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Gradskij Sasha, Sasha Black and cultural layer

A source: protey-org.livejournal.com, 09.01.2010

Come to the show here recently. Mono, Devotchenko an hour reading verses Sasha Cherny under its accompaniment on the piano. Well, wow, but I'm not about that. </ P>

This show reminded me of far-distant times. Another life, where there was a lot of alcohol, hopes for a literary career and vinyl records. </ P>

I did not even remember now I looked like a disc with «Satyrs» Alexander Gradsky. It seems that he was white, I suppose. And the music on it was so, whether that Confundus. And it is not a classic, and not rock, do not get that. </ P>

«Vocal Suite on verses Sasha Cherny,» Well, the name. However, I listened to him forever. "Lullaby", "Obstanovochka", "The Island", "Prayer» ... </ p>

And now again, in short, download torrent, 25 years later. And listen, if not to himself. </ P>

God knows why I'm writing. And then things very few people were interested, but now even more so. But the feelings of a mother, overwhelmed and wanted to express my gratitude to Alexander Gradsky. Say, like, it is cool and that has affected, and that was in a super material, opened it, did live, updated and so on. </ P>

But where I am expressing this tearful gratitude, then? Only the Internet, do not write the same Gradskij? And where to write? </ P>

The main thing is that such a thing as "Satire" cultural layer thicken. Tie times. This was true when Sasha Black wrote his poems. This was the time when Sasha Gradskij wrote his suite. And it is, yo mother, true now, in 2010. And will continue to be important. Because this is our, Russian. </ P>

After all, we never know who we are. That we Germans, the British, the French, the Americans. Horseradish understand. We are forever lost in other nations, because it is still a country bumpkin, no sense of self-worth. "Who are we?" - The most important question of our </ p>.

And only poets, writers, artists, musicians know. Those who make the cultural layer of manure. A cultural layer of our ... maybe it's all that we have and I do not know. And this, of course, what we least appreciated. How are you. </ P>

When I enter into this layer - like, say, with the help of Sasha Cherny and Sasha Gradsky, which seemed to take me, Sasha Ivanov, hands - I know who I am. This is a strong feeling, I tell you. </ P>