Just advertisingGradskij each song builds drama. This is something that he can easily, it is his strong point. Songs of a purely lyrical, «esseisticheskie,» that is internal to the drama, not recorded in the plot, the characters, he decides to purely musical techniques, finding each time a special musical trick... Read more - Songs on the music and arrangement. So, it all started with the «Skomorokhov» in 1966, where you played with Gradsky, Buynova and Shakhnazarov. What began themselves «Skomorokhs»? and the music!

"Anthology" in "Studio"

The shorthand report of presentation of a disk of Alexander of Town " The Anthology" in the Moscow club "Studio" on September 16, 2003.
Anthology in Studio

A.Gradsky. Literally two words. You now here drank something. Then we there have some entertainment. It specially that you felt normally. To you let's eat, while you won't listen to this horror which I wrote. This peculiar torture. If someone is hungry, it is necessary to suffer, bear this business, all musical horror. It will take seventy minutes so if you want in a toilet or to smoke, make it now. In my opinion it is impossible to smoke here. And can be and it is possible, I want to learn from owners of an institution. It is possible to smoke here? Yes? That's good. Well, then already half-affairs. In a toilet here too it is impossible.

Will be convenient to be developed so that to listen here from these columns this music. Means, work year that it was clear became. I precede at once any questions which can follow then. Two options at us: let's finish listening, we will take on food, on a sandwich, on a wine-glass we will roll, including I, and then you ask something, if want. The second: if you have no questions as at sailors, means, we will quietly be glad, will disperse, and all.

So, what is it? I, frankly speaking, not so well represent, but it is called "Anthology". It looks quite not bad. Prime cost of a plate very expensive. To earn on it hardly it will be possible. There is it in sale tomorrow. Tomorrow will bring all circulation here and will send on "Top crust". While my dealer Igor Volchkov here isn't present, if it approaches, I will present it to you.

There are children who took part in record. Unfortunately Butman Igor isn't present, at it a concert with its orchestra in New York. But there is Ilya Bensman, the person with whom I worked in "Buffoons". He was engaged in computer programming of one song and very not bad it made. There is Dima Ryabtsev. Absolutely remarkable musician, the composer who made much in order that this work left. Expert on computer equipment. The best taskalshchik - after me - bodies, computers, equipment, keyboards. The best - after me - the person who can knock a hammer on the keyboard, and it will start to work. (I hope that soon we shouldn't do it!) Here Yura Ivanov with whom we are familiar and we work together with 72 years. I want, that it lifted a hand, that it saw. He too plays on this plate. Here Rita Pushkin, my coauthor on "Stadium" and the coauthor on many vital things. I am afraid to tell that we are familiar since 1967, with September 27.

M. Pushkin's. October!

A.Gradsky. October. Here you see (with grief) … Well it is fine, I would like, that we were familiar with you more, for a month at least … There are a lot of my close friends. The Glory / … here sits./(a surname it was not possible to disassemble) which is built now by my theater on city money. Sascha Medvedev here sits, Volodya / … here sits./-these are my friends who made a lot of things that I in general here remained, in the city of Moscow (gracefully it we will tell). I am very glad that you here too gathered.

Here the children, which, absolutely disinterestedly organized my site on the Internet, and quite long time it exists. Recently I with horror found out that there more than seventy five thousand mentions of in what I am engaged. It, of course, pleasantly, especially if you didn't put any efforts to it. There arrived from ten cities children who are engaged in it. Well, loonies, certainly …

A.Gorbatov. Thanks, thanks …

A.Gradsky. Here the Bream Hrapovitsky - the person with whom we together removed a hall and made a concert in the Carnegie Hall about which, maybe, you da heard something. I can forget someone … I would like to thank Eugene Safronov and Intermedia agency that they informed all of you. I would like to thank the Studio club management that they accepted all of us, and accepted very well, in my opinion. I would like to present Sergey / …./, this is the representative of the Ural plant who prints all my laser disks, and here already there are a lot of years.

And I would like to call two more surnames. Here Vasya Krachkovskogo isn't present, which wrote down an orchestra on "Mosfilm". And here Vitya Glazkov, my friend and the sound producer of this plate and still many plates, it here (raise a hand, please). If I still see someone, I will tell. Ira Volgin sits here, it, actually, thanks to it I started to do this work, because Ira … We drank in the plane, it ordered to me some songs, I wrote them, made a plate for it - small, and then already big made for myself. Ira has a presentation ahead, it will be on the second of October, there we will talk about it. And today to it many thanks, that it found time to come.

Is farther … Yes listen to music, eventually!


Means, the reference such. Plays there about three-honeycombs of people approximately. From them somewhere two hundred forty - musicians of a symphonic orchestra. The last records became by imposing: ten violinists, viola players, cellists were called, and we tormented them. Completely orchestral sounding before registered. Remarkable musicians played. Butman Igor - one in four saxophones, as "one on four faces". Andrey Goncharov whom, unfortunately, we can't see today. It was attacked in the subway on Saturday by any football fans, broke to it a nose. To our trumpeter. Thank God, as mother told, lips are whole (that is what, as a matter of fact, the trumpeter earns on life). Erkina Yusupova, a trombonist, too isn't present. I couldn't find Vasilkov Volodya, but he here plays a little.

