue film is pouring down, that is, it is being destroyed, and in the record in another way, if one imagines how some remarkable author himself today interpreted his work, say, of the eighteenth century, to hear Paisiello want his opera to sound . Or hear how Chopin wanted to sound his piano work. As he himself may be, this would be played either by the person to whom he told about the nuances. Today there is a brilliant piece, notes with notes, everything is fine, but it's not for nothing that Rakhmaninov in his romances for fool-vocalists has tagged almost every two bars, a little quieter, a little louder, smoother, with more emotion, mezzo forte, three-forte, Just for fools painted. Therefore, the person who sings Rachmaninov's romances completely, observing all that the author wrote, he can go crazy, because, firstly, it must be remembered, and there is nothing of his own. Ideally - this is when you take what the author did, first you roll it, and then you are already trying to put your interpretation into this matter. Therefore, today's recording of these works is not written for one or two days, this is a great opportunity to preserve the author's version. Then it can be performed by some other performers, the musicians sing.

M. Ganapolsky - But as always masterfully Gradsky left the question. That is 13 years did not go into the studio ...

A. GRADSKY - To make a special record.

M. GANAPOLSKY - And now ...

A. GRADSKY - I finished it the day before yesterday. She has one wonderful thing for me. I analyzed my records so much, I looked at who they needed it for. And I did it that out of my 15 records, no, well, there are crazy fans out there who love everything I did, they are abnormal people, everything I do will be all right for them. And there are such normal people who like one record, the second likes less, the fourth is like. And the eighth is somehow not very. They listen to the "Stadium" opera, and Eluard does not, or, on the contrary, they love Eluard, but Russian songs do not. And it turned out, like, on the shelf, there are, maybe, everything, but these 2-3 loved ones were divided into plates. And now I did it all inside one plate. That is, it is understandable, the plate was in one direction lined up, in the other direction, in the third, fourth, and now inside one plate are lined up in different directions.

M. Ganapolsky - Maybe we'll reveal a great secret, what's there?

A. GRADSKY - Nothing, it's just that the Reader is called.

E. Kandaritsky - Or a collection of works.

A. GRADSKY - Reader, textbook, manual. There, even the songs are not announced by name, but are declared by genre, narrow - samba, rumbo, lullaby, song, waltz.

M. GANAPOLSKY: Okay, but if a person does not enter the studio for 13 years to make a record, then the question arises: what is he doing all this time?

A. GRADSKY - He sings actually, I'm a singer, maybe you do not know, but I sing sometimes.

M. GANAPOLSKY - The singer is the one who ...

A. GRADSKY - Always singing.

M. GANAPOLSKY - The one that we sing at night clubs. And I do not see the name of Gradsky, but where does he sing?

A. GRADSKY - It's cheap to sing in nightclubs, it's for those who are cheaper.

E. KANDARITSKAYA - I want to say that in general everything fits right. For 9 years the country house has been under construction, 13 years are preparing the disk ...

A. GRADSKY - 28 years old the opera "Master and Margarita" is being written.

E. KANDARITSKAYA - That is, a person who works, a person who is not on short distances.

A. GRADSKY - Absolutely so.

E. Kandaritsky - There was a wonderful concert of the Svetlanov orchestra, where you sang along with Larisa Dolina. That's during this time, until 13 years, until you enter the studio, did not practice the vocals ...

A. GRADSKY - Writing.

E. KANDARITSKAYA - Where did you perform?

A. GRADSKY - It's very simple, a certain program is being made, which is similar to this CD, from which we have now given a romance, this program is fiddling around the cities. It's not as active as before, it's not my 20 concerts in sports palaces ...

M. GANAPOL - One by one.

A. GRADSKY - Yes, and it was still good on my part, I'm responsible for that, because, say, you could sing three solo concerts in the Sports Palace with all three-channel ranges and so on. This concert is less, first, people began to go to concerts less generally, and secondly, they began to go to my concerts less ...

M. GANAPOLSKY - That I do not understand. Nikolai Ishuyevich.

A. GRADSKY - It's very simple. In Russia it is impossible to be always in sight. This is wrong, and you need to try, as little as possible to be in sight, so that you go to the next year, and in two, and in three years. Therefore, for example, when they tell me that you are not enough, I say that it's good.

H. TAMRAZOV - What kind of fun I am, that I do not exist at all.

M. GANAPOLSKY - Friends, we will now pause, fresh news.

A. GRADSKY - I already see.

M. GANAPOLSKY - What do you see?

A. GRADSKY - That man has come ...

M. GANAPOLSKY - As it's a man, it's not just a person, it's charming ...

A. GRADSKY - I first said - a person, then I say - a beautiful girl, and the same can beat if I compliment too often.

M. GANAPOLSKY: No, it is mainly in court that it claims for erotic claims.

A. GRADSKY - And you win?

M. GANAPOLSKY - Well, we listen to the news, well, always wins.


M. GANAPOLSKY - So, there was a new CD, about it ahead.

A. GRADSKY - Not yet.

M. GANAPOLSKY - Already in the figure there is a figure - there is immortality. How else did you spend your leisure time?

