Just advertisingWhen I heard on this stage «Skomorokhov» - I felt sick. I was all by Meryl Beatle, and it appeared that in all respects «Skomorokhi» above - Fokin clearly scored on drums Ringo Starr, Gradskij sing like Lennon and McCartney together and chetyrehgolose «Skomorokhov» completely overlap watery Beatles chord.... Read more - Songs on the music and arrangement. So, it all started with the «Skomorokhov» in 1966, where you played with Gradsky, Buynova and Shakhnazarov. What began themselves «Skomorokhs»? and the music!

Alexander Gradsky: "I do not think something bad «mate»

Чт, 31/05/2012 - 13:03

In the Volga singer spoke about the rules of banter, "Buranovskie grandmothers" and "Curiosities"

Source: «Inter»

Alexander Gradsky:

"The first time I was with you in the 75th or 76th " - began communicating with the public , Alexander Gradsky - so today, perhaps my last concert in Volgograd region : in 37 years I'll have probably , fed up . " Not bothered, judging by how thoroughly (though not sold out ) was filled with DC " October" Volga . And this despite the fact that it was on Wednesday . However, people gathered to listen to familiar and favorite , was somewhat taken aback when, after the ritual , " We Were Young " became a musician to perform songs from his new album " Curiosities ". Acutely journalistic flavored salty epithets . Sensitively capturing the confusion of the hall, Gradsky picked up a guitar and restored the lyrical line. The singer's voice is still strong and unique, so nostalgic evening proceeded to mutual satisfaction . VOLZHANKA regularly gave flowers , and the singer was surprised : " Wow, you smell like roses , while in Moscow for some reason - no." After the concert Gradsky gave a special interview to our newspaper . </ P>

- Alexander, the album " Curiosities " was released in 2011 , opposition to the unrest , and most of the songs in it - sharp journalistic ... Why? Time is ? </ P>

- journalistic ? Yes, perhaps there is even a bias in this strontium . Although there is a song written and ten , and fifteen years ago. And about the time ... I do not know . In Ascension , remember: " What time in the yard, this is the messiah »? </ P>

- A profanity why? That , without a mat on our lives is not you say?

- In use , when talking to friends , I use a mat and do not consider it a bad thing . Note , in any language is no longer such a vast reservoir of foul language , words, deemed " bad ." Although the offense is an offense , when you put it in an offensive sense. Russian language is rich , and there are times when profanity is appropriate if you want to assess the situation harder and more accurately. As for the literary text has a value that is poetry or simply rude. Mayakovsky's poems - remember , about a ... " The bully yes syphilis ", published in his collected works . Pushkin wrote of himself: " ass leaning against the granite with Monsieur Onegin worth it." Well, Pushkin could not write " ass "! He wrote under the artistic sense. What is the " pop " when it comes to men. A woman can still be a " pop ." As for the mat in my songs , I confess, I doubt showed different people , trying to think differently. But 99% of those with whom I consulted said they did not need to touch anything . </ P>

- recently published a book of your poems ' Favorites »... </ p>

- Just decided to publish all that I wrote and sang for many years. Because faced with the fact that people rehashing my songs by ear , some garbled words . Then it all hit the Internet . And I started to ask questions: " What did you mean by singing this and that ." And it's not my phrase ! And I decided to post it to be known that I actually sang. Although I do not consider myself a poet . </ P>

- Classic , ballads , rock - what do you prefer ? </ p>

- All . But I do not sing jazz , but it's not hard for me vocally . Just - not mine. In fact, is not so important: classic rock . When you manage to do that the public knows your first and last name - it's the most important thing . Name and surname of the artist - is a whole world , and did not need any adjectives . </ P>

- « Buranovskie grandmother" made ??in "Eurovision" , and very successfully. Are there any more competitions, where important voice of singer , not the show?

</ P>

- Postmodernism continues ? </ p>

- I think so . And in some ugly form . On something to make fun of them , it is necessary to create lasting values ??. Relatively speaking, for making fun of Mozart, Mussorgsky , Babajanyan , Pahmutova , it is necessary that they be . And then the banter too, is talented or not. One thing is the work of Salvador Dali. Another thing, when some crazy painting of Christ with Coca-Cola , and paints a bad thing, because that just is not able to draw . When there is no value , but simply for the sake of banter banter - is becoming boring. As for the competition , it often happens that overcomes some bullshit. Another start to unwind , to fork out the money - still no one is listening . </ P>

- Or , on the contrary , they all listen ... </ p>

- Yes. I myself sometimes go and sing some yogurt advertising , because it is constantly on the TV. Even the most stupid , ill- made melody , you can stick in your head that you will not know where to get away from it . Well, I - it's okay , as zadurili head, so I did , and I will cleanse . A young man ! We stood on the path along which the European world , losing their culture : English, Spanish , French . Youth is on the way primitive entertainment, sports , stupid jumping . This has already happened in history : the separation of high art for the elite and area - for the people. But the development is a sine curve : the decline now , then someday will rise .