Once again: about what it. It simply attempt to make the recommendation as in general it is necessary to approach to music, considering that in technology is reached today. Own view of it. The anthology - see that this such. Some options of how it is possible to sing or play, say, in any genre. Before it, I ask to believe me, we gave a plate upward - there where it will turn, and I made the following. I specially (here can look so it looks), I publicly opened it, and gave there a serial copy. It is any not the specialist disk, and simply ordinary disk from a box. That will be on sale on the Top crust. We opened it and gave upward. On genres it is called so, I will simply tell, that it was clear:" The blues", "Point swing", "Lullaby", "Samba", "Rock ballad", "Country rock", "Country ballad", "the Latina - domestic", "Hard rock", "Song", "Foxtrot", "Bardovsky", "Soul", "Hit" and "Waltz". That is these things are called exactly so. There is a small interpretation further.

It is necessary to tell the following: some music is quoted. And some is simply played entirely because I, for example, badly represented to myself as I can, being white, to write a soul, to think up a soul. To execute a soul - still there-here. And here to write and think up - for me it was absolutely impossible, therefore I rethought, clean rethought Stevie Wonder's thing which you here will hear. In its option she is called as "Superstishn", and in my option is called "as Super - more silently". There text: "It is necessary super - more silently …". In general it is necessary super - to behave more silently …

Why I so long tell , because it can will exclude your any foolish questions then. And you will ask only clever questions, and I will cleverly answer them, when will switch off television cameras.

Ya I ask to give music, and two more words before giving. In general, it is such "reverse" when I was the lyrical hero. I was small, life seemed fine, there was all ahead … I there even give to drink so very gently, as though to me years to twenty. Especially in the first thing. Please!

(Music) … … …

A.Gradsky. It was quite hard to take out to you all this because such things after all obey the house.

There are two options of continuation of events. Perhaps you will simply take there any food, any binge. It everything there costs. Then, if there are questions, I will wait, and you will set them. Give: ten minutes to take, two minutes, to drink, one and a half - to eat, and then ask questions … to

… Something ask? Only without comments to make comments it is necessary nothing. It "was pleasant", it "was not pleasant", "ingeniously", "shit" is everything it is not necessary. Means, if questions any are … I ask all to sit down, because it already resembles simply funeral. I (laugh) Now microphones I will distribute on tables, and you can simply take these microphones and ask, if something is interesting, therein. I will tell any time something else. Please, more silently, children because someone can be actually went mad and something wants to ask.

N. Fandeev. Nikolay Fandeev, the first gone mad, the journalist. Alexander Borisovich, tell please why this disk leaves in your own firm? Whether you offered it to any powerful companies, well which have a powerful distribution?

A.Gradsky. I understand.

N. Fandeev. And second question: whether you predict, whether there will be a piracy circulation or not?

A.Gradsky. Clearly, remarkable question, thanks. Means, first, all disks, compact discs which at me left, left on my company, for one simple reason - I didn't go mad yet. There can be you went mad, asking me a question, and I didn't go mad yet that these five dollars arrived which I receive from the plates to give to any idiot. I the unique time in life went mad, when gave to the friend Sascha Morozov the license for a plate in "Legends of the Russian rock". Because there was a series, 24 groups as far as I remember, huh? And are most - financially - my progarny plate. For one simple reason: I share there not only with Morozov, but also with those who lets out, lya-lya, lya-lya, lya-lya …

As to "the powerful companies", that, believe me, unlike very many, I very well am able to consider. I, however, didn't love the higher mathematics and even at school couldn't distinguish a logarithm from integral. And still I can not. My mathematics comes to an end: to increase - to divide. And here and money, and everything enters into this mathematics. To increase, divide, take away, to subtract is I do well therefore I have a good suit. This the first. And the second: don't trust, is I address to all, - don't believe that say to you on television, by radio, that write in newspapers. You even sometimes, can, don't believe that write in newspapers, for one simple reason: start itself to check you, it will become clear that plates the most super - the untwisted performers are on sale by the minimum circulations. One of mine somewhat relatives and long-term friends, having let out a collection from many plates, such big box, receives from it, from a box which costs 250 dollars, in my opinion, dollar two or three. That is it is possible to be trashed everywhere, understand?

In we wash a case a situation is as follows: what sense to deal any with "the big company", we will call it so when any to sense from it isn't present? For example, the company, I will not call a name, but the big company, - at it is in distribution of 450-470 names of disks. At my distributor Serezhi Volchkov who, unfortunately, isn't present today, - 750 names. It carries them in "Zhiguli" of the 4th model, all 750, and it is a lot of years. Understand and, what I mean? There "the big company", there accounts department, planning section, racket, militiamen, bandits … There it is necessary to feed all. Сережа Tops feeds only itself, is more true - he is fed by his feet. Therefore I sell 1200 plates in a month. That's all. (Applause)

Certainly, in an ideal it is necessary to do

how you speak. That is it is necessary to have a big network of distributors, lya-lya-lya, bla-bla-bla and so on … It is necessary, but only not now. Now it is simply unprofitable to have. Simply purely technically - isn't present from this income. As I work long ago, 37 years approximately, even it is more, I simply already counted long ago everything. As many yet don't know it, they are in euphoria. It seems to them that if the person appears on television and sticks out every day on air, he earns much. Big error - he doesn't earn a horse-radish. Because when it at the left puts the earnings, and on the right wastes, as a result at it not enough money turns out. That's all.

