Just advertisingLittle my son looks at me slyly. What kind of music he go away? Do not tell me he was down, «Dad, you do not understand, because it is the most modern,» grunts-after-the navel, chi-hraki-after-blooper, chilyakotupotap. «Behind you, papules, time for you to draw ... »... Read more - Songs on the music and arrangement. So, it all started with the «Skomorokhov» in 1966, where you played with Gradsky, Buynova and Shakhnazarov. What began themselves «Skomorokhs»? and the music!

Language, music, stuff

Dr. Agranovskiy

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Language, music, stuff - Dr. Agranovskiy

The people that I am writing these lines, were young at the beginning of the 70s. They listened to rock and despised the Soviet stage. They read a lot in their native language, but speaking in his dissenting. Words "cool" and "sucks" was not yet. Were the words "cool" and "crap", leaked by Muzykantsky and prison slang. Other words were like the English. "Flavovy! Fly for fun!" - With these words the messenger handed the crumpled rubles, and he brought to seyshn port. "Dude, throw clauses in the river, an all bekoz clamps eraund" screaming black-marketeers on the toilet near the great river, the sight of the yellow-blue car. "Awesome People! I am weak!" "Find out the bird by its flight, and the company - for shuzu," said center-Gerla Natasha wore a red velvet Klesha over his naked body. Western records, posters, jeans were objects of worship, and the Beatles and the Rolling Stones - gods. The then young do not watch TV, do not read newspapers. There was one shit. But if something slipped among shit about all we learned. Once a certain anti-US transmission showed a 15-second piece of the performance of Buddy Guy. "Get away from me, I feel bad - black singer sings" - drowned his commentator - "That's how life is oppressed ..." The Buddy Gai said the next day, thousands of people, calling at the same commentator whore. After the show on TV Christi festival in San Remo, "Yellow River" was a hit for all times. Because of his short speech fragments Beatles inserted into the two-part film "Sport, sport, sport," went a few times on it. A festival of English cartoon where (apparently inadvertently) was "Yellow Submarine", just lived. Photos from hippy incriminating articles in "Ogonyok" cut out and hung on the wall.

Time then was in bulk. It is spent on all sorts of useful things - reading, listening, and sharing travel books and plates, many hours of conversations, finally, quiet masterenie anything. Rita Pushkin once embroidered flowers and other "elements of floral ornament" black satin Guitar Case, to the mid-70s a completely povetshavshy. Aesthetic task was to close the hole and artistic beat ... It took a month or two, and the result came out quite amazing ... Now it's hard to believe. Like the fact that the dream of every normal person would grow khayr as George Harrison. It was not easy. People who never study or work, could catch the cops. Students sent to the barber shop with lessons on military affairs. There was a war for every centimeter. A friend of mine in the evening soak the head of glycerol, wore rubber cap and went to bed. The next morning on his head thick crust was obtained. After class, he bathed in the war and went on seyshn. I studied at the Faculty of Biology, microbiology where the military had come in a white robe and cap, under which it was possible to hide khayr. I remember that we built in the hall on stroevuhu. Out Colonel column and tenderly said, "Well, just ... Angels white angels ..." The next day he told me: "Some fellow students tried to hide the long hair under hats, but have been identified and sent ...". Another colonel appealed to the lectures on the history of the art of war: "Comrades Go to the factories to the workers, and prove to them that you - not dzhisus Christ Super Rifle!" These are the angels ...

Our rockers were idols. Lennon far Gradsky - that he speaks tomorrow in cruising areas. In Moscow the famous "Skomorokhs," "Leap Summer", "Ruby", "Tin Soldiers", "The successful acquisition," "Arsenal", "Time Machine" (by the way, in the 70 standing far below the same "Skomorokhov" ). No ads were not, but still recognized on the circuit, where, when, and who. On seyshn vigilantes broke through the cordons of the crowd. Once we have done with Boris Barkas seyshn "Skomorokhov" in the student camp near Zvenigorod. We were given an open truck. We left to get out of bed mattresses and drove off. Seeing the truck at the entrance to the house at Mosfilm, drummer Yuri Fokin said: "What h..vaya car!" The driver smiled and grunted. The body plunged the entire apparatus, drums, and a group of followers. All bumpy road musicians swore and drove history. Gradski, pulling a condom on hand, showing the transfer of "the wise hands of a surgeon." Violent, short-cut after demobilization, told how in the existing parts of the young somehow fucked in the bath a great lady who thus ate their rations. Then he took his army photo 3 to 4, and threw it over the side with the words "fan!". Concert at the club was carbon monoxide. Gradskij played guitar, bass Shakhnazarov, Gleb May flute, exuberant in the "Jonica" Fokin clear on what. PEOPLE danced like mad. Some peteushniki climbed in the window, let them in the door. Material side was in its fun. We agreed for 100 rubles. Tickets went on the ruble. For a week in camp took 150 tickets to the concert day is still a considerable number. The air smelled money. For the vegetarian times it was a strange smell. I suffered idea what to do with the difference, and imagined how Gradskij proudly reject, and I have to give away to children at 33.3 kopecks ... not rejected. Even still kir purchased, and the driver was given 10 rubles.

The Underground and censorship difficult things. Their bad sides are obvious. But there was another side. For information valued its weight in gold. She had no way you can not get enough. Her spiritualized and created a legend around it. "On seyshn cops came and cut down the light. Gradskij slepozhopymi called them pigs and threw them the alt." In the 70 th year I was told in one of the new Beatles CD titled "Led Zeppelin". Then the situation became clearer, and the three of us chipped in and took the Led Zeppelin III for 75 rubles to Mach. Exchanged layers quickly recorded and drove back. Honesty thus be absolute, but exchanges are often committed by strangers, and were furnished with caution. A friend of mine once came back from a meeting in the subway with nothing. He described himself as "a small, dark hair, wearing glasses," the truth of what had just glasses. Apparently, his partner was not the worst conspirator. About drugs talking, but to get and use them was very difficult. In our short company drugs were not. Looking back, I do not miss about it. Travelling committed through books, talks and music. Finally, the state stranglehold rallied. People feel themselves as "we" - in the best sense of the word. Around were the Communist Party, the Young Communist League and the KGB, to which we were treated with cheerful contempt.