Just advertisingHowever, «no one in the dorozhenka» a'kapella executed, the whistling wind and thunder. Singing folk songs without accompaniment has become fashionable, but in this case is very thin and versatile voice recording is not obscured, as is often the case with virtuosos, the mood of the song, but on the contrary, adds to her expression, creates an atmosphere of emotional saturation... Read more - Songs on the music and arrangement. So, it all started with the «Skomorokhov» in 1966, where you played with Gradsky, Buynova and Shakhnazarov. What began themselves «Skomorokhs»? and the music!

Alexander Gradsky's response to journalist Karminsky

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24 September 2003 13:17

Alexander Gradsky's response to journalist Karminsky

"It's not known who the journalist Karminsky will look like over the years." If deputy Shandybin, I do not envy him, "Alexander Gradsky told InterMedia, commenting on material , published on the site izvestia.ru and added that "to be at least in some way similar to one of the smartest, in my opinion, people of the country Of course, my music might not like someone - and that's fine, but, - the author of the "Khrestomatiya" added, - it's hard to imagine what exactly is the chemical meaning He accepted Mr. Karminsky at the time of listening to this album, because he did not understand that about 300 live musicians, many of which were the best instrumentalists in Russia, recorded "The Reader" (here are just a few names: Igor Butman (saxophone), Andrei Goncharov (trumpet) , Erkin Yusupov (trombone), Vladimir Vasilkov (drums), Yuri Ivanov (harmonica), Igor Zaborov (violin)), as well as an orchestra assembled from the best musicians of Russia and a large children's choir, which no world star can afford, can only a person or an illiterate in musical relation or extremely inattentive, or who took something exactly "in the chemical" sense and from here received this "aftertaste".

At the request of InterMedia, Mr. Gradsky commented on his attitude to modern show business: "I have never been in the Soviet or Russian show business, because this way of living for music and making real money has nothing to do ". In Alexander Gradsky's opinion, "today's show business consists of five hundred for money and pseudo-artists who are lying to each other, pseudo-artists, unmarious people, illiterate journalists and smart investors who give each other an inspiring demonstration of the need for their community and the only thing that can be done with this company , it is to force them to admit that they do not earn real money at all, the quantity of the disks sold by them is negligible, and the quality of the spectators who want to visit their concerts falls rapidly. "Dry ost Atok "of such a business after investing in advertising and other costs is so small that it can allow a comfortable existence of only a dozen rabidly untwisted show business people.The general criteria for assessing the musical and poetic side of the creativity of the contemporary author and artist are so blurred, and the literacy of those evaluating this magazine is so low that journalists published in serious publications are not able to understand that the singer Ariana technically can not sing even the children's chorus of the "Chrestomathy", as well as able to distinguish the home record of highly Karel Gott from Alexander Gradsky and the world of show business from repulsive scoop. "