N. Fandeev. After question: whether shooting and rotation of clips, or you also "not the madman" is supposed?

A.Gradsky. No, I would like to shoot, of course, the clip on any of these things, but for this purpose I should throw off 25 kgs, it is time (to look young-looking and attractive to ladies) that is almost impossible, it is necessary absolutely to cease to guzzle. This the first. The second - the clip will cost thirty-forty, and can even more than tens of thousands, it is almost senseless, because from the clip today number of people which listen to music which I do, won't increase much more. Them all the same will be no more, than four and a half - five million people all over the country (I mean the CIS and so on). More than five million won't be, they simply aren't present, technically. In order that to it to listen, understand and want to listen once again, it is necessary to have not simply education, and to some extent to have education in music because only then it is possible to distinguish that becomes here, that becomes in general.

I will answer your question an example absolutely quite another thing. I had once a concert in the Hall of Tchaikovsky. It was about six years ago, can be. And so on one corner of a building of the Concert Hall the poster 90 on 70 centimeters hung, and on other corner the poster 90 on 70 centimeters hung. In a week all tickets were sold. In total! More no information existed. One of my friends asked: "Listen, Sash! Well here you had a solo concert. The good concert was such, there was a Russian folk orchestra of a name of Osipov, you there fine sang, there was an agiotage, the notice, on the street stood the person 150-200, too wanted to get on a concert … And anywhere there was no advertizing - neither by radio, nor on television, extensions on all city …" didn't hang. I told:" You understand, this concert goes to me to earnings. An extension to hang up - one thousand five hundred dollars. By radio the announcement - two and a half more - three thousand dollars, on the TV - too. Means, it will be simple a minus from my fee. And tickets already sold everything". He says: "Well there should be a pathos! I'm saying: "It without me".

While in our country remarkable still it is possible to manage without it. Through any time someone, maybe, won't manage to manage. It will be surely necessary to all to stick the ability into the person, to speak: here, I such, such-syakoy. At me it is very simple. I open a mouth, and for those who understands, - this manner, lya-lya-lya, bla-bla-bla, it means something. Understand? Therefore all other expenses on advertizing in my case as I am convinced absolutely, won't come true … It is long process - that people, at last, understood that here it is not necessary to listen to that shit, and this shit - is necessary. Thanks.

A.Lysenkov. Alexander, radio "Mayak", Anatoly Lysenkov.

A.Gradsky. Very pleasantly.

A.Lysenkov. Very pleasantly you, at last, to meet. I that wanted to tell … Here, unfortunately I have no questions. So everything is clear and obvious in your work that simply it would be desirable to comment a little bit because thoughts is caused much. Well, the first thought, at once wanted to tell: why so long there was no disk? Yes at once it is clear! Here you will listen to such disk, clearly at once …

A.Gradsky. Well - to do, so more.

A.Lysenkov. Yes, such disk can't be more often than, there, I don't know, in ten-fifteen years.

A.Gradsky. Perhaps, but simply for this purpose it is necessary to cease to be lazy.

A.Lysenkov. It is so capital, serious work that simply there is no sense to do it more often. Here. Therefore at once it is clear that you, of course, long waited such possibility. And it is clear that it was necessary to hook very much on you something that you suddenly revealed in such personal, in such your most intimate in general essences which is very difficult for hearing. You after all the person such yornicheskiya, prefer to laugh over something generally. And here suddenly such lyrics попёрла it is simple, excuse, Sascha …

A.Gradsky. Good combination. Lyrics - попёрла! Name of the following album!

A.Lysenkov. Probably, someone very well hooked on you.

A.Gradsky. I was hooked here by Ira. She poured to me whisky, I to it poured. She says: give I will buy from you some songs … Here it hooked on me. I wrote them, then started to suffer, finish other eight …

A.Lysenkov. Here it is serious so that simply it would be desirable to be glad once again for you.

A.Gradsky. Thanks. You took a microphone to be glad, or to ask a question?

A.Lysenkov. No, a question, I told, Sash, won't be, everything is obvious.

A.Gradsky. Clearly, thanks.

A.Lysenkov. One more small … small nuance concerning this work. Understand, it really so various, really all most different genres and styles our the seventieth here are captured, sorry, years (after that so already nobody writes long ago) that is simple, understand, of course, the same variety of timbres and voices here asks. Excuse already for small criticism.

