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The company "Melody" prepared a suite Gradsky «Nostalgia» on verses Nabokov. This work completes more than ten years of work of the singer and composer of vocal loops recorded at different times and appeared in the record over the past few years. This «Reflections jester» (C60 26447 004) - Suite on verses by R. Burns, Shakespeare, Voznesensky, Gradsky recorded in 1971-1974 years, and «Satire» Sasha Black (C60 25479 003), appeared in 1980, and «The life" (C60 21435 000) - the songs on poems by P. Eluard - 1981, and the suite" Russian lyrics» (C60 14621 006) - 1976-1979, and "Star fields» (C60 24579 004), established in 1982 on the verses Nikolai Rubtsov, and «Utopia AG» (C60 26445 009) - Suite on verses P. Berenger, P. Shelley, R. Burns - 1979, and «Flute and piano» (C60 27091 005) - vocal Suite on verses of Mayakovsky and Pasternak, 1983 "Nostalgia" - the last time the creation and release of the product, which sums up the great period of the composer. Interview of our correspondent II. Kirsanov with Alexander Gradsky is dedicated to the history of the suite, creative and aesthetic problems of modern music.

- Vocal Suite "Nostalgia" - this is the first interpretation of the works of Vladimir Nabokov in Soviet art. Getting to know the heritage of Nabokov is just beginning. Only at the end of 1986 in the magazine "Moscow" (number 12), the first major work was published by the writer - the novel "The Luzhin Defence". Selected poems, essays published in other publications, but to talk about the famous Nabokov a wider audience is still too early. Are you afraid to disappoint the audience, whose interest in the name of the poet warmed heated discussions, debates, poetry and themselves far from actuality, politics, non-sensational at all?

- When I started work on "Nostalgia", did not imagine that it will ever appear in the record, reaches the audience. In 1983-1984, during the recording suites, on Nabokov remembers his poetry and prose was little familiarity. As with his other works, I did not expect it to replicate, it was creative work, hopeless, if you wish, in commercial terms. For me, music is to poems Nabokov Suite version - the logical continuation of the work on the other cycles, the search expression.

- Heritage Nabokov assessed in different ways: on the one hand, recognized as bilingual, "the phenomenon of the writer," his stylistic and artistic discoveries, on the other - a lot said about the rationalism of his works, devoid of the spirit of peoples, far from the Russian classical tradition. What attracted you to his poetry?

- In 1976 I was first given to read the novel "Invitation to a Beheading", and since then I have never parted with the works of Nabokov. I have read almost everything that he had written, Nabokov was for me one of the few writers that I read constantly. Bulgakov read only with the same attention, perhaps because it has been four years writing the opera "Master and Margarita". But Nabokov heritage requires not only love, but also to learn. For me his poems and novels - is primarily a spiritual connection with the culture of Russia of the last century, with the works of Pushkin, Lermontov, Gogol. Since the novel "Masha", written in 1926, in memory of Russian works of Nabokov's distinctly colored nostalgic tone, which is the backbone of all of his work. The favorite Nabokov images of nature - "Russia smells, colors, sounds, huge clouds above haymaking ..." - all of which I tried to convey in singing, music.

- Are there any fundamental differences "Nostalgia" from your other vocal suites, cycles?

- Principal, probably not. But in "Nostalgia", it may be the first time I tried to connect the unconnected - different styles, different in nature music. If in the suite, for example, P. Eluard poems, music, sustained in a single "French spirit", interpreted by one, then in the suite on Nabokov's poems used and gypsy romance and Russian classics, and elements of rock music (riffovaya structure, play drums ). This is not contradicted polystylistics Nabokov poems. He left behind him, to paraphrase Pushkin, entitled "America in the mountains of my sigh of northern Russia».

«Nostalgia" - the only product that I still listen with pleasure, others have lost the charm of novelty for me.