Just advertisingI was told that you are not happy, but before that in the 7000th Sports Palace in Kiev, the people rose up after the song about Vysotsky. It was in the 80th year. He sang the same song in '81 in Leningrad - filmed concerts. I am sad and think about it, and nice, I think of myself as a person who is respected... Read more - Songs on the music and arrangement. So, it all started with the «Skomorokhov» in 1966, where you played with Gradsky, Buynova and Shakhnazarov. What began themselves «Skomorokhs»? and the music!

Alexander Gradsky in Jurmala

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10 июля 2004 г.

(The text is identical to the publication in "Komsomolskaya Pravda":
"Alexander Gradsky:
I will stop being happy when I lose my voice
Alexander Gradsky in Jurmala

About myself and other singers

- In my life, everything remains as before. Around all the fuss and longing of the spirit. I tell about myself with my music, and it is useless to explain everything else that is not included in it. Recently released a new disc "Hrestomatiya" - this is a manual on music literacy. And now I want to make a record on “The Master and Margarita”. For this, there is almost everything: money, studio. But the most important thing is missing - the performers. I do not see around me those who could play the parts of the main characters. I have nothing against performers who perform on stage. I just do not accept them, because they can neither sing nor play. Often, the guys do not hear that they sang out of tune, but played inaccurately. They don't care. Me, honestly, too ...

This also applies to our rockers. Once we, having united the Moscow and St. Petersburg rock clubs, defended Russian rock. I was grateful for this to our children: Grebenshchikov, Shevchuk and others. But we did not become friends, because I always tell the truth that no one likes. They did not develop musically and doomed themselves to creative death. Every year they have records that look like each other. It is not interesting. I was once asked: do I like the group “Tatu”? After watching two videos, I said that this group would die in a year and a half. And I was not mistaken ...

Alexander Gradsky in Jurmala

About drinking and provincial cities

- I'm not preparing for solo concerts. Just a week before that I do not drink anything strong. And after the performance, I definitely indulge myself with cognac. I can drink a lot, because I'm not drunk. Sometimes I even sing at the holiday table, for example, Beethoven ...

I love to play in the province. Today's audience in different cities does not differ from each other. Is that the climate affects the character, but after 17 minutes after the start of the concert people begin to behave the same way.

I myself was not born in Moscow, but in the tiny town of Kopeysk, Chelyabinsk Region. Just sent there my father-engineer, my mother went with him. She led a drama group at the Palace of Pioneers. And my mother is still remembered, regardless of me. There, in the Palace of Pioneers, there is even a stand dedicated to her. Because it was thanks to her that some guys became professional actors. And for Kopeisk it is a lot. But I have no affection for the city of my childhood. It was there that she caught a bad cold, and then her mother fell ill. A few years later, when our family moved to Moscow, my mother died - she was only 34 years old.

About women and children

- I have been making my own women all my life. If it didn’t work, it’s at odds with them. I have had many attempts, and almost all failed. My best work is the last wife. And our wonderful children, Daniel and Masha. This is my family back. True, it is now scattered, because the children have grown up. The son studied in London, whence he returned to adults, independent and cultural. He is now 23 years old, and he works in one very strong corporation. And her daughter Masha also studied in England, now she is a student at Moscow State University. Sometimes he lives with me, sometimes he runs to the gentlemen ...

I didn’t start teaching children music, although they have abilities. Sometimes one of them asks: "Dad, work out with me." But I know that the child will last only half an hour, and then he will run to hang out. And in general, the master will never teach his son. He will give it to the disciples of another master ...

Alexander Gradsky in Jurmala

About bad cinema and forbidden tricks

- Good movies are not being made now. There is a good fun, yes and good. But such a film as “The Fate of a Man”, which I have seen 30 times and each time we sob in the same place, for some reason is not filmed. I used to like Tarkovsky films. Now for me it’s just an intellectual moving picture. Although brilliant things still exist. Such as "The Sixth Sense" or "Rain Man." And the film “The Romance of Lovers”, to which I once wrote music and which was watched by 120 million people, is a bad film. All the men's parts in this film should have been performed by me - it was so intended, but the directors said: “You sing too much. Let the actor Konkin sing ”(younger brother of the protagonist. - Ed.). He sang as he could. Now precisely in this place, when need to cry, all viewers are laughing. I believe that prohibited methods should not be used in cinema. In the film “In August of the 44th,” to which I wrote music, the directors specifically found a disabled boy without a hand and showed him in the film! You can not do this! It is the same as to twist the kitten's head right in the frame or break a dog's paw. All viewers will naturally weep. But this is not a movie!

About the Russian national anthem

- I am negative to our new anthem, this is complete idiocy. But it was approved, and nothing can be done. I offered my option. And when, performed it in the Kremlin, six thousand people stood up without saying a word! Only a few people in the front rows remained seated. Music made people break away from their seats! It’s like a gorgeous woman. When such a person enters the room, the men begin to prick in the bottom, and they rise. So it should be with the hymn: you rise not according to duty, but according to a spiritual impulse. And now, when the approved anthem sounds, I get up exclusively on duty.

Alexander Gradsky in Jurmala

About Moscow and St. Petersburg

- I adore Moscow and I love Petersburg. These cities are very different, there is always aesthetic competition between them. Moscow loves Muscovites and visitors. And Peter seems to be complexing. He must be confident in his irreplaceability and beauty, then people will feel more comfortable and free in him.

One time there was one incident with me. Thirty years ago in Leningrad I was filmed for central television. I walk along the embankments with headphones. Since then, wherever I come, everyone asks me: “Well, how are things with you, in St. Petersburg? Do you live there? ”When I begin to explain that I am a Muscovite, everyone is very surprised. For some reason, I associate many of my viewers and listeners with Petersburg. I am pleased, although I could not live in this wonderful city - it’s chilly for me here ...

Alexander Gradsky in Jurmala

About death and the great Kozlovsky

- I’ll stop feeling happy when I lose my voice and can’t sing. But I really hope that by this time will die. Although I was familiar with a man who was well over eighty, and he sang beautifully. This is Ivan Kozlovsky. We talked a year before his death, they made a film about us. We sang Faust. And then they called me and said that Kozlovsky had died and no one to bury him. Then I, the director and cameraman went to the morgue, took the body of the great singer and buried him ... Feelings are terrible: it’s cold outside - 20 degrees of frost, I am driving a “tongue” in which the coffin with the body of great Ivan Kozlovsky ...


Photo: Elena Sraybikus