A.Gradsky. No, well, it can't be made. It is impossible to sit one place on all chairs. Then, it it is necessary to listen to time to fifteen in general to understand, eat a variety or not. Because at once head озадоривается. At me one of my friends somewhere on the third or on the fourth or fifth song … It listened carefully and wanted to follow each movement of the orchestral tool, behind each movement of a voice. Then he started to say slowly to me that at it, so to speak, the head is somehow turned, there is its attention … no

Ya I think that this same. It is an error of all, and my mistake including, on the one hand. On the other hand, no mistake here is present. Because I can't write less variously. I can't write for smaller number of tools if it is conceived it is so much. And all task consists in weaning to all of you, and me (well to me, it it is clear …) that give every day you. When you listen every day to this хирню, understand:" dyrdy-dyrdy byrdy-dyrdy one stick two string", - you get used to it is necessary what to be attentive at this level. Understand, huh? And suddenly, the attention at other level appears, required, and it is necessary to hear subtleties, particulars, fine details. For this purpose it is necessary to refuse that obeyed earlier completely. Then something can be apprehended. In other cases you will perceive here thus as many and here too, maybe, will apprehend it - as global, dreadful, a huge number of everything what it is impossible to follow. As a result everything turns in enormous "OBLO hugely ECM". Understand?

Here it is the main error of those who listens to this plate for the first time. When you will listen to it in the twentieth time, or in the fifteenth time, you will start to notice with surprise that here here the gitarka so played. Here here and so there passed a flute. Here here кларнетик something accompanied. Here, it appeared, drums in a different way sound. Here polyphony appeared unexpectedly in this place, - and as so, I it seems didn't notice it when listened for the first time … Believe, it was checked already repeatedly. In this case nobody is guilty, but constant information pressure which we test - in different forms - it distracts any person listening to any music, from subtleties. To us it is simple задуривают the head. Well, I am the professional musician, I can quickly be switched: "silk", was disconnected, and all …

But notice that in classics, in classical music, there is that we call popular classical music, huh? And there is that we call serious classical music. To perceive Alban Berg, understand, it is very heavy. Therefore all perception of the central television and all-Union radio is limited to Verdi and Puccini. Because here as though everything is simple: violins, tenor. Anything else isn't present. It is necessary to give something Wagner as the viewer starts to become stupid. To it it is already heavy. Even at this level. I any more don't speak about listening, I don't know, the latest any authorings, say, Penderecki or Schnittke. It is very heavy for the mass viewer …

Therefore recommendation such. To listen to a plate simply time ten-twelve because in this work there is a lot of so, roughly speaking, only napikhano. To refuse anything it was impossible. Ideal listening - I recommend: one-two songs in day. You were today simply heroes, I at all didn't expect. Well, started to fidget, so, to the song on the tenth …

A.Lysenkov. Sascha, you excuse, I a little bit meant another. I just against arrangements, guitars and flutes don't object, they all is valid on a place. It seemed to me that one only your voice, alas, such plate after all you will not master. I consider that here an ideal example of the same work, it, of course, "On waves of my memory".

A.Gradsky. Tukhmanov. I understand.

A.Lysenkov. You remember, he invited …

A.Gradsky. Call to me at least one surname of the performer which I could invite to this record.

A.Lysenkov. Today I will not tell …

A.Gradsky. Well then about what? … Ha-ha-ha …

A.Lysenkov. But if you gave the same five songs here to this girl here - I think, it wouldn't spoil.

Gradsky. I undertake to argue with you. I had such thoughts, but, unfortunately … I speak: listen to time to ten-twelve, at you hunting to make comments at once will disappear.

A.Lysenkov. Let's listen?

A.Gradsky. Yes of course.

A.Lysenkov. Thanks, Sascha. Successes!

O. Belikov. It is possible a question? Independent journalist. I have two questions, each of which is broken into two subparagraphs. Here them at once to set, or …

A.Gradsky. Set at once.

O. Belikov. Here, as far as, as though, it seemed to me, I make bold …

A.Gradsky. No, we to make comments on music shouldn't. You ask a question, to make comments it is necessary nothing.

O. Belikov. Here, your early things, in them after all sounded, e-e, folk-fate. And now, as it seemed to me, there chanson echoes, here, in some things.

A.Gradsky. I don't understand that such "chanson", explain. Minor, whether that? What does it mean? "Chanson", probably, should be understood, - блатняк. You consider, what here блатняк is?

("Isn't present, no!" - voices in a hall)

O. Belikov. Echoes of it.

A.Gradsky. Well, music … Ask a question, please.

O. Belikov. The question consists in that: than, e-e, it is caused, in your opinion?

A.Gradsky. Yes figs it knows. I don't know, than it is caused. "Music … connected us", - as there, huh? Bla-bla-bla … (The general laughter) is caused by Nothing. Simply speaking, the person gets up in the morning, goes on a pot, sits down, and to it in the head suddenly something strikes. It rises from a pot, goes to a grand piano, writes down something. And then suddenly it appears that it is a chanson as you speak. Than it is caused - unclear than. I can not explain, honest to you I will tell. It is caused simply by how you perceive yourself, no more than that … Second question.

