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A worthy finale for the former non-conformists?

Question of the day: Andrei Makarevich, Boris Grebenshchikov as previously,
awarded to the 50 th anniversary of the Order of
"For Services to the Fatherland" IV degree
worthy finale for the former non-conformists.?

December 11, 2003

Source: "IMA-press"
A worthy finale for the former non-conformists?

Alexander Korzhakov, State Duma deputy:

- I do not know, how about non-conformism, but Makarevich - well, the guy deserved. We grew up on his songs, although he's a bit younger than me. Yes Grebenshchikov and did a lot for young people - we are interested in music, rather than a bad thing deal with.

Alexander Gradsky, singer:

- Who says they are non-conformists? These people all my life just went about their business - sang, composed music and poetry, but a work of art both of the above, and I have a very favorite authors can be attributed to the anti-Soviet, and to what is called protivorezhimnoy activity? I know anti-Soviet Galic, and sometimes, just sometimes, it was Gradskij. And in the work of Grebenshchikov and Makarevich was not non-conformism, because this definition should be confirmed by the presence of texts such as "Down with Soviet power!". So this idea of ​​them imposed on the media. As for the awards, the Fatherland - there is not a state, so if you do not agree with the actions of the state and in some way opposed to it, it does not mean that you have no merits to the Fatherland. This is only the degree of merit establishes no premium department and not even the president, and the time. But Makarevich with Grebenshchikov, apparently, believe that it earned the fourth degree. Today, therefore, for them it is rewarding - a pleasant formality, because when you give something, it's better than when consuming. However, I would in their place the order is not picked up. Yet to be a star and have the Services to the Fatherland - are two different things. That Michael Jackson - the superstar, but there is no merit to the American homeland he has not and can not be.

Yuri Loza, singer:

- I would personally be happy to give this award to the officer, who, without loss brought soldiers from the battlefield, the one who prevented the attack who did something very important for the country, and at the risk of life, who jumped higher than his head, rescued people. But if you combine that long time removes the bread, suddenly received the order - what are the special merits before Fatherland ?! He's just doing his job expertly and gets paid for it. The Order is awarded for outstanding achievement, and that outstanding in "Relish" transfer ?! Keep it may be many who, like many who can do his favorite thing - to scuba dive. Good song writing? Yes, well done, but it's his job, not orders also rewarded for it! Such bulk artists and songs. Constantine Nicholas writes no worse, but on his 50th birthday nobody even diploma is not marked. Above a head jumped Makarevich with Grebenshchikov and when? Some universal human madhouse. This discredited the notion of the order itself.

Nikolai GUBENKO, State Duma deputy, the actor, the director, in the past - Minister of Culture:

- In our time, the government awards have lost their meaning - now it is nothing more than icons that shine when they kick. They were significant, when there was a huge single power. As Makarevich, each for himself must decide whether to accept the order or not. By the way, I once gave him. I believe that we must act according to the covenant of Pushkin: "You are the king live a <...> Requiring no rewards for noble feat".

Oleg Nesterov, the leader of the group "Megapolis" CEO "Snegiri-Music":

- I can not judge - they deserve it or not, it's great people that their songs have done much to ensure that we live in a different way. Generally, a creative person and a medal - a complex relationship. It is necessary to delve into the history books to find out how to apply for awards poets. Surely for their award is not an end in itself, but all the same, and not anti-advertising. The government gives the order, and the state - is us. So rewarding Makarevich - a reflection of our desires, so it's great.

Viktor Ilyukhin, deputy of the State Duma, leader of the Movement in Support of the Army:

- Our President has already discounted all government awards and titles. Last week the State Duma deputies massively rewarded from the "United Russia", with and the people I work for four years in parliament and not seen. A similar situation with Makarevich - I only breed hands.

Vladimir Rekshan, writer, musician:

- Why is finals? Power is likely to believe that the best actor worst of the worst steward, because the former St. Petersburg Governor Yakovlev, who was accused in the collapse of the urban economy, received the Order of the third degree.

Vitaly Psara, singer:

- I've never been a fan of this genre - the distribution of awards. In this there is something of the evil one. Why the fourth degree, not the twelfth, for example? On the other hand, Grebenshchikov and Makarevich were idols of young people in the last century, and I am glad that they were mentioned.