A. GRADSKY - I did not rest, Matvei. I did not rest at all, I'm going to somehow somehow.

M. GANAPOLSKY - But you do not look like a person who does not rest. In my opinion you get from this. You are talking about the sea with great pleasure ...

A. GRADSKY - I love it, I can not leave, I have not traveled anywhere for more than a year and a half. I used to get that I go on a cruise meal, I sing a concert there, they let me live in the cabin, go to barcelona. Recently it does not come out, and I always say to myself - I'll finish the record now, I'll go on vacation. And, finishing and I just can not, and now I can not rest, because on September 15 there will be a presentation of the record, so now we need to do the design, blah blah blah, write the lyrics.

M. GANAPOLSKY - Blah blah blah we will replace with la-la-la.

A. GRADSKY - with vocal music.

M. GANAPOLSKY - So, what's next?

A. GRADSKY - And I do not know what you decided.

M. GANAPOLSKY - And now it will go, and you will immediately say what it is. Attention, the soundtrack begins.

A. GRADSKY - Ah, this is the anthem of Russia in my version. Since I think it should be done.

M. GANAPOLSKY - That is your music?

A. GRADSKY - No, the music is not mine, my text.


M. GANAPOLSKY - But such a complicated story, it gives me a complex contradictory feeling, because when "God save the king ..." in the original, and then how?

A. GRADSKY - "God save us all".

M. GANAPOLSKY - I can see right away that I am not now talking about your text, but about the approach, it seems, like Mikhalkov, let's replace the Communist Party with ... and then this Gradsky ...

E. KANDARITSKAYA - That's a conjuncture, you mean.

M. GANAPOL - Not a conjuncture.

A. GRADSKY - Then there was no contest yet ...

M. Ganapolsky - Just took the text that everyone knows, the king did not, took it, took it out and replaced it with another word.

A. GRADSKY - I can explain it, it's very similar to the truth. And maybe this is true and there is only one "but", that's in what sense. The form of government and I believe that Sergei Vladimirovich Mikhalkov did not do anything reprehensible in this respect either. The form of government is changing, the form of government has changed, the country has remained. The form of government is changing, the text is changing, and this has been done repeatedly in the text of the anthem of Russia, even before the revolution it was also done, when there were some words that did not suit the next king, it changed. The problem is different, in what seems to me, and I will not give up on my idea, there may be another text, for example, not mine, and 25 more people will write the text, but the music of Prince Lvov should be the anthem of our country. Let them shoot me, I'll get up to the hymn of Russia, which is now, and no idiocy - I will not get up, I will not go, it's not allowed. We have the anthem of Russia, the author of his Alexandrov, we have the author Mikhalkov and so on. Everything, this is your hymn. The hymn of your country, must rise, give honor. If there is ever another hymn, the same thing will have to be done. This is my version and that's why I think that music determines. Alexandrov's music is bad, I do not know what they do to me, but bad music. And the music of Prince Lvov is good, that's good music and that's it. And I, as a musician, can argue with any other musician, explain why most musicians will not even argue with me. And I will say that yes, there are some purely professional things. Taramtam-taramtam-taramtam-taramtam-taramtam-tar.

M. GANAPOLSKY - And here, ta-ra-tara-tara-ta-ra-tara.

A. GRADSKY - No, there are already two musical periods. And there are only 8 different musical periods of the so-called, and here one that repeats from one verse to another.

M. Ganapolsky - In general, it is somehow easier for the Soviet people to sing that hymn.

A. GRADSKY - Not true, once there was a discussion about that complex text. I wrote a simple text, even football fans can remember it. And remember "Russia, our great power ..." is very difficult for a football fan, and for a person who is simply illiterate in musical poetry, it is very difficult. You see, it is necessary and it is possible to teach a hymn in school so that they know the children and then maybe everyone will really know everything from childhood, singing and so on. This must be done. But I have an absolutely accurate opinion that, in principle, it is not for nothing that some of our former republics returned to the Constitution of previous years, in 1921, someone in the 1940s. It was not done in vain, it would be necessary, we will return on March 5, 1918, change the form of government, establish the republic, approve the president, and then this legal chain would not be interrupted by idiocy. Because we had a chain of idiocy since 1918 legal. The fact that all the people there approve of something does not mean that we are legally today in a clean, so to speak, field, in a clean legal legal field. We returned in March 5, called a constituent assembly, decided that now we have not a monarchy, but a republic, we will have such a hymn, such a flag, so la-la-la, now let's choose the Duma, we will choose the president and that's all. This has not yet been done. If I were the boss, I would do it legally all the same.

M. GANAPOLSKY - We have Svetlana writing, there are a lot of messages on the pager.

A. GRADSKY - Why not directly? Svetlana, hello.

M. GANAPOLSKY - Hello, instead of Svetlana. Many people say that they are glad to hear you, they have not heard your songs for a long time. Tea, not Caruso, so Hradsky tea, it's different.