O. Belikov. That is change, as though here …

A.Gradsky. No. Well, it is the person, he lives. He eats, drinks, goes to a toilet; it walks, he dances. At present after all was so … At me after all mastering of a disk was completely complete, 14 songs were. Mastering was completely complete, registration was thought already up, in registration there were 14 positions, all were listed. In the morning of the last, or penultimate day when it was necessary to send this mastering on plant … And registration still, thank God, wasn't printed. That is it was in the computer, everything, and texts there all. In the same place texts of all songs on a plate are typed. All this was gathered. I rose in the morning. And "Latina" at night came in dream to me. Here it here:" I accuse nobody, I catch up with nobody …" With It came in dream, means, hour for three-four I wrote the text, the refrain wrote in the evening, next day started to do here something like computer processing, then arrangement, then an orchestra caused, then imposed this orchestra, then reduced. Business was late for two weeks, and was spent about one thousand more dollars for all this canoe. And as a result 15 songs turned out.

To explain, why I solved, that there were 15 songs, instead of 14, I unable. But when I thought up this thing, there was an absolute conviction that it - from this disk. That in other disk - then, in a year, through two, through three - it is not necessary to insert it. It here from here. And or it will be necessary to write "Anthology" a part the second that in general perfect nonsense, or it is necessary to push it here here. Looked on time - 67 minutes. Means, four more minutes get. Everything, hurrah. Here explanation.

O. Belikov. Second part of the first question. Than the choice by you the given, so, so to speak institution inadequate partly in some circles is caused.

A.Gradsky. In what sense? It is not pleasant to you here?

O. Belikov. No, well, as though, it is a little known that this institution, e-e, as though, is popular at sexual minorities.

A.Gradsky. Yes? You know, I knew nothing about it. This institution charming, I here several times happened. I here didn't see any sexual minorities, - no more, than in all other places, including on television, and on radio where I see representatives of sexual minorities constantly. Therefore where you will leave today, to the Tverskaya especially where I live, them always you see. Therefore to find a place where sexual minorities aren't present, now much more difficultly, than to find a place where they are. … What it I told now, I didn't understand? Ha-ha …

O. Belikov. First part of the second question …

A.Gradsky. Simply here very good children, they agreed to accept all of us I made then something for them too. That's all.

O. Belikov. Second question of the first part …

A.Gradsky. I already got confused. But it is the last part of the last question?

O. Belikov. I would like to wish you that here you hadn't to explain anything else 15 minutes.

A.Gradsky. It is useless. I risked. I never in life did presentations. Now I understood, in what I am a remarkable look.

E.Tchaikin's. Evgeny Tchaikin, Intermedia agency.

A.Gradsky. Very pleasantly. Yes you sit, please, Eugene.

E.Tchaikin's. Alexander Borisovich, I want to ask you, first, what promotion actions prepare in support of an album …

A.Gradsky. I do not know. Any promotion actions. Any. Tomorrow it will drag out on the Top crust and will sell.

E.Tchaikin's. That is neither rounds, nor presentations …

A.Gradsky. No, will be so. I think that will be so: to those cities in which I already went the last three years by a tour, in those cities the program of a concert solo will be changed. That is the first hour ten will be not classical music or Russian romances as earlier, and there will be 60-70 minutes here this work, and then the songs to the guitar. In those cities in which I wasn't earlier, there will be a classical program. Here all promotion action. I in general it am not able, I do not know, and at all I do not want to know. Besides answering your question thereby that I don't understand, how I can increase number of the admirers in the country. When I don't understand it, and anybody can't explain me it how it to make, and to prove that it is possible, - I remain here that who I am is. To me as early as years ten to sing. If I will live. During this time I need to write down … Likely after all "Master" I will write down. I so think. Because here that I now made in this plate, proved to me that I can write down this work. And to make, that it was clear. Only because technological conditions of record changed. Today I can do with an orchestra everything, everything. And with voices including.

E.Tchaikin's. And the second question at me. Why you in such form decided to hold album presentation? Not to play all this, to sing, and let's a plate hear.

A.Gradsky. I will explain, why. I present in this case an album. It is album presentation. We know other examples when people write a lousy album, simply lousy, then step on the stage and sing absolutely another. And it is called as presentation of feeding of journalists. I consider that be fed, drink we we can absolutely quietly here now, and it is necessary to present a plate, that is that work which you and do. Here a plate, to it listen, here it and is presentation. It is tiresome. Really. But you took out it. You are heroes, I already told.

("It was on a high!" - a voice from a hall)

A.Gradsky. It is the good text. "Super - is a high more silently!"

Was possible more silently …

A.Gorbatov (agency "Live collection"). Andrey Gorbatov, I am the organizer of group of "loonies" which gathered from the different cities of the country …

A.Gradsky. Also sat down at one table.

A.Gorbatov. … thanks to a site which is a live organism, it is updated daily, and there are absolutely remarkable children, those ingenious loonies on whom keeps …

A.Gradsky. This site.

