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The myth of horror Gradsky is not confirmed

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28 сентября 2003

The myth of horror Gradsky is not confirmed

After a 15-year-old hearing-impaired AH (see " Reviews "), I was fortunate enough to get into two Hradsky events with an interval of 3 weeks. Not having time to recover from the concert at the disco (?!) In the Club of Wonderful People, I rushed to Presentation.

I never thought that I would fall for such an event, and even in another city. And the age of fanatics has long since passed, and she always considered pop-fan fans not quite normal. And Gradsky himself called us psychies in a friendly way, but no one was offended.

It was joyful to get acquainted with like-minded people who represented 10 cities not only of our country, but of the world. I agree with Nastya Gorbatova : a fan of the work of Alexander Gradsky can not be a bad person. Attitude towards Hradsky becomes for me a kind of test. However, like any historical personality, Alexander Borisovich attracts people of similar views, thoughts and feelings, those whose souls resonate with Soloist intonations.

(When I met Gradsky personally, I asked myself: Was I surprised and pleased with the meeting with some of the Historians?) There was only one image - Niccolo Paganini.)

There were many different questions, they would be written about by those who asked them.

I also had the opportunity to see the rather long patience of Alexander Borisovich - Scorpio. His communication was just perfect. When he answered a bit more sharply for the next delivery, I burst out: "Finally!". So, hard-working journalists, the myth of horror Gradsky is not confirmed: you can get any man. As for the Scorpion itself (Water element), it is enough to recall the pressure cooker to figure out that OVERHEATING water - EXPLODES.

But if you read in the articles printed on the site under the stamp "zhurnalyug", they can see a veiled recognition of talent, skill and feel annoyance. Suitable lines are in Andrei Voznesensky:


U, gossips! U, their stories!

I love their regal mouths,

their ears, just toilets,

infallible purity.

And the versions are rumbling desperately

In the ear laboratories,


So a lie becomes a guarantee

Your love, your longing ...

Orit, cute, burn! ..

Long live the slanderers!

Savor it! Twist from a tick!


(Ode to the Gossips, 1958)

Conflict, dissonance, tension accompany Gradsky both in creativity and in life.

A journalist at a nearby table offered to play each song for 10 seconds (?!).

On the other hand, in our tough, techno-time, I did not expect to see that a 12-year-old child, under the influence of the songs, had big tears rolling down her cheeks. Live Smoking! The need for gradskiy continues in the growing generation!

I'm not ready for a review about the disc "Reader", it's too painful.

Marina Konstantinova

Engineer-teacher, teacher-psychologist, post-graduate psychologist, astrologer ...:).