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Thirteen years later

Alexander Gradsky presented his new album


Based on materials Izvestia.RU

Thursday 18 September 2003
Alexander Gradsky presented his new album - «Khrestomatiya»

The disc " Khrestomatiya " is the first studio work by Gradsky over the past 13 years. In stores, it is not yet sold, and it is unclear whether it will be; journalists could listen to it only under the vigilant gaze of the author.

The test was not easy: the album consists of 15 songs, lasts forever and represents races in different styles, from ballads to hard rock and some kind of opera-like ditties. The idea of the album originated in Gradsky more than a year ago during the third-party work on songs for some pop singer. The songs, however, liked Hradsky himself, and he finished another ten, resulting in a suitable for a solo album set. It's really a pop album, some of the songs are easy to imagine in the performance of singers like Ariana, on the whole it resembles a home record of the slightly damaged intellect Karel Gott. Heard that instead of live musicians Gradsky preferred to invest in a big and expensive synthesizer, which made the record an unforgettable chemical taste of the early eighties. It makes no sense to wonder why she came out right now and what the break in thirteen years is due to - Mr. Gradsky has long left the show business and that's why he can do whatever he pleases.

However, the "Anthology", published on the personal label of the singer, already has at least one dedicated listener - it's Gradsky himself. Over the years, more and more like Victor Gerashchenko, he listened to his own album, not looking at journalists and with apparent pleasure, now and then asking to do more loudly. In the end, the most important detail turned out: it turns out, "Khrestomatiya" is a warm-up before the album "Master and Margarita", which Gradsky wants to record while the voice allows. And the voice, judging by the "Khrestomatiya", so far can allow him a lot.

"Alexander Gradsky's response to journalist Karminsky"