A.Gorbatov. Both site, and our country. The site very simply, very simply sounds: Gradskiy.K, ve-ve-ve. Gradsky, Wye on the end. If you come on it, this unique is perfect education …

A.Gradsky. It is the truth.

A.Gorbatov. … which really live organism. And I hope that you will go on this site, to look, how it is updated, as he lives. I want to present the director of a site Vladimir Tyminskogo from Dnepropetrovsk.

A.Gradsky. Yes, I support, it is valid …

(An applause in a hall)

A.Gorbatov. … surprising absolutely people, enthusiasts who don't receive anything for it. Alexey Shestakov who scanned all my archive Town which I collect 25 years. Ekaterina Nikanorova, Yekaterinburg. Arrived specially. Sat down in a train and arrived.

A.Gradsky. Sat down in a train and arrived! The train departed even! Yes, Katya?

A.Gorbatov. Well, here my family: Nastya who studies creativity, the daughter my Nastya, wife Ira. Marina Konstantinova who was in studio, represents Kazan. It there cell such, cell of the Kazan society Town. Kirill Kolesov, Nizhny Novgorod. Well and the well-known Oleg Petukhov from Pavlodar, and studies Kazakhstan which knows your creativity from 13 years. To it already under fifty …

O.Petukhov. Forty one.

A.Gorbatov. … therefore represent, how many it studies you. The well-known Phantom, the nickname "Phantom", the person lives worldwide: Canada, States, now in Kiev. And in Moscow. And at it the richest collection, yesterday we sat till seven mornings and listened to unique albums of the 80th years …

A.Gradsky. Drank though something?

A.Gorbatov. Drank cool. To Gorilka!

A.Gradsky. And that is simple to sit and nothing to do …

Phantom. Drank a torch and red wine!

A.Gradsky. Clearly.

A.Gorbatov. Irochk Yefimov which of Chicago the day before yesterday arrived and a href = TARGET "s03_48.shtml" = "_ blank"> флаерсов , which here now at Alexander Borisovich nearby in hands brought five thousand <. Lift, Alexander Borisovich! флайерсов it made five thousand at own expense.

A.Gradsky. What with them to do now?

A.Gorbatov. To extend on the Top crust. As the annex to a disk.

A.Gradsky. Clearly.

A.Gorbatov. Irochka - unique, really, the person who simply took, sat down in Chicago in the plane, and arrived here. Viorel Gutsa from Smolensk which too is such Bolshevist "town" cell of the city of Smolensk.

A.Gradsky. Thanks.

A.Gorbatov. Here I presented all.

A.Gradsky. I consider, it is necessary to thank children. Found time and arrived.

(The Prolonged applause in a hall)

A.Gorbatov. Means, than we can - we will help, any information …

A.Gradsky. Thanks. It is advertizing, or the question after all is?

A.Gorbatov. It not advertizing. It is support. It is some kind of family. It is a family!

A.Gradsky. Family!

A.Gorbatov. On the Internet. So, now very much wants to ask Cocks.

A.Gradsky. Please, please!

A.Gorbatov. Twenty years prepared for this question.

A.Gradsky. What orientation, whether that? Ha-ha-ha …

A.Gorbatov. Creative plans!

A.Gradsky. "Your creative plans!" Ha-ha. Thanks.

O.Petukhov. Orientation of concern doesn't cause.

A.Gradsky. Yes, as though...

O.Petukhov. Many questions silly, really flew away, when the plate sounded. It wasn't so heavy, you in vain are engaged here in an anti-advertizing of the child.

A.Gradsky. Well, I, same, хитрожопа the such … I listen, please.

O.Petukhov. No, I consider, it were instants of happiness, is valid …

A.Gradsky. You listen then still to houses, quietly, everything will be clearly better. Here a little bit there is a nervous situation which I created at the beginning. But I understand …

O.Petukhov. It seems to me that it is any absolutely new work, in fact.

A.Gradsky. I too so consider.

O.Petukhov. I want to remember that you after all are able to work simply immediately, well, say, when write music for cinema. George Yungvald-Hilkevich in the book wrote that when the prayer was necessary for the film according to Babel's stories, you were closed in a hotel room, and in an hour took out a thing which admired the director, entered into the film. Not surely 12 years for this purpose …

A.Gradsky. To stop you at once: actually writing process very strongly differs from reproduction process. It was composed everything ("Anthology") no more than weeks three and a half - four in general. Here so much time was composed. All rest of the time was occupied directly by record and cleaning. So that's that. We spent about 390 hours, I believe, - inexact figure, but somewhere there is so much, - meaning somewhere about two hundred hours with something on "Melody" and before. And still too we didn't count the first soundtracks. Understand? It is very difficult to explain it to any Westerner. Four hundred hours of real work! Not simply where sit, smoke, know, and then went to studio. They consider and so. And we really worked for four-five hours in day. And in the end already really the head swelled. But I listen to your question.

O.Petukhov. I want to tell that if you visit this remarkable site which Vladimir Tyminsky, the citizen of Ukraine … created

A.Gradsky. For this purpose I should have the Internet.

