Just advertisingI got up in the morning. And I dreamed the night «Latina.» That's so, «I do not blame anybody, I did not catch up ...» This is imagined, then, an hour for three or four, I wrote the lyrics, the chorus written in the evening, the day started to do this sort of computer processing, and then arrangement, then led the orchestra, and then imposed this orchestra, and then reduced. The case was delayed for two weeks and spent about another thousand dollars on all this Baida. And the result was 15 songs... Read more - Songs on the music and arrangement. So, it all started with the «Skomorokhov» in 1966, where you played with Gradsky, Buynova and Shakhnazarov. What began themselves «Skomorokhs»? and the music!

Gradsky and video

Gradsky and video

It's great that we remembered Gradsky's long work - " I do not believe it all ". It is known that Alexander Borisovich tried many things in modern music in our country first. So "Shaltai-Boltai" (the exact name of the song "Tribe of Shaltaev-Boltaev") became practically the first, professionally, in the cutting-edge stylistics made by us video clip.

Actually, the screen versions of songs in the USSR were engaged in earlier. Let's recall, for example, the "Steamer" Leonid Utyosov - the famous movie of the 1930s. But as for VIDEOclip, what appeared in popular music in the 1980s and at the first stage was not so much conveyor stamping (as in the current MuzTV), how many piece, one might even say, artistic work (from Peter Gabriel, "Yuritmiks" "etc.), where it was not just a flicker of frames, but a KALEIDOSCOPE OF IMAGES - rapidly changing, but paradoxically related - semantic, musical, rhythmic ... In early clips, the possibilities of electronic editing, the combination of" naturally th "tele-animation with animation, computer animation, all sorts of" synthesized "images.

"The meaning of the video for rock music can only be compared with the appearance of a stereophonic record, and the first and second became an independent field of creativity ... At the heart of the clip there is always an unusual twist, an unexpected plot move ... The possibilities of video technology allow miracles to be performed on the screen , inaccessible on stage, directed by V. Kryukov for the program "Jolly Fellows" on television, made a video with Alexander Gradsky, who is rightfully considered the first Soviet rock musician.The singer performed in English the song "The Shaltaev-Boltai tribe "in which the characteristic nihilism of the younger generation, brought up on the samples of pop culture, is parodied.The background in the clip is photographs from catalogs, illustrated magazines, advertising brochures.The clip is played with details: a live hand touches strings on a photo of a guitar, the leg of one of the old people in the picture beats the rhythm of the song.The words "And I already do not believe in anything!" are accompanied by a crack of broken glass, behind which there is a new interior from the brochure. Every denial, accompanied by destruction on the screen, generates new stereotypes, and so on ad infinitum. " (Stanislav Zinuk" Soviet rock stars on the screen "-" Musical Life "No. 22 (744), November 1988).

I think this was the first real, stylish, witty and professionally made video clip on Soviet television. Gradsky himself was inimitable. (The presenters presented it as follows: "I do not believe in anything!", Sings the popular NOT WITH US Singer Sandy Grad! "). Then he, dashingly dancing, rushed to jump along the fashionable street with "steep", non-Soviet-style mansions. Then he emerged from the bed of a luxurious beauty on the turn of a glossy magazine. Then suddenly with a frying pan (picture in the cookbook) clapped his own, without glasses - unrealistically huge eyes (scrambled eggs) |

According to the music of "Shaltai" - a traditional rock and roll square, a theme reminiscent of "And this is how Dad sang".

Returning to the cited quote from S. Zinyuk's article in the "Musical Life", I want to note that, for the biggest rock musicians, the video, in the long run, did not acquire such serious significance - unlike stereophonic recordings combined with "landscape thinking ". (Here indeed, indeed, genuine masterpieces were created, including personally by Alexander Gradsky, which I, as an employee of the record-making museum, declare responsibly). And in order to visualize the art of a great rock musician, you can not think of anything better than the well-recorded LIVE performances. What Alexander Borisovich did, after releasing three powerful authorial movie -concert: "Anti-perestroika blues", "Live in Russia" and "Live in Russia-2." Jubilee concert ".

However, there is also another video clip from Gradsky. He was shown in the program of Dmitry Dibrov " Anthropology ", in the release, aired in late October 1999, just before the celebration of the 50th anniversary of A .G. and on the eve of filming " Autotofe ". It was a screen version of the song "Man on the Sofa" from the album "Fruits from the Cemetery". In the frame were neighbors: AG himself. singing, "helping" him Eric Clapton, skipachi / cellists - laureates of the competition. P.I. Tchaikovsky, the orderlies with stretchers, etc. Very funny, sarcastic and rock'n'roll. I removed and assembled everything personally Alexander Gradsky.

"I wrote the song myself, I sang it myself, I shot it myself, I watch it myself," the Maestro joked sadly ...

Oleg Petukhov

August 25, 2003