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Alexander Gradsky will train journalists in musical literacy

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11 September 2003 18:45

Press conference devoted to the release of the album 'Khrestomatiya' by Alexander Gradsky will be held at the club' Studio 'on September 16. 'Reader' - the first studio record of the singer after a 13-year break, all these years the musician released only concert recordings. Explaining the correspondent of InterMedia why he decided to record the album right now, Alexander Gradsky says that it's just 'ripe'. The idea of ​​creating the album arose a little over a year ago, when the artist was asked to write several songs for one singer, whose surname is kept secret. It so happened that these songs were lined up in a complex composition, united by a common concept, and the singer had the idea to continue the topic with a dozen more works. Thus, 15 compositions were created, which formed the basis of the 'Chrestomathy'. Alexander Gradsky himself, laughing, calls the new album a "manual on musical literacy." The thing is that all these things are written in different genres - foxtrot, blues, bard songs, country, ballad, soul, hard rock, etc. The musician claims that he wanted to show himself in different genres and explain his approach to that or other direction. In 'The Chrestomathy' Gradsky decided to appear in the image of a lyrical hero. "I almost do not use the full power of the voice," the artist says. "I'm pretty restrained in this album." Alexander Gradsky promises that in the 'Anthology', each of his fans will find the songs to their liking: 'If before the attachments of my audience were distributed among the albums - someone more liked one album, someone else - on this record, everyone would find for yourself at least 3-4 things to your liking, so it is diverse in terms of music. " The album is released by the company headed by Alexander Gradsky, MTKMO.

Press conference Alexander Gradsky is going to hold in the form of friendly gatherings with guests and journalists. Most of the time will be given to the collective listening to the new record and its subsequent discussion. After listening to the singer is going to hold a small lecture on the topic: 'How can you compose and record in our country'. Alexander Gradsky invited to the briefing and his colleagues who took part in the recording of the 'Chrestomathy': Igor Butman, Yuri Ivanov and others.

The beginning of the press conference at 16.00.

Elena Bedush, Valentina Dementieva