O.Petukhov. I address in this case to all guests, but also to you including. If to visit this site, it is possible to see that the order for your music, or I even will apply such wild words as spiritual inquiry, it exists, it is constantly, and both outside of Moscow, and outside of Russia.

A.Gradsky. I understand, but I have a feeling that I approximately know number of customers, therefore … And it doesn't change. It doesn't change. There one die of an old age, others arise. Here such piece. That is in this sense the order is. All the same it is limited by four and a half - five million people.

O.Petukhov. For you it is insufficient figure?

A.Gradsky. Huge figure. Fantastic figure. Huge. It quite suits me. At first, when I in the 1974th, 75th, 76th, 77th years left on a tour, these people there were 60-70 million as a whole about the country. General set. But they were there casual, many people. That is they came simply as to circus and. On "As we were young", on a rock'n'roll. Then all these people were eliminated, remained those who should remain. It is absolutely normal process. They always remain with me whatever happened, here that the most important. Because is huge, we will tell so, a population layer, whether that which changes the idols. That is today at them one idol any, tomorrow it became worse to work, they found to themselves another, then the third. It somewhere 35-40 million people which constantly change to itself idols. Also there is a constant public which leaves to itself any one performer and it is listened. At me is, not only through your site, and simply to eat confirmation when people simply speak: and we listen here to it. Even there are texts, I don't brag: "And we in general only listen to you. From singing in Russian we listen only to you".

Understand, on it there is nothing to object. If such texts are told even by one person from one million, means, everything correctly becomes. Though all the time enters into a task of the author to itself to say lies, actually. And to speak: and I correctly do everything! I do everything correctly. To it speak: incorrectly you do!.

As I went on concerts in the 1976th - the 77th years, and people came to a hall, ten thousand people in a hall sat. On three concerts in day. Six days in Kiev. That is people came and waited "As we were young". On this song they came to a hall. Left Gradsky which didn't sing this song, the swine! And all left the disappointed. And thousands people at different times in different situations spoke to me: you're a fool! if people came to this song - throw them! Remember: "Throw this bone!" Throw them this bone. Understand? And we didn't throw. Never. And here Yura Ivanov who here sits, it perfectly remembers this situation. That is it was, maybe, necessary to throw this bone, and I didn't do it. Therefore these five million with me also remained these thirty years. I am convinced of it. Cut me, burn down, but I am sure that they for this reason here. And for this reason you too here. For this reason you do this site without any earnings. For this reason. Because: there threw a bone, here threw a bone, there it was substituted, here something made … As a result to you end.

S. Sosedov. Friends, it is possible to ask a question?

A.Gradsky. Yes, please.

S. Sosedov. Sascha, you the cleverest, most talented person, - here any comments, naturally. But, you know, about what the soul hurts? Why here you, such magnificent musician cleverest, the most competent, the most talented, so scornfully treat the talent? One plate in thirteen years which could be made in four weeks! Well is offensive, madly offensive …

A.Gradsky. You mean, to compose in four weeks, I told. To write down very difficult. In a year.

S. Sosedov. To write down more long, huh?

A.Gradsky. Year.

S. Sosedov. Sascha that, tell, there is now …

A.Gradsky. It is very simple to explain …

S. Sosedov. … with your opera "The Master and Margarita"? Where it?

A.Gradsky. Clearly. I will answer in two, so to speak, the planes, but not in one plane. I reject that you say that one work in 13 years it isn't enough.

S. Sosedov. It is poorly, in my opinion.

A.Gradsky. No, know, here 15 things, from which, in my opinion, almost everyone - a hit. In that sense in which I understand it. Not in that sense in which it is considered to be, and in that sense in which I understand it. That people learned this thing. When you will remember: "March not in April …", or "We poured red wine …" Understand? Or: "Don't begin without me …" "Catch" such usually one-two become on a plate "bla-bla-bla". When ten-twelve songs "bla-bla-bla", and two-three here the such. We now won't take "Beatles", because there, simply, clearly about what conversation, but here in principle the last twenty years of a plate are issued so. Two-three any hits - and twelve things through passage. There was a task another: to make 15 such here being remembered things. This the first.

Second. During this time, first, well, excuse, thanking here to Bella Berlyand who here sits, I in general started to let out compact discs in the 93rd year, and in general all country began to let out them at this time, and it was only ten years ago. For these ten years, first, all plates and all my records analog were let out on compact discs. That is they are kept now.

