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Presentation "Anthology": view from Nizhny Novgorod

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September 22, 2003

A view from Nizhny Novgorod - Alexander Gradsky

September 16, 16.00, club "Studio", presentation of the disc "Reader" - a phenomenon in itself unique. For the first time, Alexander Borisovich holds the PRESENTATION of his CD, this is the first studio work for the last 13 years, and for the first time Gradsky releases such an original album - "A Handbook on how to work in different musical genres."

The Waltz , and samba, and country rock, and rock ballad, and a lullaby, and even a hit - 15 completely different, interesting music pieces, arranged in a certain composition ...

So this long-awaited evening has come. Alexander Borisovich in excellent shape, with a great mood personally meets his guests at the doors of the club "Studio".

Here came Margarita Pushkin, known at least for working with Gradsky on the libretto of the "Stadium". But Yuri Ivanov is a musician who has worked with Alexander Borisovich since time immemorial, just a legendary person! Profits from different cities of our (and not only our) country, with impatience waiting for this day, the authors of the Internet site dedicated to the work of Gradsky. Well, of course, there were journalists, photographers and video filming!

All! Alexander Borisovich announced the beginning of the presentation and said that everyone who wanted to come - came, and so already for half an hour delayed. In order to "get rid of stupid and unnecessary questions" Gradsky began the evening with a little story about the disk and working on it.

Unfortunately, I immediately said that I would not sing: "This is a presentation of the CD!". Often, according to Gradsky, singers write a shitty album, and at the presentation they sing completely different songs, he does not intend to do it. Mentioned that more than 200 musical instruments were involved in the recording of the record, Symkin's symphony orchestra, Igor Butman (saxophones) took part. Alexander Borisovich did not forget to say a few words about those who came: about Butman, Goncharov, Ivanov, about Ira Volgina, who "made work" Gradsky, and the authors of the site, affectionately calling "psycho": "With pure enthusiasm, without any material interest site on the Internet - psyche! ».

After completing the introductory speech and asking to turn off the mobile phones, Gradsky began the main part of the presentation - listening to the disc.

It was near the sea,
It was at the sky.
There were angels, chimneys and chorus.
And at this time
To the chimneys and chorus
Downpours fell from the mountain.

We sang: "All You Need Is LOVE!"
I realized: "All need LOVE!"
You see: "All feel LOVE!"
"Love is all you need!"

The first song, and the heart is already subdued! Delicate lyrical vocals, beautiful music - turned out touching, touched the very finest strings of the soul, blues.

Do not start without me.

And want to - start!

And, if necessary, - compose!

But write without me ...

Rumba Swing! To tell the truth, earlier vaguely imagined a similar genre. Brilliantly! I would like to dance, and at the same time such longing in my soul ...

But the lullaby already sounds:

I'm only two days old.

I have no name yet.

How do I call you?

I rejoice that I live.

Joy - so call me.

I can not speak - this music needs to be listened to!

Correctly said Alexander Borisovich, that this music is of a completely different quality than any other, made by Russian performers, be it pop or rock.

It needs to be listened to at a different, completely different level of attention. And to keep track of all musical instruments, it is advisable to listen to each song once every 15 and not more than 2 songs a day. And he's right! A thousand times right!

If a woman throws you -
Tell this woman right away:
Listen, woman, even not loving me,
Gently put me down.
Put me where you took,
So that the other can pick up,
So that the other in order led me to
And could give il or sell! It's time to forget hurt and hurt.
It's time to forget what the family means.
And a little believe in simple love
And a little faith in yourself.
It's time not to remember evil and hurt.
It's time to start moving forward.
The loser one day wins,
Unlucky suddenly lucky. If you wrote a song Make sure you did not steal it,
And when you make sure that you have stashed it -
Do not be sad that the song was stolen.
For the one you have a melody with,
Your music from childhood loving,
Was certainly cunning, clever and cunning,
She used to steal from you!

Samba! Great sarcasm!

Smiles on the faces of almost all present and thunderous applause !!!

And such amazing imagination tracks as many as 15 pieces!

It's clear why this drive is the first for the last 13 years - such works as pearls, they can not be many. Rightly Hradsky said: "Now you try to do something like that." I doubt that it will work!

I can not say more about one song that does not come out for a week from my mind. Alexander Borisovich called it "Hit". Exactly!

I humor her at home, and on the street, and at a party ... Stunning song with my lyricism!

We poured red wine.
It was clear to us with you - not until sleep.
You were guilty, and I was clearly guilty ...
Truth is truly in the wine.
Not out of vengeance, not out of grace and not
From jealousy to destiny
You were in me, well, I'm in you ...

Listening to the disc has ended. This musical "feast" is over.

In my opinion, it's just brilliant! Although some journalists and critics just waited for the music to end sooner and it was possible to voice in the face of Maitre how ungifted his work was. I'm not going to talk about these people, they are at least unpleasant to me.

A small reception started - Gradsky gave 10-15 minutes so that people could have a snack and a drink, and then, "if there are such psychos", asked questions.

When the "journalistic" part of the presentation began, it became clear that half of the journalists came here to try to pin the culprit of the festivities.

And as usual, when journalists deal with Gradsky, they have not a damn thing (I'm sorry) did not happen. And the question "Why is the presentation taking place in Studio, because this place is popular with sex minorities?" Amused not only Gradsky, but all those present.

In conclusion, I would say that, and this is very important, the atmosphere was friendly, at least at our table. And Gradsky was very kind, positive energy without a drop of pathos and arrogance. This person, always straightforward and directly telling people what he thinks, this Russian music maitre, the vocalist, perhaps the only one who can sing in Russia, turned out to be a very simple and friendly person when communicating. Thank you for this!

P.S. When the presentation was over and almost all the people dispersed, and we talked to Gradsky, suddenly Shura entered the club's premises! That's what they did not expect to see here!
He congratulated Alexander Borisovich with the release of the disc, waited for someone from the club and left. "How do you feel about such singers," we asked Gradsky. "All right," he answered sadly. "The more singers in Russia, the easier it is for me to work."
And he was right as always. It's sad that in Russia Gradsky probably does not have anyone to compete with. But you can compete with yourself! And more, probably, in due course!
After all, you need to finish the "Masters ...". So let's support Alexander Borisovich with his love, knowledge and understanding of good music, make him his thirst for music to do this work. So you want to hear this work in the interpretation of the singer, who has the right to do so. I really want it!

Kirill Kolesov,

Nizhny Novgorod