A. GRADSKY - Caruso is a brilliant singer, you know, not everyone can even get a hint to him.

M. GANAPOLSKY - Caught you on a malicious lie, it turns out, you say that you did not go anywhere, and "in the spring last year, Gradsky was in New York."

A. GRADSKY - So I do not rest there, I work.

M. GANAPOLSKY - And here came the message from Svetlana, this, of course, the message puts an end to our entire conversation.

A. GRADSKY - Interesting.

M. GANAPOLSKY - "I like and impresses that this remarkable singer has a civil position."

A. GRADSKY - Thank you, dear, I knew that our communication would not break Ganapolsky.

E. KANDARITSKAYA - Sasha, and I wanted to ask before Matvai read, and what's your relationship with politics?

A. GRADSKY - I do not notice her, she does not notice me either, but we greet, and with all successively, all the politicians of all parties and all directions greet me for some reason. It's pretty strange, it maybe talks about me badly, I do not know. I'm greeted absolutely by everyone, and I greet everyone.

E. KANDARITSKAYA - But do you watch the news programs?

A. GRADSKY - Yes, of course, almost everyone who has the opportunity to look.

E. KANDARITSKAYA - Do you have any interest in this?

A. GRADSKYA - Ethnographic interest, I look at it from an ethnographic point of view.

M. GANAPOLSKY - Better with ornithological.

A. GRADSKY - I will not specify, ethnography is still a softer term.

M. GANAPOLSKY - Of course, the people are already supporting the new hymn with terrible force, and they say where they are already going to the columns in order to ...

A. GRADSKY - No need to gather in the columns.

M. GANAPOLSKY - Many offer near your dacha.

A. GRADSKY - No, I think we should do this. Anthem, of course, but someone said that we should ripen. There is nothing unshakable in life, yet it changes.

H. TAMRAZOV - There will be a new Duma, you can throw this thought into it.

A. GRADSKY - No, as long as a decision has been made today, I understand at the highest level that we must reconcile all, we need to do this. There, of course, there are their fennies, to force, to say, the president of Lithuania, I already spoke about this, stood at attention when playing the former hymn of the Soviet Union, this also has its own pieces.

M. GANAPOLSKY - Let's listen to the next song, because there are only four songs ...

A. GRADSKY - But there is not much time.

M. GANAPOLSKY - It began, what is it?

A. GRADSKY - It's such a joke, a joke of humor.


M. Ganapolsky - I want to say that these songs, where you are not only the author of music, but also words, they are my favorite ones, it's very clever of you. Such stories are strange, some reflections about our life, but very much such detached witty, where everything is intertwined, both meaning and humor. Friends, we have Lena from St. Petersburg wrote: "Alexander yesterday in the" White Parrot "kept silent, today with you an anecdote in the program Ganapolsky and his colleagues."

A. GRADSKY - This is probably the old version of "Parrot". Well, well, anecdote is told. The English lord rises from the couch in the morning, goes to the window, takes a cigar, cuts off the tip, lights a cigar, looks out the window, then puts the cigar in an ashtray, goes to the fridge, takes out a bottle of whiskey, two pieces of ice, and pours 50 grams. Whiskey, drinks. Then he again takes a cigar from the ashtray, makes two puffs, then comes to the cage with the parrot, removes a black rag from it. Then he comes back to the fridge, pours himself another 50 grams of whiskey, throws two pieces of ice there, stares dreamily out the window, smokes a cigar. Then he puts out a cigar in this glass of whiskey, closes the bottle from the whiskey, puts it in the fridge, wipes the glass in the wash-stand, approaches the sofa, looks out the window dreamily, approaches the cage with the parrot, puts a black rag on the cage and lies on the sofa. A voice from under the rag: "Here e long-long-long, - then the unprintable word, - day." So what is this long, long, bloody day, sir?

M. GANAPOLSKY - Now let's be more precise about the torus, which we will now listen to.

A. GRADSKY - This is a piece of this work, from the Reading Room is quite long, but I think this is the most hit song. I can be mistaken, and since all parts in the textbook are named by genre, that is waltz, rock'n'roll, country, this thing is brazenly called a hit. Therefore, you can listen to it and I am very glad that it will be at the "Echo of Moscow" that this premiere takes place, because you are the first who hears this thing in the recording.

M. GANAPOLSKY - In turn, thank you very much for coming.

A. GRADSKY - With pleasure.

M. GANAPOLSKY - So, the completion of the construction of the pyramid of Cheops. Cheops, by the way commented, he said - in our time built faster.

E. KANDARITSKAYA - And more, Sash, so that you will succeed with your theater, which I hope will open.

A. GRADSKY - This is one of the long projects, long-long project.

H. TAMRAZOV - About 20 years ago, in Novosibirsk, when I announced your concerts, you invited me to your theater. Do not you refuse?

A. GRADSKY - No, no.

E. KANDARITSKAYA - Illuminator, Kolya.

A. GRADSKY - The main thing, wait, please, do not leave the air.

M. GANAPOLSKY - All, friends, we say goodbye, Alexander Gradsky was our guest.