S. Sosedov. There was a box and.

A.Gradsky. And box, and still album. Then four absolutely huge concerts in "Russia" were made, and it was very heavy to do it. On four hundred-five hundred people of participants. A lot of music was written simply, and music to cinema including. Therefore …

S. Sosedov. And say that the lazy.

A.Gradsky. No, no, I lazy in other: I should be forced. Here me forced, casually. I in general wasn't going to do this plate. I once again speak: because Ira with me departed in the plane, I it is casual, this plate, made. But I consider thus at everything, yours faithfully to your opinion that anything casually doesn't occur. Everything somehow strange meets. At first there is something at home, then happens on work, then there is something in flight. Then you were tired, then you are hurt by a foot, then you suddenly - time, both sat down, and thought up any thing …

Then, I so counted up: at me approximately if not to say lies, probably, hours twenty music are composed. Twenty hours of music. Each of subjects which there is, is a subject for which a certain quantity of mind was spent, talent if it is, health. It is impossible, it is impossible to compose something only by request … Well, the person is exhausted, understand. It is possible, of course, nonsense понаписать any. And then you die, and speak: "And what he wrote?" Also remember three hits. And all. But because except these three hits or three any popular songs it was written a heap of shit. Simply heap. Dyr-dyr-dyr-dyr-dyr-dyr-dyr … just to make. Correctly? At Mozart we know more than forty symphonies. At Haydn is they be 104! And we remember "Farewell", the 104th, there, the 24th and all. And all the others after all too symphonies! But they are as though worse … than Therefore I your reproach understand and I accept, but that I here made in "Anthology", it … (Children, children, it is difficult to me to speak, Yura (Ivanov), wait, I start to listen that you there bear! And then, you worked over about what I now speak therefore you listen more attentively!) That is made in "Anthology", 13 years later … I can explain, here is latent such, well, as though tell, a reef, whether that. When you write "The master and Margarita" - long, nearly thirty years think out … I have an experience of record of "Stadium" and the ballet where that I wrote down, didn't suit me as the composer and the arranger. Didn't arrange. When registered. Because it didn't express that I thought up. Reproduction was … quite good. But is worse than that I thought up. Therefore "Anthology" today, in those technological conditions in which I am, gave me any chance to be solved - in principle - on the record "Masters". Because to write down it badly it is impossible, but now I understood that it is possible to write down somehow. Only after I saw that in general occurs in equipment rooms. What today processing blocks how it is possible to do it. How many it is necessary to spend money, time, what musicians should play it. The unique problem which consists today - huge - at the record "Masters" … There is no problem who it will play. Already there is no problem. There is no problem who will sing the main part …

S. Sosedov. Means, roles are already distributed?

A.Gradsky. Main party. There is no problem who will sing the main part. There is no problem who will work with me that we call the computer version and so on. There is no problem where it will register and as it will be reduced. The problem remained only one. One and a half. A problem floor, it - when, at last, I will cease to be lazy and I will start all this to think out. And one problem, whole: who will all this sing, except me? Here while I can't solve this problem. And I don't know that to me to do. There is nobody to sing, frankly speaking.

S. Sosedov. Really? And that, in conservatory …

A.Gradsky. There is nobody. Well, there is nobody. It is necessary to do it so. To take the person and to torment him.

S. Sosedov. Then it is necessary to make so.

A.Gradsky. Yes, it is the only thing to do. Thus this problem can be solved. To torture this person as in due time I tortured Lena Kamburova, Pugachyova. Simply tortured them. But nevertheless something managed to be made from this.

S. Sosedov. To party there at them less than nothing, forgive.

A.Gradsky. Well, correctly. But even for this purpose I had to torment people, so to speak, very strongly. Here. They are simply kind people, they agreed on these tortures … Someone with pleasure. Kobzon, for example, which sang the fascist in "Stadium", it was simply happy that it at me in a small octave can sing …

S. Sosedov. Well, Sascha, well after all when to wait for "Master"? In five years, through ten?

A.Gradsky. No, isn't present less.

S. Sosedov. It will be?

A.Gradsky. Yes, will be. Less. Will be. Will be less. I think, from one and a half to two and a half years. It already disk recording.

S. Sosedov. We take you at word.

A.Gradsky. No, it is not necessary to take me at word, I already caught myself. And I can explain, why it. Briefly, that then me didn't ask, that it could be written down, or to someone there to retell, or to write in the newspaper. The problem consists only in one. I am fifty three years old. Through certain time will be fifty four - in November. And the voice, - technically, in principle, - a voice of the person starts to spoil. Simply from age. Parties of Iyeshua and the Master (I sing there two parts) are so difficult that if I won't write down them today-tomorrow-the day after tomorrow, this year, in a year - two can to happen so that I can't write down it at all.

S. Sosedov. Be in time, please.

A.Gradsky. The first that I will do, since November, it to write down all pieces, fragments which are connected with that the character sings, we will tell so, the most difficult. That it already was in memory of the computer. If I don't make it, it can turn out draw that. You will simply lose a voice unexpectedly, and everything, rose in the morning - it isn't present. Such as you heard, anyway it is possible to sing songs, generally. But to execute that it is written in "The master and Margarita" it is very heavy. There three octaves and two notes - the general range of party of Iyeshua.

S. Sosedov. Well, we will wait. Good luck!

A.Gradsky. … Well, children if on a course of questions doesn't arise any more, then we on it will finish questions-answers. Who wants, remain still any time. Who has no time - I am grateful for that you found time and arrived. All kind.

(Storm of applause) of

Once again would like to thank owners of Studio club that they gave such remarkable opportunity today to communicate. Both to sound engineers, and all team. Thanks.

the Audio recording of a meeting were provided by Alexey Shestakov, were deciphered by Oleg Petukhov