Just advertisingGradskij, incidentally, is remembered in the same period yelled at large radionachalnika Popova, not allowing him to put two songs of the bard who died in the broadcast of the «Hit Parade». Trehoktavny voice shook the steadfast guardian of socialist morality, but finally finished it off. In the air made one song «Time of the bells»... Read more - Songs on the music and arrangement. So, it all started with the «Skomorokhov» in 1966, where you played with Gradsky, Buynova and Shakhnazarov. What began themselves «Skomorokhs»? and the music!

Boating Gradsky three fields

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November 26, 2003
Boating Gradsky three fields

"And who will understand me and how -

I really do not know ... "

A.Gradsky, Country ballad 2003 g.

What is Gradskij? Why prefer to build rather than to sing, not to write? What can we expect in the future from him? Finding answers to the ground, people are turning to the sky. Let's see how to answer these questions astrology.

There is a method - Directorate, - where the Sun innate symbolic moves in one year lived by one degree, the field passes its sign, goes to the next mark and so on. Field of each sign - is 30 degrees, which means that - about 30 years. In the case of the distinguished Alexander Gradsky symbolic sun passes through the fields of signs: Scorpio - Sagittarius - Capricorn ...... (then Aquarius, and so on). Each visited sign brings its own characteristics.

1949 -. 1968

November 3, 1949 the Sun was at 11 degrees of Scorpio. Therefore, Sasha Gradskij was "simple" Scorpio approximately nineteen years.

1968 -. 1998

Symbolic Sun moves into the sign of Sagittarius, and gradually began to gain strength shine - star Alexander Gradsky . The associative array Sagittarius seems this set of words: Freedom, expansion, aspiration, elevation, spiritual knowledge, sacrificial, purifying fire, Guru - in general - Danko, lighting the way people light their heart and mind. (Remember - "irritate people's ear, evoking the spirit and it"?)

Alexander Gradsky visited different creative genres, collectives and organizations. Sparks from the luminous torch highlighted the many dark corners of our culture. Social call, patriotism, sarcasm, anger, Onslaught, the lyrics - alternated, one after another. Enthusiasm alone, and gnashing of teeth other - the reaction depended on the purity of all the same angles

This 30-year period - the years of primary creativity Alexandra Gradsky. Its culmination - the performance at Carnegie Hall, and US awarding the title of People's Artist of the Russian Federation are already to the next period


1998 - 2028 gg

Slowly approaching Capricorn symbolic sun changes the emphasis AH activity. The associative array: structure, shape, quality, pragmatism, conservatism, coercion, build, sculpt, to manage. Alexander B. begins to engage in the materialization of his spiritual works and ideas: the right, cleans, releasing CD's previously made recording, renovating an apartment, build a house, rebuilds theater, restoring pianos, etc... He gets awards, ranks, positions.

There are articles with characteristic titles:

(Cheers, have turned Gradsky replace builders and officials! But where to find such builders / officials who could replace us Alexander Gradsky? !!)

Under duress, necessity of creating a new disc. The " Anthology" We heard a very different, but still Gradsky. Recognizable features: melody and rhythm - no television, the words in verse - not everyday, loaded with meaning, rhymes - not the standard, and thus, again, is not convenient, it still needs to be strained to their perception. In the traditional question: "To whom write?" - AG traditionally responds: "For myself and for the 5-6 million who listen to me"


"Reader" summarizes the different musical genres. Generalization summarize creates an impression. Maybe because at the presentation of the atmosphere of joy was tinged with sadness? Inexplicable sadness on people's faces was represented by Alexander Borisovich as friends and very old friends.

They may also realize the difference between Gradsky-Danko and Gradsky-builder? Maybe because rezanula hearing communicating replica Birthdays: "Sit down, and then, like a funeral,"

The content of "Anthology" is different from all of its previously audible. And it is, at first, it was very unexpected. And she remembered a line A.Voznesensky: "... we were before, we have no more ..." (1974). Alexander Alexander Borisovich Gradskij replaced with an even more determined not singing style. The second called "Anthology" could be: "Untimely Song 2". We, the fans caught off guard, you can get angry, offended, annoyed about the next change of orientation Gradsky creative, and you can follow the advice of the author, to listen to the new disk just 15. Creators are always a little ahead of them all the time you need to catch up. More can now thank the AG to its already established and to give to the world of work. (The word "song" sounds like something light).

Thank you, Alexander, for your ideological creativity.

Good luck in all your endeavors.

Marina Konstantinova

P.S. 2028 - 2058 years

Aquarius Keywords: bright, lively, original, unpredictable, a liberal reformer, nonconformity, idealism, future.