Just advertisingBy working with blank verse, rhymed in the absence of the usual completeness, there is enought to confusion - but it is rather Gradsky even encourages, gives an opportunity to play with non-standard «Neshlyagernymi» melodic solutions... Read more - Songs on the music and arrangement. So, it all started with the «Skomorokhov» in 1966, where you played with Gradsky, Buynova and Shakhnazarov. What began themselves «Skomorokhs»? and the music!

Joy of Gradsky

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Gennady KALEDA
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Joy of Gradsky

The last time in Krasnoyarsk Alexander Gradsky spoke almost twenty years ago. As the old-timers of the BKZ assure, then he gave five concerts. At that time he was a supermodern singer, and ticket prices were not akin to the current one.

Despite the fact that his songs are not in the charts and he is not "lit" on television, Gradski special presentation for once rated his work does not need. He is a Master, he is a superstar, looking down at the flutter of his colleagues in the shop. He owns a trenchant, but surely a matter of fact the phrase: "Apart from me, there is no one at all can not sing Is that Kobzon.".

on the ability to sing and their current concerns, Alexander Borisovich in an exclusive interview with "SH".

- Talking about the ability to sing, I was referring to the performers of contemporary music in that other country. However, the situation is not much different from today. Speaking of the ability to sing, I meant the mastery of voice and skill. The second, whether that, a stage is what range of a voice and skill is enough variously. This is a whole complex of professional qualities, which I have and with him. This is the meaning I put in that phrase.

- How is the construction of your own musical theater going?

- There is a reconstruction of the building in Moscow. This hall will be full of good sound, light, with unusual technology of the stage. I'm afraid to make guesses, but already some reality is felt. I hope that in a year we will be rebuilt. It fills me with a sense of joy. Besides this, I'm engaged in records and so I go out on tour.

- And how is your project recording of the opera " Master and Margarita " implemented?

- A year ago I started a demo recording, where I myself sing for everyone. In order to offer someone to perform a particular party, it is more convenient to give a demo, in addition to the clavier and notes, so that people can see whether they are suitable or not.

- Is it true that you want Dmitry Khvorostovsky to be involved in this record?

- Such plans were, however, long ago, when we were with him in a fairly close relationship. Fifteen years ago he came to my house, we talked with him. The idea of ​​recording such an opera was ripe for me thirty years ago. At one point in our communication, I decided that he could sing one of the main parts. Now you can definitely say that he will not work on the proposed party, and not because he refused or I just changed the concept of the work. My vision of the "Master and Margarita" is somewhat different than in the public view. Since this is an opera, then any fantasies are permissible. This is the idea of ​​an artist who sees himself as bright - Yeshua, then dark - Woland, and the rest of the time he is crazy, who is in the clinic.

- Is it planned to stage or just write to the disc?

- Why is the question only about recording a record? It is made in such a way that if you listen to it as a phonogram, a certain fantasy series arises. I tested this on my friends and acquaintances. They unanimously say: let's put, we'll shoot a movie. This suggests that people have fantasies, their pictures. This effect is very expensive at the time of listening. After this effect, you do not need to shoot a movie, because it can be much worse. And in this there is a decent trick.

Theatrical performance in general is utopia. I can not find people on record records. Where do I get them ?! Singing in Russian today, almost no, there are no singers. It's not even that someone will sing for free or for money. They are not technically, and where to get them - I do not know. There are no singers who, apart from the ability to sing, would be organically actorial.

Recently met with one good artist, we are familiar with the 80's, but the last three years have not seen. I offered him a party of Kaifa, small but very important. He tried, right behind the table, for a glass of cognac, sitting at my house - it was very cool. Of all such accidents, everything consists.

There is such a singer Netrebko, I really like her, but she took my view without enthusiasm, because she is touring the world. It's not a fact that, being a great singer, she would sing the way I hear it. And on the record you have to be able to obey.

I listened to and our prima Pugacheva: stood as a schoolgirl on the record of the rock opera "Stadium" in the 80s and did, I believe, a brilliant performance. But to her, as far as I know, that work does not like, but it seems to me that she did very well. I'm used to being obeyed on the record. This year will go in search of singers and all sorts of improvisations, but in a year I will be glad to introduce you to my new work.